Thursday, 5 October 2017

OOTD: Ripped girlfriend jeans & floral blouse / Mommy Style / Casual everyday outfit idea

Hi guys!

I have a new outfit post for you :-) This one was taken when I was at the island of Rab in Croatia, on a mini family vacation. I wore mostly casual and comfy outfits, such as this one, including ripped and oversized jeans (this particular model is called "girlfriend" style), and sneakers...all paired with a cute top and a backpack (to keep things practical, now that I'm a Mum).

Bok ljudi!

Danas imam vremena za brzinski outfit post :-) Ove fotke nastale su na otoku Rabu, kada smo tamo bili pocetkom mjeseca rujna, na kratkom obiteljskom odmoru.
Tada sam nosila pretezno vrlo lezerne, udobne, sportske outfite. Najvise sam posezala za potrganim, "oversized" trapericama (ove su "girlfriend" model), udobnim tenisicama...sve sam iskombinirala sa sarenim, slatkim topicima i naravno, ruksacima (jer, uz to sto su ovih zadnjih par sezona izuzetno popularni, jako su "Mom friendly"!)

Floral blouse: Zara
Girlfriend fit jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Mango
Wooden watch: Jord, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green
Sneakers: Superga
Backpack: Promod
Bracelets: Bijou Brigitte, Swarovski

You can watch my Mini Vacation Lookbook/ What I Wore video here:

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

This Month's Empties

Hello beauties!

A lot of you asked me to bring back my "Empties, Products I've Used Up" videos, as you seem to find them interesting and helpful.
Unfortunately, lately I don't have much time to film, and I already have a long list of topics for my future videos that I'd like to film. Nevertheless, I decided to introduce this new series to my blog, and occasionally (maybe even monthly), bring you posts with updates on the products I've recently used up, giving you my opinions and quick reviews!
This month I have 5 beauty products that I've used up to share with you. I'll also be giving you a quick review on each!
These are all body care / hair care products as I find that I use up products in these 'categories' most frequently.

Here I Have:

  • SUNSILK Hair Conditioner
  • FELCE AZZURRA  Shower Gel
  • BALEA Body Deodorant
  • CIEN Body Lotion in Spray
  • SUN DANCE After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera

My most favorite products, that I recommend and would gladly purchase again were the Balea deodorant and Cien Spray-On Body Lotion.
Both of these products are inexpensive, but really great quality.
I like the Balea deodorant because it doesn't contain aluminum (and these days it's hard to find deodorants that last whole day and are aluminum free).
Cien body lotion was available at Lidl supermarkets and it was a limited (summer) edition. It was very quick & easy to apply, it was a light and fresh mist and I loved the scent. Cien is a brand of beauty products exclusive for Lidl supermarkets and I have to say they're really stepping up their game! They're super affordable and it's just hard to believe one can come across such great products at a local supermarket!
This was a great product for those hot summer days, but also for all the busy Mums who don't have a lot of time to dedicate to their everyday beauty routine!

My least favorite products were these two: Sun Dance After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera
 (it was way too sticky for my liking) and SunSilk Proheat Hair Conditioner 
(this product was okay, but nothing special and that's why I won't be buying it again; there are so many better products for my hair out there on the market!) 
To be honest with you, I was never into SunSilk as far as my hair care routine goes, but I was "talked into" buying it, because with the purchase of two SunSilk hair care products, there was a detangling brush as a complimentary gift. The brush is actually quite good (very similar to Tangle Teezer, or Macadamia No Tangle brush. Both of which I have. But, apparently, I needed another similar whatever)

Last is this Felce Azzurra, Delicate Shower Gel. My Mum bought it for me, from the local Drogerie Markt drugstore.

I liked the fact that it's super delicate, and contains no colors, no parabens nor silicones.

Felce Azzurra is an Italian brand and every so often I find myself purchasing their body talc or shower gels.

They're actually quite nice, good price and pretty essential beauty products.

Those were my 5 empties for this month!
Let me know, have you already tried out any of these products?

* read more at Glam Express

Monday, 25 September 2017

Last days of summer at the island of Rab

Hi guys! 
In my last post, I told you that I spent a few days at the beginning of this month at the island of Rab in Croatia.
We had a few sunny days, so we made the most out of it and spent them at the beach.
I wore this cherry print, vintage style swimsuit, and a cover up that I ordered at banggood
This swimsuit cover up is just my cup of tea, I love the stripes and also these blue tassles that make it a bit more special and fun! A perfect must have for the beach :-)

This was the first summer that I spent as a parent, that's why we went to our family vacation so late! We waited until September to avoid summer heat and too crowded beaches, and also we waited for our baby to grow a little bit more so it would be easier for us to bring him along everywhere we go.
I can honestly say that this summer was a very special one!

I hope you like these photos from the last summer days...

Friday, 22 September 2017

Zara Online Shopping Review & Unboxing: High Street Summer Into Fall Try On Haul

Hello beauties!
I recently made a little purchase online at Zara.
As I haven't done a fashion haul in a while, I wanted to share it with you, even more so because it was my first time ordering online at Zara so I wanted to tell you all about my experience as a customer.
There are only a few online stores that I like to shop at and now Zara has made it to that list!

