Sunday, 17 December 2017

Elevator shoes: Your best trick to appear taller!

Hey guys!

I was browsing through the internet web stores, looking for wedge shoes that I'd like to have in my closet for this new season, and I came across some really awesome models that I want to share with you today.

I actually discovered chamaripa elevator shoes that are awesome because they're cool, trendy, must- have models, designed to give you that instant boost in height!
I usually like to wear wedges because they give you an extra height, yet they aren't as difficult to walk in. They're perfect for every season, and great even for every day wear as they're quite comfy.
I'm even more excited that I found height increasing shoes that aren't necessarily wedges, but other models, including "flats" too!

Here is a selection of my favourite tall shoes for short people, they're all super fun, comfortable and they'll make your outfit even better looking, as we all know, everything looks better on tall people! 

I'm 5'7 and I always wanted to be 5'8 at least. I know that my height isn't considered "short", but still, I do feel more confident when I'm wearing a bit of a heel.
The great thing about these shoes is that they actually look like regular shoes; nobody can tell that you're actually wearing elevator shoes, as they look like any other model, and follow the latest trends!
I really liked these brownish chelsea boots, that would look absolutely great with jeans, or anything really, as they're a true classic and must have for everyday wear!

Chamaripa web store offer is really amazing and always up to date!

I also wanted to mention that they have high heel shoes for men and I came across some very interesting models that I immediately wanted to share with you! These are very elegant, classic and timeless pieces.

Chamaripa shoes has got some awesome models for everyday and also men's elevator dress shoes, for special occasions. 
I'm sure it's actually very difficult to pick out only a few favourite pairs!

Even though we're still in winter time and I don't see going out of my winter boots any time soon, I'm definitely thinking ahead and considering purchasing some new arrivals for spring!

Because of its hidden heels, some of these models will add you up to 8 cm (3.15inch) of height, and nobody will even know, as they look like regular flats! How amazing is that?
What type of shoes would you like to get for this winter season?
Now it's holiday season and also a season of good bargains and on-line deals, so I recommend you take a look!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shopping guide for plus size fashion

Hello loves!

In this post I'd like to tell you about my newest fashion obsession: FashionMia webstore! Their offer is so amazing that I literally spent hours browsing through it :-)
The prices very affordable too, and they offer a great selection of plus size clothing that is also very up to date!

I wanted to share some of my favourite picks with you :-)

Stars print is ultra modern this season, and this particular top you can wear even if you don't usually shop at plus section! Oversized items are also in style. I love the black & grey combo in winter season.

This is another pretty top that caught my attention. It's also quite festive, and you can definitely wear it for going out on a dinner date or such!

These are some plus size fashion tops that I'd recommend to my friend! She wants to renew her winter wardrobe and add some cool new pieces to her existing must haves.

She always has troubles finding lovely pieces that she likes, that actually flatter her body shape.
She really liked these ones :-)

This festive season is all about special dinners, gatherings and celebrations and nice festive dress is in order!

My friend was looking at bodycon dresses for plus size and she found some great models here!

This dress is really pretty and dressy! I love the lace detailing and it's perfect for dinners and special events that usually happen around Christmas.

This charming dress is a winner because of the bright colors, so it brings up a bit of something special to those dull & gloomy, grey winter days. My friend approves!

Actually she loves to wear dresses even in winter time, they're probably her favourite garment, as it's so easy to wear them and dress them up/ dress down. For additional layer, to keep warm, all you need to add is a pair of thick tights and some warm wool overcoat.
Also, for us busy Mums it's easier to have practical items to wear, that you can just "throw on"!

I came across some really pretty models at FashionMia, I'm without words to describe them properly!
You have to see it for yourself!

What do you guys think? How would you style these items?

All the clothes are very affordable, you can find awesome deals and true bargains, so happy shopping!

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Spend a little time with Zaful before 2017 ends!

We have reached the end of the year of 2017, Christmas parties will soon be in full swing. Did you find comfortable and stylish clothes to wear? If not, Zaful is now promoting Christmas sale  with various adorable products at cutthroat price. Below is some Christmas party fashion items in Zaful
which you should have. 

White on White

Fresh and crisp, the white on white trend make a return and it couldn’t look cooler. White sweatshirts, pants, shoes, and accessories are all cool to wear. Let's try to pair these cozy sweater with denim in the perfect way and become the party outfit winner!

3 Piece Trick 

Ever heard about something called the three-piece trick? The best way to untangle a mysterious, sexy look is to look at the accessories. You will find that all such complicated looks have three things in common – a statement filled handbag, a pair of hot shoes and a useful and trendy pair of sunglasses. Try it yourself to achieve celebrity kind of a look at no time.

