Thursday, 24 May 2018

Yet Another Hair Color Fail! (BRUNETTES, DON'T DO THIS AT HOME!!!)

Hello beauties!

The ones who are following my hair coloring journey know that so far I have tried many different shades of blonde: From box hair dyes available at supermarkets, to professional hair dyes.
I wasn't always pleased with the results, but at times I did manage to pick the right shade.
Having said that, one would have thought that by now I have learned my lesson: Color does not lift color and you can't expect to go lighter just by picking a lighter box hair dye shade from the one you previously used!
This is the "experiment" that I did before I used professional hair colors, but I wanted to blog/ vlog about it, as a little warning to all of you who are trying to go lighter at home, using box hair dyes.
Needless to mention the outcome of this experiment was a fail!
I fixed it with purple shampoo, then waiting for cca 3 weeks, and then going to my hairdresser to get some professional help (and a good dose of highlights!)
When I use shades 7.1 (natural ash blonde / dark ash blonde) it always turns out great, but I know now that I can't ever again reach for box hair dyes level 10 or higher if I don't want to achieve a disaster on my head!


L'Oreal Creme Excellence - 9.1 Very light Ash Blonde - 1 Kit

Because of the "ash" element, I wanted to believe that this might somehow work in lightening my hair to a nice shade of blonde.

But the outcome was far from what I pictured in my head as a "nice shade of blonde."

These are some screenshots from my video review which you can check out here if you haven't yet:

The kit that I used was from L'Oreal Creme Excellence line, and to be honest, I have only the best things to say about the actual quality of the product.

The important thing is to use the shade that will actually work on you, taking in consideration your natural (or base) hair color.

In the kit you'll also get a little tube of serum that you're supposed to apply on your hair pre-coloring, so it gives and extra protection to your hair.
It has a good grey coverage, you get a good size of a conditioner that you can use more than once and the whole coloring process is simple & easy.
In the past, I used Creme Excellence 7.1 (Ash Blonde), which turned out to be a very flattering shade of darker ash blonde that I used on my roots, and it turned out looking fabulous!  

I reviewed it here:

I hope these reviews and sharing my experience and what I've learned in the process, was helpful.
Now I came back to dying my roots a slightly bit darker, with natural/ darker/ash tones of blonde, and this is what works best for me!

xo from Italy,

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Beauty Bigbang Makeup Haul & First Impressions!

Hello beauties!
Have you ever heard of Beauty Big Bang makeup?
It's a fairly young and emerging beauty brand but I'm sure it'll soon be very popular!
I had a chance to pick out and try out some of their makeup items and I was impressed.

From their big offer, I picked some products that I thought would work well for me on an everyday basis, products that I'd normally want to use in my everyday makeup routine.

My first impressions were very positive!


Beauty Bigbang Eyes eyeshadow palette #02
Beauty Bigbang Rainbow Highlighter # 03
Beauty Bigbang Matte Liquid Lipstick # 03 Dolce K
Beauty Bigbang Loose Powder # 01 Ivory

I filmed a video where I'm unboxing the products and quickly trying on everything that I got, and you can check it out here

My favourite products from this haul were the liquid matte lipstick and the loose powder!

But I also loved the other two and I filmed a makeup tutorial where I review them in more details (I'll post about that soon!)


Very high quality at a very affordable price
Nice packaging, very practical and simple design
Very competitive makeup
Great selection of colors, ranging from everyday tones, to more crazy, "out there" colors that not all of the brands are offering.

Here is a little preview of how the lipstick looks like, but soon I'll post more detailed review of all the products!

Have you ever tried anything from Beauty Big Bang?

If you're interested, I have 10% off coupon for their entire offer, just enter SVX10 at checkout then, let me know your first impressions of this brand in the comments below! 

xo from Italy,

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Friday, 4 May 2018

OOTD: Pom Pom Sweater

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a quick outfit post to share.
This is actually the outfit I shared on Glam Express a good couple of weeks ago (when the weather was still quite cold), but I forgot to post it here!
So here is what I wrote...
Since the weather here in Italy is still quite cold and Spring time seems like still far away, I'm still mostly in my cozy and warm sweaters.
This year, I picked up quite a few chunky knit sweaters online, among other places, Zaful too was one of my destinations for good shopping.
I spotted this oversized pom pom sweaters and thought it was super cute!

I wore it a lot this winter and since today the weather is again very gloomy and chilly, I decided to pull it out of my closet again!


Zaful  Oversized Pom Pom Sweater
Zara Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
H&M Pink Tights 

I wore it with my ripped, boyfriend fit Zara jeans and I put a pair of pink tights (H&M) underneath.
I don't think wearing tights underneath ripped jeans is very cool, but hey, does it matter?
I seem to like it and I needed that extra layer today :-)
Let me know how do you like this look!
I think this sweater is just too cute!
How's the weather like where you live, has the Spring arrived yet?

xo from a chilly Italy!

I'll be back soon with new posts! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Friday, 27 April 2018

Zaful "Me Sarcastic? Never." Sweatshirt Hoodie OOTD

Hello guys!

