Thursday, 20 September 2018

TB dress App Experience

Hello guys!

One of my favourite on-line stores to shop for cheap dresses, wedding dresses & special occasion dresses, now offers to all its clients a unique app shopping experience.

We spend more and more time on our phones, and it's definitely more practical to have your favourite  on-line shopping destination easily available to browse, anytime you feel like checking out what's new & current offers.
Tb dress is great place for fashion shopping, as they follow latest trends at very affordable prices!

Tb dress app is available for android as well as for all the apple users, that can go to app store to download it quickly and start using it immediately for the best deals.

Indeed,  I noticed that many on line stores offer great deals if you purchase through their apps, and such is the situation with Tb dress; they currently have app special offer for free shipping and 15% off!

I definitely enjoyed my shopping experience and could heartly recommend it to you! 
During the lunch break, I took a peak at the app, and I spotted some nice bits that I quickly added to my basket; it's as simple as that!

As we're heading towards the colder months (even though it still feels like summer here in Italy!), I was searching for warmer clothes and bits that are ideal for layering.

Here are some of the items I particularly liked:

This camouflage zipper up army green women's jacket is their new arrival, and super trendy, cool and casual at the same time!

These days I'm very much into casual and comfy, but trendy clothing items. They just work best for me and my lifestyle (speaking from a busy mum's point of view!).
Here is this grey ruched solid color scoop neck women's sweatshirt that I really liked!

To complete my haul, in my shopping cart I added a pair of super cool jeans!

I'm in love with these pearl patchwork ripped women's jeans and can't wait to wear and style them this fall! :-)

If you're looking for discount shopping, this is the right place to be :-)

Let me know, which are your picks from Tb dress? And, don't forget to shop through their app, for an easy access and numerous great deals and special offers!

* in collaboration with Tb dress

Friday, 14 September 2018

Mommy OOTD for the beach

Hey guys!

Since summer is still here, I decided to share with you this quick outfit post that I wore past month at the island of Rab, when I was vacationing there with my little family :-)

These days I don't get time to prepare myself to go out shooting for outfit posts, so I have to make the most out of the situations such as this one (we were going to the beach).

Gosh, please ignore how white I am! I'm just naturally very pale skin, and this summer I didn't even have time to put on a bit of self tanner...anyway, I already made a post in the past, about accepting your natural features and embracing what nature has given you, and the same applies for the colour of your skin!

This pretty floral dress I got this summer at summer sales at H&M, I really like the model, the print, and the fabric it's made of (it's really nice quality).
I also wanted to get this model in white, but they ran out of my size. As this fits quite large, I got it in XS.
My hat and sandals are also new and I got them for less than €5 at summer sales (sunglasses were € 3.99 at Zara, and hat is from H&M).
The sandals are very old (not kidding, I've had them for probably 12 years!) The reason why they are still in a perfect condition is because: 1. I haven't worn them every summer, and, 2. They're made of leather and made in Italy so the quality is unquestionable!

Life with a toddler is super dynamic and sometimes we're exhausted, but we all truly enjoyed our holiday! Our son had so much fun at the beach, exploring, sleeping, bathing in the sea! I already miss those sunny days at the island!

Here it is, my quick OOTD post for today! I finally managed to squeeze it in! My little boy just went to sleep, and my hubby is out for work, so before hitting the bed myself, I said I was going to finish this post! I'm quite tired though, and tomorrow I work, so I can't wait to get some rest (dear son, please sleep tight all through the night! lol!) #mommyblogger

I'll talk to you soon!

Fashion trends for babies and kids

Hello guys!

Today I'm back with a mommy related post; I would like to talk about kids' fashion and recommend you where to get the best deals.
As we all know, kids grow so fast, especially when they're babies! There is really no need in spending loads on kids' clothes, as it's basically waste of money!

When I gave birth to my son, I got many clothes as a gift, but even before he was born, my friends and colleagues who were already mums, gave tons of used clothes to me.
I didn't mind, actually I was grateful, because all these items were in a perfect condition, as brand new, because babies grow out of their clothes so quickly!
I even went to outlets where you can find clothes from past seasons at 70% off (or even more!)
So I was definitely wise when talking about shopping for my baby.

You can also find great deals on-line!

If you're going to give birth in colder months of the year (as I did, in January), you might be interested in newborn baby outerwear 

Here are some super cute jackets for little boys:

Why spending heaps on money on following the trends, when your little one can be just as fashionable even on a budget? Those are all things they're going to be wearing for one season, and then pass it on to another kid!

