Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My pregnancy story & parenting

Hi mammas!

The ones of you who follow my blog for longer period of time, will know that I gave birth in January this year and that my little son is now almost 10 months old!
Time truly flies by so quickly!

Looking back at my pregnancy, and the past (almost) 10 months spent with my son, it truly was and is the best time of my life! I feel like a completely different person after giving birth, never happier, never more at peace with myself.
If there was a way to go back in time when I was pregnant, and leave myself a message, it would be to just relax and enjoy the most special moments of my life. Growing a little human, feeling him progressing day by day inside of your truly is something magical.

I was very anxious and scared about how everything would turn out: I was so worried that something goes wrong during my pregnancy, and was also overwhelmed with fear of childbirth and having to go to the hospital. Also, every single exam and blood draw that I needed to take, was making me faint a little!

I consider myself so lucky that I actually had a beautiful, completely natural childbirth. It was all I ever wanted (I refused any thought of getting an epidural and was worried if something goes wrong I'd have to undergo the cesarian section; those two possibilities were freaking me out throughout my entire pregnancy!).

I documented all my fears and my entire pregnancy and "becoming a mum" journey, very openly and honestly, in my pregnancy vlogs and videos. I'm very glad that I still receive messages of mums and mums to be, telling me how they find my vlogs helpful with their own journey.

One thing that made my whole journey easier was the fact that I told to myself to live it day by day. If today everything was fine with my pregnancy, there was no reason for me to worry about tomorrow, but there was every reason to fully enjoy today. This was my guideline that helped me a lot during the time I felt extra anxious about the outcome of this new life's "adventure".

I also find helpful websites dedicated to new Mums and blogs where Mums are sharing their tips and experiences. Don't read the horror stories, but concentrate on positive messages and constructive tips!

After I gave birth, I looked up on-line for different topics regarding my child's development. It's hard when it's only you and your hubby and no one else to turn to for an experienced advice (my Mum lives in another country!).

Checkpregnancy is one of those helpful spots for all the new Mums and the ones looking for advices on different topics, regarding babies, getting pregnant, parenting, reviews on different products, and women's health.
Women's health is definitely crucial for healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.
Websites that offer advices and tips on many different aspects of women's and Mum's life, are always gladly recommended by me.

During your baby's development, you'll come across different topics that will be of your interest, from swaddling (have you ever tried that with your baby? My son was swaddled only in the hospital, right after he was born, by the hospital nurses, but we never tried it at home!)
If you're interested to find out more about swaddling, you can read more here!

Also, when my son was around 4-5 months old and he started to be more active in terms that he could move more, roll from one side to another and trying to crawl, I realized that I need to get him a box...with every stage of his development, other needs would come up. I was learning, and still am, day by day.

I would always do a little internet research and comparison by checking other Mum's reviews, for example, I'd look up the top pack n play 2017 when we were buying his first box.
We opted for a sleep n play that's easily transported because we needed something that is easy to pack for when we travel to Croatia.
Nowdays, my son is excercising his first steps, so we upgraded to a much bigger box, where our entire family fits in :-)) so he has so much space to play!

I hope I can keep bringing you more recommendations when it comes to all these Mum related topics!

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave them in your comments!

* post in collaboration with checkpregnancy

Monday, 13 November 2017

About Babywearing & Teething Drool Pads & Bib

Hello mammas!

In this post I'd like to talk to you about babywearing and present you on-line store for baby carrier's accessories, such as teething drool pads & bib, sun shades etc.

I opted for ergobaby adapt carrier and was super pleased with it so far! I purchased it when my baby was about 2 months old (at the time, he didn't like to be pushed in a stroller and he only liked to be carried close to my chest!).
The adapt model was right for us, as it adapts to the baby's stages of growth, so you can even use it for newborn babies, without having to buy the extra insert.

I did lots of walks carrying my son in a carrier, and it was especially helpful when we went on walks at the beach.

I purchased the carrier through the ergobaby website for the price of € 139.90 and yes, it's quite expensive, but it's worth the money. This carrier is excellent quality, possibly the best there is on the market, and most importantly it's ergonomic and safe for your child's hip development.
The model I opted for is azure blue.

I made these two videos, in case you'd like to hear more about my experience with babywearing!

About Babywearing & Teething Drool Pads & Bib

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Review & My Babywearing Experience  is the great place to buy all your baby carrier's accessories from!
When your baby is teething,  she's drooling a lot, and wants to chew on anything, so these drooling pads & bib become essentials for preserving your baby carrier in good condition, and not having to constantly wash it.