If you'd like to know more about this whole experience and see all the bits that I've picked, you can check out my try on haul & unboxing video.

In this video I'm giving you a full review of my online shopping experience at Zara.
You'll also see the unboxing of my Zara clothing haul.
It's a high street, budget friendly haul, as all the items I picked up are from sales!
But also, they're great for transitioning your wardrobe from summer into fall. I hope you enjoy watching it and maybe get inspired!
Everything arrived carefully wrapped, so the unboxing part was very pleasurable.
I'll keep the box to store some of my shoes that I don't have a storage for.
A little sneak peek of what's inside... 

Wearing my new crop top with this old (Zara) jumpsuit updated my look.

More photos of the outfits I wore on my recent family vacation are coming soon !

Let me know, which was your fave item from this haul?

Read my beauty & fashion articles at Glam Express

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Cherry swimsuit, 50ies swimsuits vintage vibes at the island of Rab, Croatia

Hi guys! I'm back from my short vacation! I spent the last days of summer 2017. with my little family at the island of Rab in Croatia.
I recharged my batteries and now I'm ready to take on some new blogger adventures and projects! I'm actually looking forward to the beginning of the fall season :-)
Thanks to my home country Croatia, the beautiful island of Rab and friends for all the lovely moments we experienced there recently! 
What have you guys been up to in these two weeks that I've been on a sort of internet detox?

At the beach, I wore this vintage inspired, 50ies model of swimsuit that I got at banggood web store. This summer I got a lot of new bikinis and bathing suits, but I only spent a few days at the beach, so I was very careful at packing only my most favourite beachwear to bring along on my mini vacation.
This cherry swimsuit is definitely something else, I never had anything like that in my swimsuit collection before, and I have to say that I love it!

P.S. I'm done "apologizing" for my super pale skin. I've learned to embrace it and love it. End of story.

Pozdrav ljudi! Evo me natrag nakon malog predaha! Provela sam neko vrijeme u Hrvatskoj sa mojom malom obitelji, a uspjeli smo skoknuti i par dana do naseg dragog otoka Raba.
Napunjenih baterija, spremna sam za nove blogerske avanture i projekte! U biti, ja koja obozavam ljeto, radujem se dolasku jeseni! :-)
Hvala mojoj Hrvatskoj, divnom otoku Rabu i dragim prijateljima na ugodno provedenim trenucima proteklih tjedana!
Sto ste vi radili dok sam ja bila na ovom malom "internet detoxu"?

Na plazi, nosila sam ovaj zgodni kupaci kostim na tresnjice. Svidja mi se taj vintage model, inspiriran 1950.-ima. Narucila sam ga sa banggood web ducana (da li ste vi od tamo sto narucivali?)
Ove godine provela sam samo par dana na plazi, tako da sam pazljivo birala omiljene modele kupacih kostima koji su putovali sa mnom, a jedan od njih zasigurno je bio i ovaj! Do sada nisam u svojoj kolekciji kupacih kostima imala ovakav model i mogu reci da me je bas odusevio!

P.S. Vise se ne ispricavam zbog super blijedog tena. Naucila sam se prihvatiti takvu kakva jesam i voljeti. Kraj price.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Breastfeeding with inverted nipples? How I switched from formula to exclusively breastfeeding!

The most beautiful, magical, yet such a natural thing. 
Being able to nurse your child and seeing him grow and prosper on something your body produces, to me, is everything. I'm so grateful that I'm able to breastfeed my son for 7+ months now and I'm hoping these precious moments will go on for a little bit longer!

Find out more about my breastfeeding journey and how I switched from formula to exclusively breastfeeding, overcoming my inverted nipples problem, in my recent YouTube video here:

Please share with me your breastfeeding story!

Monday, 28 August 2017

My Baby Boy's Clothing, Food & Essentials Haul in Croatia!

Hi guys!

Recently I went with my little family on a short trip to my home in Croatia. It was sort of a mini vacation and we all enjoyed it pretty much!

When I was there, I went in a few stores that sell baby clothes & other essentials, and I picked some items that I want to share in today's post.

My dear long time friend Fatmira came to visit us, and she gave me a gift card to use in S. Oliver's store (as she said, she wanted to get to my little Sebastian some cute bits from that store, as their clothes is really cute and nice quality.)
This is actually the first time I was shopping for my boy in S.Oliver's store and I can say that I was very pleased with what I picked out!

My little son already has quite a big selection of summer clothes (and babies grow fast), so I decided to pick a few things in bigger sizes, that he's going to (hopefully) be able to wear next summer!
Aren't these T-shirts and a little bandana adorable?