I have a little boy, but my dear friend has got a baby girl! Popreal has got the cutest newborn baby girl clothes sets
Whether you're buying for your little one, or wanting to make a gift, here are some cute ideas:

It indeed is such a pleasure to dress up your little ones, and create cute outfits for them! Once they grow they'll have their own word in it and you aren't going to be able to push your opinions on them! Which is absolutely normal thing, but that means that now is your moment to be creative and dress them up to your liking! :-)

Do you have a little boy or a girl?
Where do you like to shop for kids' clothes?

Leave me your comments!

* in collaboration with Popreal

Thursday, 13 September 2018

How to get best deals from on-line shopping?

Hello guys!

I have to admit, just a couple of years ago, I wasn't that much into on-line shopping. 
I preferred going to the actual stores, seeing the clothes, touching the fabrics, trying everything on...
But, since I became a mum, spending so much time visiting shops and shopping malls became a real luxury to me, as time is hard to find these days!!!
Also, I'm more tired now and less enthusiastic about the idea of spending hours trying on this concept seems quite tiring and stressful to me :-/
Plus, shopping with a newborn baby, or with an energetic toddler is no fun! I don't know how people do it?! These days I like to spend my time and energy on different things, such as my home.

So yes, I can say that when I became a mum, I started discovering the pleasures of on-line shopping!
Not only the fact that pretty much everything is available on line, but also let's aknowledge the fact that there are better deals on-line than in regular stores!

Let's say, coupons; with the right coupon code you can save up quite a bit! As a beauty and fashion blogger and vlogger, I collaborated with many brands that have on-line business, and there wasn't a single brand that didn't give me a discount coupon code to share with my audience, in order to get them some good deal and to invite them to check out their business.
Coupons are indeed a great way of attracting clients and converting them in loyal consumers.

These days, I get most of the things I need on-line: From beauty to fashion, to children or household related things.
Before I place my order I always check to see if there's some discount code floating around on the internet :-) If you find that many of them aren't valid, or are expired, you should go to Hasoffer Coupons Online 2018 that guarantees you best deals and coupons.
Indeed, they have 34933 offers from 1933 stores, so why not start saving now? ;-)

Here you'll find anything from clothing, accessories, beauty, shoes and electronics, and to make things easier for you, you can start your search by category.

A lot of coupons will give you a free shipping, which is always great, as shipping cost can sometimes be quite significant. Other coupons will stand for a certain percentage of discount on your order and we all like a good deal!

Here is where you can find Real Fashion Clothing Promo Codes Online so make the most out of it!

These days, I'm not spending that much on myself (as I already have plenty of clothes, accessories etc.), but with each new season I like to add a few fashionable pieces into my wardrobe and make it a bit more up to date!
Besides trendy clothing items, I actually am on a lookout for comfortable sneakers! I spend long hours at work and I'm in a constant movement, so by the end of a day my feet and my back tend to hurt quite a lot, if I don't wear a high quality footwear.
This season, I'm debating between Adidas and Nike sneakers, so if you have any experience with both please let me know which one I should go for!

Yes, I already found a place where you can get Free Real Adidas Coupons Codes and I'm definitely interested in taking advantage of that!

Nike sports shoes are also great, and the cost can be quite high too! As I'm talking about footwear that I'm going to be using for work mostly, I really want to find something that's reasonably priced so I searched for Free Real Nike Coupons Codes 2018 to see if I can get updated, and of course, best deals! :-)

If you're a fan of on-line shopping as I am (and these days, let's face it, we're all oriented towards that direction), I assume this post is going to be helpful!

Let me know what are your favourite on line shopping destinations?

I'll talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with Hasoffer

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Seashell Jewelry Trend

Hello beauties!

I'm sure you already know that one of the hottest trends this summer is seashell jewelryThis actually isn't a new trend, it's just "resuscitated" from years ago! Over the past few summers it was kind of forgotten, but this summer it's back and I couldn't be happier!
All the fashion magazines and big influencers report that seashell jewellery is the biggest summer trend of 2018. Prada had some lovely pieces to show at their fashion show and many other prestigious and lesser known brands followed.

Now you can find some really pretty pieces at Stradivarius at very affordable prices.



I actually LOVE to wear seashell jewelry in summertime, especially when I go to the beach.
I always like to wear accessories with my bikinis and when I wear jewelry made of seashells, I don't have to worry about it getting ruined by the sea and salt! (It's seashells natural habitat!)

Over the years, my seashell jewelry collection has grown, so in this post I wanted to share with you my favorite pieces and also tell you a bit about them.