I got different models (they're all so pretty!):

Shop this pattern here

DESIGNED FOR EXTRA ABSORBENCY - Made from soft, premium natural woven twill cotton with a waterproof lining and reinforced stitching. Teething babies can chew on it safely.

CONVENIENT LOOPS FOR TOYS & MORE - Strap pads include hanging loops for attaching additional teething or play toys, pacifiers & more. This set makes the perfect baby gift!

Shop this pattern here

I recently got these two newest sets with the cutest star prints!

Babypreferred products are also available on Amazon :-)

How was your experience with babywearing? Do you have any must have products when it comes to babywearing that you'd like to recommend?

* This post was not sponsored and I purchased my Ergobaby Adapt carrier with my own money through ergobaby website.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Fall Fashion (OOTD)

Hi guys!
I think it's time for one fall inspired OOTD post.
I spent most of October in Croatia, in my hometown Rijeka. The weather was sunny and warm and it was just perfect for taking long walks by the sea or the town's centre.
Here is what I wore one Sunday, when my hubby, our little son and my Mum, went to Alfa Romeo car meeting, that took place at the centre of Rijeka.
We had a lot of fun, and we stayed out and about for more than 5 hours!
I wanted to wear something comfy, but trendy, so I opted for this Leopard print coat, leather boots and a backpack (Mom friendly style!)
I wore my new floral print sweater that I was sent to by Light in the Box on line store to review. I loved it on top of my denim shirt and paired with Leopard print coat.

I always liked the combo of leopard and floral print, I think it's a good match.
My skinny jeans are actually from H&M maternity line, but I still like to wear them because they're super skinny and "body shaping" model, so they're more flattering than other jeans that I have.
Luckily, during my pregnancy, the elastic waistband didn't stretch out, so I can keep wearing them! (probably because I bought more than one pair of maternity jeans, plus, the last two months of my pregnancy, I avoided wearing jeans...I needed something way more comfy!)
I think this is a perfect fall outfit for those warm & sunny days and long walks.
How do you like it?

Leopard print coat: Oviesse (but from a thrift store, brand new!)
Floral embroidery sweater: Light in The Box (here)
Skinny jeans - H&M body shaping model, from maternity section
Boots - Zara
Backpack - Bershka
Sunglasses - Mango
Denim shirt - Stradivarius
Apart from the floral sweater, everything else I've had in my wardrobe for a while! I haven't been shopping for new things in a while (and luckily, I don't need to, as I have a lot of nice things in my closet already!)
With the beginning of 2017, my resolution was to buy less and make the most out of the things I already have. I think I did pretty good overall!
I really feel better about myself and more organised, now that I stopped constantly buying new arrivals!
So this post isn't to indicate you on what's new in stores, but I made it to give you an inspiration for your fall look; if you like it, maybe you can put together a similar outfit from the clothes you already have! 

* read more fashion & beauty posts at Glam Express

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Lifestyle: My bathroom renovations plans

Hello guys!

This is going to be a little lifestyle update post! 
As some of you might recall (as I blogged about it), 5 years ago, my hubby and I bought our first appartment here in Italy.
As most of the young couples, we had a limited budget so we couldn't exactly get our dream home, but we managed to arrive pretty close to that!

Our issue with this appartment is the lack of space for our ever growing family! 
When we first moved here, there were just the two of us, and now we're in four (our doggy Lancia, and our son Sebastian Josip now form our little family!).

We're always on a lookout for small spaces optimization ideas, that are also budget friendly!

Another thing that we always knew we wanted to change when it comes to our appartment, was our bathroom. It's tiny, it doesn't have a bath tub, but only shower cabin (quite out dated too), and it's just not very representative, nor functional!
We definitely have in plans to do some renovations in order to make it more enjoyable.

Having a bath tub instead of a shower would be ideal, not only for us, and relaxing moments after a stressful day at work, but also for my granny, who finds it very difficult to shower without my help, when she comes to visit.
In fact, this proves to be a major flaw of our appartment, as my grandmother is 85 and she can't stand on her feet the way she used to.

Renovating will take a lot of time and we need to ensure a significant budget for that, plus, we will be without our bathroom for a few days...which means we'll probably have to stay elsewhere during the works. All this requires us to have enough time on our disposal, which is something we currently don't have.
Renovation plans are definitely still on for the future, but, in the meanwhile, what can we do to improve our living space?

Great solution for when our granny comes to visit would be one of those wall mounted shower seats
that I found on-line.

I found wooden and plastic models, and the good thing about them is that they can be folded, so sitting whilst taking a shower is optional, and they really don't occupy any of the (already small) space!

Here are some of the models I was considering:

Our bathroom is green & white, so this particular model could work well for us.

