Thursday, 24 May 2018

Yet Another Hair Color Fail! (BRUNETTES, DON'T DO THIS AT HOME!!!)

Hello beauties!

The ones who are following my hair coloring journey know that so far I have tried many different shades of blonde: From box hair dyes available at supermarkets, to professional hair dyes.
I wasn't always pleased with the results, but at times I did manage to pick the right shade.
Having said that, one would have thought that by now I have learned my lesson: Color does not lift color and you can't expect to go lighter just by picking a lighter box hair dye shade from the one you previously used!
This is the "experiment" that I did before I used professional hair colors, but I wanted to blog/ vlog about it, as a little warning to all of you who are trying to go lighter at home, using box hair dyes.
Needless to mention the outcome of this experiment was a fail!
I fixed it with purple shampoo, then waiting for cca 3 weeks, and then going to my hairdresser to get some professional help (and a good dose of highlights!)
When I use shades 7.1 (natural ash blonde / dark ash blonde) it always turns out great, but I know now that I can't ever again reach for box hair dyes level 10 or higher if I don't want to achieve a disaster on my head!


L'Oreal Creme Excellence - 9.1 Very light Ash Blonde - 1 Kit

Because of the "ash" element, I wanted to believe that this might somehow work in lightening my hair to a nice shade of blonde.

But the outcome was far from what I pictured in my head as a "nice shade of blonde."

These are some screenshots from my video review which you can check out here if you haven't yet:

The kit that I used was from L'Oreal Creme Excellence line, and to be honest, I have only the best things to say about the actual quality of the product.

The important thing is to use the shade that will actually work on you, taking in consideration your natural (or base) hair color.

In the kit you'll also get a little tube of serum that you're supposed to apply on your hair pre-coloring, so it gives and extra protection to your hair.
It has a good grey coverage, you get a good size of a conditioner that you can use more than once and the whole coloring process is simple & easy.
In the past, I used Creme Excellence 7.1 (Ash Blonde), which turned out to be a very flattering shade of darker ash blonde that I used on my roots, and it turned out looking fabulous!  

I reviewed it here:

I hope these reviews and sharing my experience and what I've learned in the process, was helpful.
Now I came back to dying my roots a slightly bit darker, with natural/ darker/ash tones of blonde, and this is what works best for me!

xo from Italy,

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Beauty Bigbang Makeup Haul & First Impressions!

Hello beauties!
Have you ever heard of Beauty Big Bang makeup?
It's a fairly young and emerging beauty brand but I'm sure it'll soon be very popular!
I had a chance to pick out and try out some of their makeup items and I was impressed.

From their big offer, I picked some products that I thought would work well for me on an everyday basis, products that I'd normally want to use in my everyday makeup routine.

My first impressions were very positive!


Beauty Bigbang Eyes eyeshadow palette #02
Beauty Bigbang Rainbow Highlighter # 03
Beauty Bigbang Matte Liquid Lipstick # 03 Dolce K
Beauty Bigbang Loose Powder # 01 Ivory

I filmed a video where I'm unboxing the products and quickly trying on everything that I got, and you can check it out here

My favourite products from this haul were the liquid matte lipstick and the loose powder!

But I also loved the other two and I filmed a makeup tutorial where I review them in more details (I'll post about that soon!)


Very high quality at a very affordable price
Nice packaging, very practical and simple design
Very competitive makeup
Great selection of colors, ranging from everyday tones, to more crazy, "out there" colors that not all of the brands are offering.

Here is a little preview of how the lipstick looks like, but soon I'll post more detailed review of all the products!

Have you ever tried anything from Beauty Big Bang?

If you're interested, I have 10% off coupon for their entire offer, just enter SVX10 at checkout then, let me know your first impressions of this brand in the comments below! 

xo from Italy,

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Friday, 4 May 2018

OOTD: Pom Pom Sweater

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a quick outfit post to share.
This is actually the outfit I shared on Glam Express a good couple of weeks ago (when the weather was still quite cold), but I forgot to post it here!
So here is what I wrote...
Since the weather here in Italy is still quite cold and Spring time seems like still far away, I'm still mostly in my cozy and warm sweaters.
This year, I picked up quite a few chunky knit sweaters online, among other places, Zaful too was one of my destinations for good shopping.
I spotted this oversized pom pom sweaters and thought it was super cute!

I wore it a lot this winter and since today the weather is again very gloomy and chilly, I decided to pull it out of my closet again!


Zaful  Oversized Pom Pom Sweater
Zara Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
H&M Pink Tights 

I wore it with my ripped, boyfriend fit Zara jeans and I put a pair of pink tights (H&M) underneath.
I don't think wearing tights underneath ripped jeans is very cool, but hey, does it matter?
I seem to like it and I needed that extra layer today :-)
Let me know how do you like this look!
I think this sweater is just too cute!
How's the weather like where you live, has the Spring arrived yet?

xo from a chilly Italy!

I'll be back soon with new posts! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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