One of the first ever seashell jewelry pieces that I bought were these two necklaces!
The left one I bought at the island of Krk in Croatia and I love to wear it as a bracelet! It's long enough to be wrapped around my wrist a few times and it looks even better worn as a bracelet than as a necklace (as a necklace it's nice when layered with some other pieces).

The necklace on the right I bough at my hometown Rijeka in Croatia, many years ago, while I was still living there, in a little accessories shop that had just opened and had really cool pieces at very affordable prices.

Other very old piece in my collection is this seashell anklet. I bought it probably in 2002 or 2003 at the island of Rab in Croatia, when I was vacationing there with my Mum and my best friend.
I've never worn any other jewelry piece as much as this one! This anklet becomes a part of me every summer and I rarely take it off!
The seashell ring is from a local open market here in Italy, I bought it in a little town close to Venice, where we used to live.

It reminded me on the ring Samantha from Sex and the City wore in one of the opening scenes of the SATC the movie!

This beautiful jewelry set was gifted to me for my birthday a couple of years ago, by one of my dear friends.

I absolutely adore the bracelet, it's super pretty! The cool thing about the ring is that it can fit any ring size and it's made of little white beads and "madreperla."

I also love these earrings and the brooch.
They're made of "madreperla" and alpaca. I've had them for years and years and they're still as pretty as the first day I bought them. 
The brooch and earrings set I bought when I was fresh out of high school in Opatija, a little touristic town close to my hometown.

The disc earrings I bought when I first moved to Italy, in one ethnic shop that was selling unique jewelry from natural materials such as wood, seashells etc. I remember the sales assistant telling me that she was surprised I picked these ones, because madreperla here wasn't perfect, it had some black stains. And I answer to her that's the way the nature is, actually perfect in its imperfection!

These bits are costume jewelry and madreperla that I bought years ago, both in Rijeka, Croatia (at least I think!), I love them because they're colorful and very summery.

They go well with those easy breezy type of summer dresses.

Last but not least, are these two necklaces! The first one (on the left), I bought at the island of Krk (oh gosh, at least I think so, it's been a while!) As you can tell, all these pieces are well loved, and many are older than 15 years!
The other necklace I picked for my hubby at H&M Men's dept. but he never actually wore it (he isn't the type of guy that would enjoy wearing jewelry!). But, this year I told him, the day we start our vacations, we'll put these necklaces, as a little sign to relax and finally enjoy summer time.

These are my most worn / favorite pieces from my seashell collection! I do have a few more, but they're waiting for me in my house in Croatia.

Do you like this trend?
Do you already own some seashell jewelry?

xoxo from Italy,

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Chamaripa scarpe con rialzo: Ecco i modelli più interessanti!

Salve ragazzi!

Questo post ve lo scrivo in italiano per via della richiesta dell'azienda con la quale collaboro. Loro mi hanno contattata presentandomi la loro attività ed il prodotto e poiché mi è sembrata una cosa interessante, ho deciso di parlarvene qui nel mio blog.
Vorrei anche condividere alcuni dei miei modelli preferiti delle scarpe che ho trovato nel loro negozio on-line!

Dunque, l'idea di acquistare qualche centimetro in più, indossando scarpe con rialzo devo ammettere, è molto interessante.
Io sono alta 170 cm e qui in Italia maggior parte delle persone che conosco mi considera alta. In Croazia però la mia altezza è media, e devo dire che ho sempre desiderato avere qualche centimetro in più! Pazienza, non si può far niente...oppure si può?

Vediamo un pò insieme queste scarpe carine, che ti fanno acquistare subito dai 6-10 cm in più!

Dai modelli per la donna, queste sono quelle che hanno attirato la mia attenzione:

Scarpe Con Rialzo Interno Donna Scarpe Con Zeppa Interna Scarpe Con Rialzo Donna 7 CM

Queste scarpe con rialzo interno per via della zeppa interna ti fanno acquistare subito addirittura 7 cm in più! Queste "oxford booties" sono molto carine, fatte di pelle di mucca, quindi di una buona qualità e durature nel tempo.

Un altro paio di scarpe che ho trovato molto carine, sono queste sneakers:

Scarpe Con Rialzo Interno Donna Sneakers Tacco Interno Sportive Con La Zeppa 7CM

Anche queste, in modo assolutamente invisibile, ti fanno acquistare subito 7 cm in più! Nessuno saprà il tuo segreto :-) Queste scarpe sono ideali per occasioni quotidiani e uno stile "casual", sportivo. Materiale superiore è elastico tessuto e pelle morbida e sono addate per la primavera, estate o l'autunno.