Playful Accessories

A choker or a pair of earring with Christmas elements on it would be fun don't you think? It's Christmas after all. Recommending you these nice little accessories. They are down to $0.99 before Zaful Christmas Sale ends.
  • Rhinestoned Christmas Bows Brooch     
  • Rhinestone Tassel Christmas Santa Brooch
  • Denim Fringe Choker                     
  • Lace Criss Cross Choker

*guest posting by Zaful

Santa's Stuck! Help!

Chrismas sale  is always the best festival sale in Rosegal, but our dear Santa seems like he's not paying attention to his own weight this year and obviously stuck in the chimney! Help him through to get mysterious Rosegal gifts worth $50. 

How can I help Santa?

Easy, click on this link and push him down. You are able to push Santa once per day, you push twice if you shared this mini-game. 

What can I get from helping Santa?

up to 15% and $7 Off coupon are wrapped and prepared. If you push Santa hard enough, you might receive a special bonus present. Mysterious Rosegal product bundle worth $50!

What about the Rosegal Chrismas Sale?

Oh of course, how could we miss the sale? Especially a sale up to 70% Off! 

Ladies and gents, 2017 is almost over. Rosegal  will have brand factory new products coming up in 2018, so if you have any products that you wish to collect, this is probably your best and last opportunity. 70% Off and new deals every day (starts at Dec.14th).We are doing a cleanup right here right now! Fashion clothing and accessories from all category and for all seasons. Having some trouble with picking 2017 Chrismas present for your beloved one? No matter for male or female, Rosegal X-mas sale might as well solve your problem.

* guest posting by Rosegal

Friday, 1 December 2017

OOTD feat. Zara: Striped sweater and wide leg jumpsuit

ENG: Hey, hey, it's time for another outfit post! :-)
These photos were taken when we were staying in Croatia for a bit, so we had the opportunity to go for nice, long walks by the sea! Our little family enjoyed that very much!
I wore a very similar outfit in this ootd post, but instead of the striped top, I wore a cropped denim jacket over this wide leg jumpsuit.
I like this version very much, as you can't even tell that I'm wearing a jumpsuit, but this looks like I'm wearing a wide leg, high waisted pants. I love how versatile this clothing item is!
Sales are definitely the best period to be shopping at Zara! Their stuff is usually a bit too pricey, but during the sales, you can find truly awesome, awesome deals!
I got this wide leg jumpsuit a few years ago for under € 10, and this summer I purchased this cropped striped top, at their on-line sales, for €5 something.

In case you haven't watched my Zara on-line fashion haul that I posted a few months ago, you can watch it now, here:

HR: Pozdrav dragi ljudi, evo me danas sa jednim outfit postom!
Vrlo slican outfit nosila sam ovdje, samo je u toj kombinaciji bilo vidljivo da nosim kombinezon, dok se ovdje cini da se radi o hlacama visokog struka.
Meni se jako svidaju obje kombinacije, bas volim ovaj odjevni predmet zbog toga sto se da iznjeti na razne nacine i uvijek izgleda super i sik!

Slicice su nastale kada smo boravili kratko u Hrvatskoj i cijela moja mala obitelj uzivala je u setnjicama uz more :-)

Ukoliko ste propustili moj vlogic na hrvatskom kanalu, pogledajte ga sada ovdje:

Dobila sam dosta upita kada cu ponovno uploadati video na hrvatskom jeziku i to me motiviralo za ponovno snimanje. Nastojati cu snimati jednu vrst vlogmasa (tjedni, ne dnevni jer jednostavno nemam vremena! #busymomlife !)

U gornjem tekstu na engleskom jeziku spomenula sam jos kako volim kupovati u Zari na snizenjima jer se zaista isplati (barem u Italiji!)
Inace su njihove stvarcice malo precijenjene, dok se na snizenjima da kupiti toliko toga za malo para :-) Evo cijeli ovaj outfit je iz Zare, a na njega nisam potrosila vise od 20€! Zamislite! 
Ove godine malo sam kupovala za sebe, ali Zarina snizenja ipak nisam propustila: ljetos sam napravila mali on-line shopping tijekom snizenja, a o tome sam snimila i video (mozete ga pogledati, gore je prilozen!).

Toliko od mene za ovaj post! Nadam se da vam se outfit svidja, iako je sada ipak vec prehladno za tako neku "obleku"!

Total look Zara (jumpsuit, sweater, shoes)
Sunglasses: Mango
Bag: Fendi
Wooden watch: Jord (mod. "Sully" in Natural Green)

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