About Me

Hi! I'm Sonia Verardo and "Trench Collection" is my blog, my beauty & fashion diary.

My blog is all about enhancing your natural beauty and feeling good about yourself and I hope I manage to transfer that to my readers through my little beauty & make up tips or product reviews!

The fashion aspect of this blog is what excites me the most, to me personally, fashion is just a big game, a way to be creative & a way to express yourself.
When it comes to fashion, there isn't right or wrong, I'm just playing my game...
My goal is to inspire my readers with my personal style.
I believe that money can't buy style and that you can be trendy, stylish and look your best, without spending a fortune!
This is the message I want to spread to the world :)

My blog is also about my personal life...
I'm Croatian, but I have been living in Italy for more than six years now.
Since my early twenties, I have travelled & lived in a different places around Europe...this has infuenced my lifestyle and I think it's something interesting & fun to write about!

If you would like to contact me, you can email me here:


or you can just leave me a comment.
I always reply back!

Thanks for reading & share the love!

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