Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shiseido Ibuki Total Recharge Beauty Sleeping Mask Review

Hello beauties!

Today I'd like to present you one of the skincare product that became an essential part of my night time skincare routine. I'm talking about Shiseido Ibuki Total Recharge Beauty Sleeping Mask.

I really love Shiseido products and I've tried quite a bit of them already.
Currently my favorite Shiseido product is this beauty sleeping mask as it hydrates skin overnight and leaves me with youthful and plump skin in the morning.
It's a great product for busy mums, new mums or whoever doesn't get enough sleep during the night!

This will visibly correct dullness and tired looking skin, as it contains some amazing ingredients such as condensed vitamin capsules, that leave skin looking and feeling fully refreshed.

It also contains phytoplankton extract which thrives in the severely dry Sahara Dessert, and phyto-target complex which supplements natural moisturizing factor and intracellular lipids that are key to optimal barrier function.

In a few words, skin will look radiant, dewy and well rested, even after a night of inadequate sleep.

This awesome product contains vitamins C and E, as it helps tired looking skin appear brighter, clearer and more radiant after one night.
You can use it on occasions, or even every night (depending on your skin's need).
My skin is currently quite dry so this product is a must!
Have I told you about its gentle scent? It will definitely relieve you from daytime stresses, as it generates a feeling of relaxation, preparing you for a pleasant sleep (well, hopefully, if your baby sleeps through the night, that is! haha)

 I talk more about this beauty sleeping mask in my review video

One Extra Tip:

For greater results, spread the mask from the center of the face outwards. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance while applying on the skin. Press the acupressure points for inducing sleep along the eyebrows, and then glide your fingers along the lower eyelids, from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner corners.
This is a quick and effective beauty ritual that you can easily do on your own and pamper yourself a bit after a busy day.
As my skin needs change with time, so does the products I use, but one thing is certain: I always turn to Shiseido. From Pureness line (when I was in my 20-ies and fighting breakouts, to Ibuki or White Lucency, I'm always one very pleased consumer!)

I also reviewed more Ibuki products in this video if you're interested to find out more about this line:

Have you ever used anything from Shiseido? Do you like their products? Which one is your favorite?

xo from Italy,

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Wella Color Fresh 10/81 Silver Review | Toning Yellow/Orange/Brassy Blonde Hair At Home!

Hello beauties!

As you already know, a couple of years ago, I started coloring hair at home.
It's been somewhat of a journey because it's definitely not easy to get a beautiful blonde color, when you're not a professional and basically learn along the way, doing trial and errors!
A few months ago, I was able to book an appointment by my hairdresser in Croatia (as we were spending a few days there so I thought I'd just go to have my hair done professionally!)
But, somehow, unfortunately, the color on my roots didn't turn out quite as I expected it to turn out and in the couple of following washes, it turned into quite brassy and orangey looking!
I was very disappointed because for such results I could have just done it myself, you know!


So I tried fixing it with a toner! I heard Wella Professional had great toners for achieving that perfect blonde, so at my local drugstore, I picked the Wella Color Fresh in 10/81 Silver.

It's a ready-to-use toner so you don't have to mix it with a developer or anything. The instructions say to leave it on wet hair for 5 to 20 min. 
So I washed my hair (shampoo, conditioner, etc) and then I applied the toner. I even put on a shower cap to create more heat and possibility for the toner to act better, and after a bit more than 20 min I rinsed it off.
The result was...invisible! LOL

Only my highlights got a bit ashier and had a hint of silver to it, but the brassy roots just stubbornly stayed that way! Ugh! I expected it to be more efficient.

So this toner I'd recommend for whoever needs to just freshen up already perfect blonde but not to fix or lighten hair.
Instructions say to use it minimum of 2 weeks after coloring your hair, to avoid hair damage; in alternative you can mix it with a white mask or a hair conditioner, leave on for some time and then proceed to washing your hair as you'd normally do.

I talk more about this toner in my video review, if you fancy taking a look:

Yesterday, I colored my roots at home again and I used the Kaypro color with 30 vol developer, which I mentioned already here and this time the results are better, as I left it on for longer.

However, I'll stop by my local beauty supplies store to ask if they have something to prevent my roots from going brassy after a couple of washes. I didn't want to use vol 40 as I'm afraid it will damage my hair too much! I'm not a professional, so if you know better than me, feel free to give me some tips & advices!

I read quite a few forums online and watched tons of DIY tutorials, so I understand this topic is quite popular, as we all would like to know how to get just that right color that we want, without damaging our hair or spending heaps on hairdressers!
Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to pay for having beautiful results but sometimes it's less than satisfying! Did I tell you about that time in Italy, when I had my hair done in a local salon and the hairdresser burnt my scalp when blow drying my hair?? She got it on max heat, just to be faster! That's horrible, as hairdresser sessions should be relaxing, not torture!

Do you have any bad experience with hairdressers or with your own DIY "hair project"?
I'd love to read your comments!

xo from Italy,

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

New In & Review: UGG Dakota Metallic Moccasin Slippers

Hi guys!

Today's post is a "New In" as I want to present you my new pair of slippers and do a quick review.