Today I'm back with an OOTD post :-)
We managed to get a couple of quick snaps past Sunday, as we were on our way to Alfa Romeo car meeting in the nearby town.
I wore very sporty and casual outfit. The weather was announcing rain and we were supposed to be stationed in the middle of the fields! At first it did rain a bit, but afterwards the sun came out so we ended up having nice time after all :-)

All these items that I wore are quite old, a part from my Zaful sweatshirt hoodie. I like it, but it's very cropped, and the sleeves are a bit too short on me. I ordered it in a size S (why, oh why??), but I should have definitely gone for the size up (which is something I usually always do when ordering from Asian web stores!)

If you missed on my Zaful fashion haul video, you can check it out here:

This was quite a huuuge haul ($450!!!), and in this video I also try on everything so you're able to see how it fits and talk about the sizes!

Denim vest: Oviesse
High waisted jeans: H&M
Adidas Superstar sneakers
Backpack: Light in the Box
Konifer wooden watch
Soufeel charm bracelets
Ray Ban mirrored aviators
Cropped sweatshirt: Zaful (available here)

I hope you like this look! I played a bit with different filters, only because I hate my hair colour at the moment! I need to darken my roots and go for a slight ombre effect!
More outfit posts are coming soon :-)
xo from Italy!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to Check Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave Quality Online?

How to Check Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave Quality Online?

There’s a funny trend on social media with memes that illustrate the unscrupulous activities of online vendors with two pictures side by side captioned, “what I ordered” versus “what I got”. As hilarious as these memes are, the true victims don’t find it funny. It is quite an awful feeling to spend money on an item you may never use because of its low quality, talk about when online shopping goes wrong. 
Despite all of this, many of us still love shopping online because of the seamless process from spotting an item you like, clicking on “buy now” and having it at your doorstep. Shopping made easy, that is. Online shopping is quite daring since you must take a leap of faith with your money, but when it all goes right, it is worth it. 

If shopping hair physically is so difficult due to the alarming number of fake hair, how difficult do you think it will be online? Very difficult! There are many hair grades and textures in online shops, and every vendor just says their product is the best since the world began. But of course, we can’t trust them. When purchasing Peruvian virgin hair online, it can be a bit tricky because other weaves can pass for Peruvian when you’re glaring into your computer screen. It’s not all doom and gloom though, shopping online shouldn’t be a total nightmare with these methods to check the quality of virgin hair weave before clicking the order button. 

Here we go:

●Watch or read customer review on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms to verify the authenticity of both the product and the site you intend to patronize.
●Payment security is also an important way to confirm originality. A lot of companies will likely take your payments without delivery. It is quite safer to patronize companies that offer payment on delivery options. If a website will only take one specified payment method, this is weird and should be suspicious. 

●Check the company information and certification. All this information can be found online. You only need to know how to use google and you are good to go.
●Always contact customer care before hitting the order button. Request to see some real videos of the said products. You could also ask them to fire a piece of hair, this could help you tell the real hair from the fake. It is very unlikely that any company would want to do this, but a girl has got to try, right? You need to know what you are paying for. 
●If you think the company is reliable and you are really feeling the urge to buy, order a sample to test the hair quality. If they are unwilling to send out a sample, this should be an indicator of fake products.
●Price goes a long way to determining quality because different price tags are slapped on different quality of products. High priced hair may not necessarily be high quality, but low priced hair is definitely low quality unless it is a promotion. However, if Peruvian hair weave is on promotion every day, then that should be a problem because hair vendors would also want to make some money.

* guest posting by Elfin hair

Care For Your Virgin Human Hair Extensions

When you make the decision to obtain virgin extensions, you have to choose the right place that will supply you with high quality remy real hair.
Extensions are a terrific choice if you want to add highlights, thickness or just help make your hair longer. All extensions have to be looked after correctly to increase the existence of these, you have to treat them much like your own hair.
So, UNice provides you with some suggestions that can help you go ahead and take best proper care of your virgin hair so they can last a long time.

Use High Quality Maintenance Systems. When you're brushing hair, be gentle. With no medicine, hair extensions can get broken rapidly. Treat this hair just like it was your personal hair. Use top quality shampoo and conditioning products to maintain your hair soft. Conditioning hair is essential to help keep it soft and manageable, so use leave in conditioners.

First of all,you have to detangle your brazilian virgin hair in the ends towards the roots before shampooing. Don't rub hair strongly, due to this method resulting in the hair to tangle, so you have to wash your extensions lightly in the roots towards the ends.

Work lightly, don't rub it having a towel but relocate a downward motion from roots to ends. Lightly detangle hair. You may also use items like gel and hairspray to help keep the curls in position , but make certain to clean hair and never leave during these products set for a lengthy time.
Wash with Moisturizing Proper Hair Care Products. Wash your extensions no more than 3 occasions per week with moisturizing proper hair care products. Since your extensions aren't getting skin oils out of your scalp to maintain your hair in good shape, this can keep your moisture in from shampooing yet still time not drying them from over-shampooing .