Next is this bright yellow, plastic wall mounted stainless steel folding shower seat. I like the pop of color, this could bring some light into our small bathroom.

I also liked the bamboo teak wood wall mounted folding shower seat. It looks classic and practical.

I'll keep you updated on how my home renovations are going and what option will I decide to go for!

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Healthy Chocolate Rice Krispies Recipe | Sugarfree!

Hello lovelies!
This post is going to be a little bit different, as I'm not going to talk about beauty or fashion, but I'm going to share with you one awesome recipe for a chocolate rice krispy, that you can easily and quickly make at home!
I love making easy and healthy treats at home, especially now that I'm a Mum, I'm always on a lookout for healthy treats that I can easily make for my son, (when he gets a little bit older).
Rice Puffs (I use the bio, wholegrain rice puffs from Cadoro supermarket in Italy)
Coconut Oil
Peanut Butter (also great with almond, or any nut butter)
Maple Syrup, Honey or Rice Malt Syrup (I used honey)
Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

Put 4 spoonfuls of coconut oil in a cup, mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter, 3-4 dessert spoons of cocoa powder and a good amount of honey. Mix it well together, until it reaches a smooth consistency.
In a plastic container (suitable for freezing), lay the puffed rice (this is going to be the base of your chocolate treat). Once you have blended the mixture well together, pour it on top of the rice and distribute it evenly with a spoon. Make sure that all the rice is covered in this mixture.
(If you see that you don't have enough mixture to cover the rice, you can quickly & easily create some more!)
Then,  put the container into the freezer for a couple of hours!
After a few hours, your dessert is ready, enjoy! 

I'm always inspired by other mommy vloggers, so I want to mention Elise Sheere, thanks to her youtube channel I discovered this recipe!

You can also check out my vlog/ recipe video, where I show you, step by step, how to create this delicious treat:

Please let me know if you try out this recipe and if you'd like to read more recipe posts from me in the future!

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Fall wishlist: Must have dresses for this season!

Hi guys!

As I'm writing this post, I listen to the wind blowing wildly outside of my house. The colder days are here and the yellow, orange and red is the nature's favorite color of the moment. The leaves are falling from the trees and dancing in the air.
This kind of atmosphere made me think about the fall fashion and the appropriate clothes I might add to my wishlist, to later on, add to my wardrobe.

I made a quick stop at one of my fave on line fashion destination, FashionMia, and got inspired :-)

I would like to share with you some of the nice bits that caught my attention from their vast selection!
During the fall and winter season, I turn to my greys...I love wearing colorful clothing items, but I also enjoy white, beige and grey colored clothes.

Here are some bodycon dresses online that I spotted:

For everyday wear, denim is a great option! If you want to vary a little bit, from always wearing jeans, you can opt for a denim dress. You'll look chic, stylish and put together no matter what, even when you're having the most casual of days :-)

This striped knitted bodycon dress is another pretty model that I'd enjoy wearing this season!
Stripes will never go out of trend, so it's a great classic piece to add to your wardrobe.

Other cute dresses for this season that I spotted are the following two models:

This pretty button down shirt dress, very casual, "grunge" style that I personally love. It can be worn over jeans or with leggings.

Last, but not least, is this floral little number. I love the tiny floral print and the skater model. The side pockets make this dress even cuter. It definitely has that vintage vibe to it.

Those were just some of the dresses that appealed to me at the moment, but I'll be keeping a close look at this fab on line store to make sure that I don't miss any of the hottest new arrivals for this season ;-)

Let me know what are your latest purchases and what did you include on your wish list this fall?

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Zara Wide Leg Jumpsuit OOTD

Hi guys!

I have another outfit post for you this week :-)
Here I wore my wide leg jumpsuit by Zara, paired with my old, cropped denim jacket. I went for a walk by the Sea with my little family :-)
I really like this jumpsuit and it's very versatile, I wear it in different ways, for many different occasions, but whenever I wear it, I feel a little bit like a diva! :-))

Pozdrav ljudi!

Evo imam jos jedan outfit post za vas ovaj tjedan :-)
Ovaj kombinezon sa hlacama sirokog kroja, kupljen je u Zari, prije par godina. Volim ga nositi na razlicite nacine i zaista ga mogu prilagoditi svim prilikama, od posebnih, do svakodnevnih, kao ove setnjice uz more sa mojom malom obitelji :-)
Moram priznati, o kojoj god da se prilici radilo, kada ga nosim, osjecam se pomalo kao diva :-))

Jumpsuit: Zara
Basic black top: H&M
Flats: Zara
Sunglasses: Mango
Purse: Fendi
Watch: Jord (mod. "Sully" in Natural Green)

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