Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Ways to wash hair with tape in hair extensions

Showering with tape in extensions requires additional care. Whenever you apply our extensions to your clients' hair, it's essential that you walk them through all of the necessary maintenance tips. Make certain that they don't wash their head of hair not less than a couple of days following the application, otherwise this makes slippage.
It's vital that you brush hair extensions using the Wet/Dry Detangling brush 2-3 occasions each day if you have extensions. It is best to brush hair prior to getting in to the shower. This can ensure that it stays from tangling up while it's being washed.
When you are shampooing, make certain that you're utilizing a shampoo that's been specifically formulated for that extensions. This can make certain the extensions always remain as nice searching as you possibly can. There's additionally a specific way you need to shampoo your hair itself. Start at the bottom and gradually rub the shampoo downward with the hair. You don't need to shampoo completely towards the tips. Don't use a scrubbing or circular motion while shampooing your hair because this will seriously tangle their head of hair.

Every time they condition your hair, make certain they aren't utilizing a hydrating conditioner, especially round the adhesive from the tape in extensions. They merely really should make use of a conditioner to moisturize your hair in the mid-shaft lower. Our leave in conditioner spray is the best choice for any lady with extensions.
When you are getting from the shower, carefully brush hair. Then make use of a towel to work. Start towards the top of your hair and gradually move lower the shaft from the hair towards the tips. Don't rub the towel in to the hair. This can tangle your hair and damage your hair extensions.
Use Heat, Treat Shine like a protectant with the hair after which blow your hair out. This helps to make certain the hair remains protected against the harm the heat from hair dryers may cause. Make use of the hair dryer and brush to dry your hair section by section. This can also minimize the harm that hair dryers may cause. 

Our tape in hair extensions would be the greatest quality extensions which are solely open to salon professionals. 

If they're well-maintained, the tape in extensions may last several reapplications. Most of us have the sources that stylists as well as their clients have to correctly take proper care of the extensions so they look beautiful. You've got to be certified to be able to offer our extensions inside your salon. Come along for the classes to obtain certified.

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