Make use of a Heat Protectant. Make use of a heat protectant on extensions to prevent heat damage if you make use of a heated appliance in your hair. Be cautious by using hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons. It is advisable to enable your hair dry naturally. The greater you utilize it, the shorter hair extensions can last. It is advisable to start in the ends of the hair so when all tangles are removed lightly come up. Always brush inside a downward motion. Brush hair a couple of occasions each day.

Sleeping. Don't sleep on wet hair. When you attend sleep, you have to make certain hair is totally dry. A great habit would be to tie hair together inside a ponytail to avoid tangling whenever possible.

Exercise. It's suggested to put on a go swimming cap if at all possible or put on hair as much as ensure that it stays from the water. After swimming it is advisable to shampoo and condition hair immediately. Generally it's a good habit to put on hair up or perhaps in a ponytail whenever you exercise.

Deep Condition. Once per week, carefully place your extensions in lukewarm water and apply a little bit of conditioner throughout. Leave for approximately twenty minutes then rinse and let dry naturally - utilizing a hair dryer will damage them if used an excessive amount of. If required, place the dryer on the awesome setting (nearly as whether it was wind).

* guest posting: Hair extensions care tips are provided to you by RoseHairExtensions and Wholesale Hair Deals

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

BestHairBuy: A place to shop for hair wigs & hair extensions

Hello beauties!

Warmer weather is here and with Spring and Summer also come many special occasions and celebrations, weddings, christenings and other parties...
Who doesn't want to look its best?
We all dream of having luscious, voluminous, beautiful & shiny hair! 
Often, too many colouring treatments & heat appliances can leave traces on our hair, making it weak and stressed out...I often write about how to take care of your hair, nourish it to make it long & healthy, but in this post I'd like to offer you some alternatives if you're looking for a "quick fix", or just want to change your look temporarily, without changing your hair length or colour!
You know how I like having long hair, and I treat my hair very well, using only top quality products to make it stronger, shinier and moisturised. I also like to visit often my hairdresser, so she helps me out in keeping my hair beautiful looking.
I revealed my haircare secrets many times in my blog post and youtube videos, such as using natural oils (coconut, argan, line seed, or sapote) as a pre-shampoo treatments, or not messing around with your hair colour too often!

Here is where hair wigs come in!
Hair wigs are perfect solution for anyone who is feeling playful and want to experiment with different looks, but doesn't want to commit to one look for a long period of time, and also wants to preserve their hair the way it currently is, without actually having to change it dramatically!
Hair wigs are so much fun! You can experiment with different hair colours and hair textures, and try hairstyles you'd never even dream of actually doing on your own hair!
They're also great and quick option for special occasions when you want to feel extra glam and special.

I'd like to show you some BestHairBuy Wigs that I found very appealing:

You can choose from Hot Now, Fashion Style, Natural Looking or Quick Weave options!

This wig called my attention as this hair colour is very in, but it's also super hard to achieve it without damaging your natural hair! So why not opt for this cool wig?

BestHairBuy brazilian hair is one of the besy quality hair types, so I was curious to see some of the styles they offer and share some of the most popular choices with you!

From many colours, textures and styles, my choice was this light blonde/ ombre look!
I opted for waves because I like this look on me, and I don't always have time to style my hair like that, so having already wavy extensions saves up some time on daily hairstyling routine!

BestHairBuy hair extensions come at very competitive prices and that's why many customers opt for this brand.
I often get asked a lot a question about hair extensions and whether I wear them on a daily basis... Just to clear things out, I don't wear hair extensions on a daily basis. My hair is naturally quite long, so I don't need hair extensions to make it longer, but I do like to use them every now and then, to add volume to my hair.
When my hair is super voluminous, I find that I can be more creative with different hairstyles, especially side braids and eye catching fishtails. Those are my favourite summer hair styles and everybody always compliments my hair when I wear it like that!

As I'm a beauty/ fashion blogger, trying out new styles is something of my interest, so sometimes I'll use them for a special events I might have, or  filming a hair tutorial!

Because my hair is highlighted and it has got all the different shades of blonde and brown, I'm not really worried about picking the right shade for me, as I find most blonde shades blend with my hair colour perfectly! However I do like to stick to golden/honey/strawberry shades of blonde, as I find bleach blonde would stick out too much from my own hair colour!

Here is what I think would work best for my hair:

I really like this shade of blonde! I think it would mix well with my current hair colour :-)

For more hair extensions & hair wigs tips and general info connect with BestHairBuy on their social medias:

Let me know have you ever tried hair wigs or hair extensions and which styles do you like best?

* in collaboration with BestHairBuy

Friday, 20 April 2018

Happy 15 months to my little son, Sebastian Josip!

My life, happy 15 months 🐣 20.01.2017. 💝 Sine moj, neka te na tvom putu uvijek prati sreca 🌟💫

Don’t ever forget to smile 😀🌟💫❤️ 

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