Those of you who know me well, (through my vlogs or in real life), will also know that I moan constantly about always having extremely cold feet (and hands!).
I buy slippers almost every month but I always turn out to be let down, as nothing can warm me up and sometimes even multiple pairs of warm socks won't do the trick! 

As a stay at home Mum (I have this privilege until this upcoming May), I spend most of my day in slippers. For a while now, I've been contemplating on purchasing a pair of Uggs (as I know they're super warm and filled with wool!).

I have two pairs of Ugg boots and those are great for cold winter days (a true life saver!)
To tell you the truth, even last year around this time of the year, I was thinking about getting a pair of Ugg slippers as January and February is when Ugg Australia website has great sales going on.
This year, finally I've decided there is no other solution but to get a pair of Uggs! I'm sick and tired of going through slippers every couple of months, it's not like we're talking shampoo or body lotion here!
Ugg webstore seemed like a perfect place to shop for my new slippers;  I was afraid to go on ebay or other places, as there are so many counterfeits when it comes to Uggs, that's just insane!
Years ago, I was scammed by an ebay seller, who sold me fake Ugg boots (they were actually well made, and it was difficult to tell whether they're real or fake, but now that I own 2 genuine pairs, I can tell the difference was clearly visible!)

I browsed through Ugg's sale section and decided on a pair of moccasin slippers (you can actually wear them outside!), model Dakota Metallic in grey.
They were reduced to 88 € (plus additional 10% off at checkout, so I ended up paying 79,20 €). The shipping was free, which was great!

All the other models of slippers were either sold out in my size, or even more expensive and due to the fact that I was going to wear these moccasins at home, I didn't want to splurge on more expensive models!

However, these are simply gorgeous, the quality is amazing and my feet have never been so warm!
At first I felt sorry for wearing them at home but then, I reminded myself, this was supposed to be their purpose, this is what I purchased them for. I have plenty of shoes for when I go outside, but I always suffer when I'm at home! So I just started wearing them as slippers and I'm enjoying them!

I might be staying at home even more now, since it feels so good! (haha, just kidding!)

Let me tell you a bit about the sizing, since this was the most important part for me (and I read tons of reviews) before making my purchase! 
Ugg boots run big, so it's advised to go a size down for them. For example, I'm size EU 40, but when it comes to Ugg boots, I go for EU 39, as 40 is way too big!
However, this rule doesn't apply when it comes to moccasin (luckily, I checked this before purchasing!).

When it comes to moccasin it is advisable to get them in your true size (these are 40EU and they're just a perfect fit!)

I love their quality and the metallic bows details, and the softness of the wool! They're also water resistant, which is amazing (maybe on the next sales I'll get a pair for going outside!)
I hope they'll last for the years to come.

I'll be doing a video review and unboxing for my youtube channel soon, please subscribe to be notified when it's uploaded!

If you have any other questions about the sizing of these moccasins, or anything else regarding my little purchase, leave me your comments!

xo from Italy,

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Friday, 2 February 2018


Hello lovelies!

This is a different type of fashion haul: In this post I'm showing you some cute, trendy and budget friendly clothing items that me and my hubby picked out at H&M on sales for our little son. 
Our baby just turned one and we can't be more excited! He's growing so fast, so we needed to buy him a whole new wardrobe and we found that H&M not only has budget friendly clothes, but also nice quality fabrics and the cutest designes. 
I also filmed a fashion haul video for my SoniaVerardo BeautyBlog youtube channel, and you can watch it here:

Please support by subscribing, more mommy related topics are coming up soon on my channel!

Here is what we got for our little man ;-)

These two super cute grey sweaters: The one with a hoodie is an oversized model, so it looks so cool on my little son :-)

These 3 cotton sweaters, all super cute! The green one and the blue one really make the color of my son's eyes (blue) stand out even more, and the black is also super cute as it has all these funny robot prints!

Two pair of comfy but stylish pants: I love the military style model, but also the casual grey ones!

These baby grows (bodies) are soo nice! He can wear them as an underwear, but also as regular tops (once the weather gets warmer). The dark grey one is good for "special occasions" even, as it's ribbed and really nice. He looks so smart when wearing it!

These two cotton tops came together as a set, and we both love the car prints. My hubby is very passionate about cars and that's his work also, so these tops are super appropriate for our little man :-)

This baby grow and shirt are so smart, really awesome for special occasions, or when we want to dress him up a bit! This blue shirt is his first shirt and my hubby picked it out for him.

A pair of gloves for when outside is cold, or when we go in the mountains! We usually go for a walk when outside is really warm and sunny, but we're still in winter time, so these might still come in handy!

When it comes to shopping for babies, because they grow so fast, it's better to shop on sales or even in second hand stores. I was lucky that my colleague from work gave me a lot of clothes when my son was born, so for the first few months I didn't have to buy (almost) anything. Her son was born exactly one year before my son, so that was fortunate as everything fit him (in the right season).
Now I did the same thing, I passed my son's clothes that are too small on him, to my friend who had a baby at the end of December 2017. Another winter baby, so he'll make the most out of my son's clothes! Because babies grow so fast, usually the second hand clothes is as good as new! There's no point in splurging on babies' clothes, that's for sure!

I hope you liked this post! Leave me your comments, let me know are you a parent and do you have a boy or a girl (or both!)?

xo from Italy,

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