Un altro modello carino che volevo condividere qui con voi, sono queste scarpe basse, bianche:

Scarpe Con Rialzo Interno Donna Scarpe Con Zeppa Interna Scarpe Con Rialzo Donna 7 CM

Anche queste scarpe sono fatte di pelle di mucca e hanno una zeppa nascosta all'interno che ti fa guadagnare 7 cm in più di altezza.
La suola in gomma ha una buona resistenza all'usura ed è anche antiscivolo, flessibile e impermeabile. Ciò le rende appropriate per ogni stagione: Primavera, estate, autunno, inverno.
Queste scarpette sono anche molto "trendy" e le puoi abbinare sia con le gonne, che con i pantaloni.

Chamaripa scarpe sono disponibili in tutto il mondo, con 3-7 giorni per la consegna.

Oltre ai modelli da donna, Chamaripa offre anche una vasta scelta di modelli da uomo, che forse si sentono ancora più insicuri di fronte alla loro altezza.
Queste scarpe sono una soluzione ideale per chi vuole apparire più alto, sia per le occasioni speciali, che per ogni giorno!

Scarpe da uomo ce ne sono davvero tantissimi modelli, per ogni genere di occasioni!
Io ho scelto di condividere qui con voi questo modello di sneakers molto "hot":

Scarpe Sportive Con Tacco Interno Rialzo Uomo Scarpe Rialzate 6CM

Queste sneakers ti donano 6 cm in più di altezza, sono fatte di materiali pregiati come camoscio, pelle di mucca e di maiale. 

Ecco qui com'è fatta la scarpa:

Non dimenticate di dare un'occhiata alle loro promozioni e fantastici "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" dove potete acquistare 2 paia a prezzo di 1!

Spero vi sia piaciuto questo post, un pochino diverso dai miei altri post!

Fatemi sapere quanto siete alti voi e se siete contenti con la vostra altezza! Lasciatemi i vostri commenti!

* in collaborazione con Chamaripa scarpe

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

5 Summer Dresses I Adore

Hello beauties!

Summer days are meant for going outside, spending time at the beach and just enjoying life! It's very hot and humid these days here in Italy and I know these are the last days of summer :-/ My hubby and I worked a lot this summer and the vacations are already over! But it was truly nice and relaxing family holiday.

Of course, our destination was, as every summer, Croatia, and we also spent some time at our favorite place on this Earth: the island of Rab!

I'll show you my favorite 5 summer dresses that I keep wearing every summer and that I always pack with me, whenever I go to my vacations. Needless to say, I love wearing dresses in summertime! When it's very hot and sunny outside, I can't even bear the thought of wearing pants.

This lovely dress is from Hollister. I got it a couple of years ago (summer 2015. probably), on summer sales. It's very breezy and I love the model and the print. It's ideal for everyday but it can be dressed up, with a pair of heels.

In this photo I'm in the little Croatian seaside town Bakar, and I'm wearing my summer staples: Straw fedora and a little pink bag.

Next dress is a maxi dress and I got it at Fashionmia online store, in a blogger collaboration that we had. I love the color of this dress and the fact that it looks so good both with sneakers, and with heels. When I want to make it a bit more casual, I just pair it with my cropped jean jacket and white All Star sneakers.

Third dress is from H&M and their Conscious line. I bought it a few years ago at their summer sales. I'm in love with the color, print (delicate flowers) and the model. I do love to wear maxi dresses in summer, I think they're so feminine and make you look very chic and sophisticated.

This one I'm particularly fond of also because of the ruffly top part, it just looks so girly and pretty!

Next dress is a white summer dress from H&M. Again, this was bought on summer sales a few years ago, at H&M in Treviso (I was visiting that little Italian town with my friend and we went for a little walk around the centre of the town & a little shopping!).

Summer calls for the color white and I'm a big fan of wearing white. I have more than one white dress in my wardrobe, but this is surely one of my favorites, if not THE favourite!

Last (but not least) is this gorgeous lace red dress by Light In The Box. I had a chance to collaborate with that online store a couple of times, and they always surprised me with some nice gems!
My first collaboration with them was a bit unfortunate, but they really made it up with time, and showed me how much great items they carry at such affordable prices!

Anyhow, this dress is still one of my absolute favorite!

These are just 5 of many dresses that I have and love! I could go on and on, but let's get real: My suitcase has a limited storage space and I do need to optimize it!
This summer, my picks are these 5 beauties!

I hope you like some of the dresses that I showed you! Let me know which one is your favorite?

I'll talk to you soon!

xo from Italy,

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