I also went to Drogerie Markt and Muller drugstores and I picked some yummy baby food and hygiene essentials:

I'm still breastfeeding, but my baby is 7 months old now, so he does eat some solids too. I usually cook his meals (I got the Philips Avent blender & steamer that I'll be reviewing soon), but I discovered these delicious Frutek meals that you can offer to your baby as a breakfast or dessert, and boy, does he love them!
They're made in Slovenia, and...well done! They're super delicious (can mommy have one too? lol), and I even went back the next day, to buy some more (as I haven't seen them here in Italy).

I also bought some baby hygiene essentials, such as Penaten creme (recommended by my Mum. She said she used Penaten products on me and I never had any irritations or nappy rash), Water Wipes (probably the best wipes on the market, as they don't contain any chemical ingredients, only water and fruit extract), great for sensitive skin. I like to buy them whenever I'm in Croatia, because I can't seem to find them here where I live in Italy :-(
You can get them in DM and Muller, but in Muller they're more affordable!

I also picked some cute bath products and his first toothbrush (by MAM). He only has 2 bottom teeth so I think it's still a bit early to start brushing his teeth (he doesn't even know how to spit yet!), but I'd appreciate to know your experiences and advices, when did you first start with your baby's oral hygiene?

You guys know that I don't share pics of my baby on the social medias, but here are a few "candids" where you can see bits of him and his daily life activities.
He's such a good and dear boy, he loves to play and he always smiles! I love him more than life!

You might have noticed that, since I became a Mum, my blog has been moving into a slightly different direction...Well, I started my blog a very long time ago (has it been 7 or 8 years now?), and it never started as exclusively fashion blog, but it had a mixture of everything (fashion, beauty, lifestyle...)
A few years ago, I started posting mostly outfit photos and my blog was taking almost exclusively that fashion direction. I got to work with numerous fashion brands and I'm not going to lie, I loved it.
Some really cool outfits and fashion posts were created in that period.

But since I gave birth to my precious boy this January, taking outfit photos has been pretty much impossible to me! I would try to "steal" a moment whenever we were out as a family, but those photos never looked as professional and put together as they used to (we used to go on a hunt for the perfect location, and my stylings were always carefully planed days ahead).
I don't say that I miss that, I'm just saying that, being used to delivering one type of content, it felt quite frustrating knowing that I took a step (or two) back in the quality of the content that I'm currently producing for you guys.

That's why I decided not to stress out about impossible situations, but to "adjust" my blog to my current lifestyle. As I truly enjoy being a Mum and I believe that my son is the greatest blessing in my life, I really want to share with you more of "Mum" related topics here, and tell you more about my & my son's journey :-)

You were already able to notice that I posted more beauty topics and reviews in the past week, and I'm planing to continue in this direction.
So from now on, there'll be lots of more beauty topics, lifestyle and Mum & baby related topics! Of course, fashion is still my love, so I'm going to try and surprise you with an outfit post whenever I can, and also "New In/ Haul" type of posts.
Since I'm doing this blog update, I also wanted to be honest and straightforward with you and let you know that sponsored posts and "wish lists" are also welcome here on my blog, as they're giving me the possibility to earn some extra $$$ to invest in my blog/ youtube and to provide better quality content for you. This is the only reason I say yes to those type of posts, as every single $ earned, I like to invest in my blogging/ vlogging. However, I always state, at the bottom of the post, when it's sponsored.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really feel better about blogging again and I feel more motivated.
I think I really needed to pour my thoughts into this post, as everything looks clearer now!

I hope you'll keep following my (blogger/Mum) life journey :-)

My top 5 short dresses for this summer

Hi guys!

As I've mentioned in one of my posts, for me, summer isn't over just yet! This year, we're going on our vacations in September, and if the weather allows (and hopefully it will), I'm going to need some short dresses to add to my suitcase when packing for a holiday! has got an amazing selection of summer clothes, at very affordable prices! I spent there a good few hours browsing through their offer of easy, breezy summer clothes. I felt really inspired, so I put together a little wish list and I'll be placing an order soon :-)

This embroidered lace mini dress is simply gorgeous! Definitely my cup of tea :-) I go crazy over these models because white lace dress calls for summer, and it's also very girly and romantic!

Here is another gorgeous little number! This flower print is very delicate and this particular model of buttoned shirt dress looks very vintage and classy. I love it!

Next on my list is this quite simple white mini dress with striped ruffles details. These striped ruffles really add up to this dress, making it more unique and flirty :-)

I had to include this pretty denim dress! It's a casual model, great for every day, from going to the beach to running all sorts of errands. Embroidered denim is on trend now, so these cute little embroidered flowers on the top part of the dress are a spot on! I also love the fact that it has a few buttons, so it's like a shirt dress, and that it can be tied in the waist! I might possibly have a winner here, just because it's so cute and great for every day wear :-)

Here's another dress that I'd love to have in my closet this summer :-) As you probably already know, I love white dresses in summer time and this model is particularly appealing to me, as it's backless and it has got very delicate lace detailing. It's super simple, yet very special at the same time!

Those were my top 5 dresses that I'd like to bring with me on the upcoming vacation.

Take a look at the rest of the offer at Zaful and share with me your favourite pieces!

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