Saturday, 11 February 2017

I've had a baby! Meet my precious little son, Sebastian Josip ♥

Hi guys!
The reason why I haven't been posting as frequently as usual is because I became a Mum! 
On 20th of January, 2017. I gave birth to my precious little boy, Sebastian Josip. ♥

I was very fortunate to have had a completely natural, non medicated childbirth. It was also rather quick (especially for a first time Mum! I was mentally preparing myself for a 20 hour labour, but I ended up having something like 5 hour labour and delivery!).
I do want to go into more details regarding this life changing experience, and I'd like to make a video on that topic too, but as you'll understand, this will have to wait for a while, as I'm now fully dedicated to my newborn son, and his needs. I barely have any time left for myself, and when I do, I sleep, or eat...or take a shower.

These first months are the most challenging, as the baby needs my full attention! My hubby is here to help me out 100% and we're basically alone in this new adventure of parenthood. 
But now I can say that having a kid was the best decision I've ever made in my life! He brings me so much joy and fills my heart with the love and warmth I've never experienced before.

As I'm writing these lines, he's asleep and my hubby is also here to jump in in case he wakes up!
I did prepare some pre-recorded videos for my youtube channel, as I knew, once the baby arrives, it'll be impossible for me to film at least for a couple of months until we set some kind of a routine :-)
But don't worry, there's plenty of content coming every week on my channel & other social medias, and I'll also try to post here as frequently as I can!

I'm still recovering from giving birth... Even though the whole labour and childbirth went pretty easily, the first couple of weeks of my post partum were so painful and way more challenging than I had expected! I always tought that after a natural childbirth you're "as good as new" in 2 days...what a surprise it was when I realized that this wasn't going to be the case with me :-/ I could barely even walk for almost 2 weeks, and even moving my body in the bed, from one side to another, was a nightmare! Physically, I felt like a train wreck, but at least emotionally I was filled with happiness, excitement and joy!
I will also go into more details about my post partum recovery in a video that I'm planning to film in the near future.

This is just a quick little update from me and Sebastian Josip :-) We're doing fine and we thank you all for the loveliest comments and well wishes that you left us on my facebook and instagram!
I read all of them and they trully mean so much ♥ Thank you for all your love ♥♥

Here are some pregnancy videos (of the last few weeks of my pregnancy), that you can watch:

Pregnancy vlog: A few days in my life before my due date!

Gender Reveal/ Maternity & First Baby Haul (Prenatal Outlet)

36 weeks pregnant: Big physical and emotional changes!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

New In: Make Up brush set like Artis

Hello guys! I wanted to share with you my new makeup brush set that I ordered from web store. This makeup brush kit is inspired by famous and luxurious Artis make up brushes.
The set consists of 10 make up brushes made of high quality synthetic hair.
The price of the entire set is only $12.49 and you can get it here.
The shipping was a bit slow, and I waited a bit less than two months to get the package (probably because it was sent around holiday season).
I've been wanting to try out these "toothbrush" like make up brushes for a while now as I believe they're really innovative when it comes to make up application.
At you can get many other fashion & beauty items, and you can also check out their other store, specialized in hair extensions, Rose Hair Extensions.

Pozdrav ljudi! Zelim vam brzinski predstaviti moj novi set make up kistova. Ovaj set kopija je popularnog i luksuznog Artis branda, a ja sam takve kistice vec dugo zeljela isprobati jer vjerujem da su bas jedinstveni i inovativni u metodi nanosenja make up-a!
U setu cete dobiti 10 make up kistova, napravljenih od kvalitetne sinteticke dlake.
Cijena cijelog seta je samo $12.49, a mozete ga naruciti ovdje. 
Jedina negativna strana jest da je shipping dosta spor te sam na isporuku cekala nesto manje od dva mjeseca (moguce zbog toga sto je paketic poslan bas negdje oko sezone blagdana?)
Stranica sa koje sam narucila set,, nudi vam puno razlicitih modnih i beauty stvarcica, a u ponudi imaju i ekstenzije, na njihovoj drugoj stranici, Rose Hair Extensions.

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