Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Summer Boho Looks: Miss Selfridge Dress // Summer Vibes ♥

ENG: These photos were taken after a lovely afternoon spent at the beach of Uvala Scott in Kraljevica, Croatia. It's one of our favourite spots to go to whenever we're in Croatia. I wore my (very) old Miss Selfridge dress. I haven't worn this dress that much at all, so finally this summer, I decided to give it the attention that it deserves and start wearing it again :-)
I love it because of the colour and this very boho/ chic feel that it has. Also, no need to iron it, so that's a huge plus, right? ;-)
With the right accessories, you can do pretty much anything, and even update your old clothes and make them in style again! Here I'm wearing this "Vintage Rhinestone Tassel Necklace and Earrings" set that you can find at for only $ 5.46! They have got the best accessories indeed! :-)

Also, check out my mini summer lookbook that I just uploaded on my youtube channel!

HR: Ove fotke nastale su nakon ugodnog popodneva provedenog na plazi u Uvali Scott u Kraljevici. To je jedna od nasih omiljenih lokacija kada smo u Hrvatskoj. Ja sam nosila moju (vrlo) staru Miss Selfridge haljinu. Iako sam ju kupila prije puno godina, haljinicu nisam uopce nosila, tako da sam joj konacno, ovog ljeta, odlucila dati paznju koju zasluzuje! :-) Jako ju volim zbog boje i samog modela koji odise tim nekim boho/ chic stilom. Jos jedan plus, ne morate ju peglati!!! To je odlicno, zar ne?
Buduci da radim veliku cistku u ormarima, i puno robice prodajem na mojem web ducanu pri "Mojim Krpicama" (bacite pogled!) , odlucila sam biti savjesnija i nositi cesce robu koju zelim zadrzati!
Sa pravim asesoarom puno se toga moze postici, pa i transformirati vasu staru garderobu u "hot" komade sezone! Ovdje nosim "Vintage Rhinestone Tassel Necklace and Earrings" , set ogrlice i nausnica koji se moze naruciti pri Zaful web ducanu za samo $ 5.46! Ja jako volim njihovu ponudu nakita!

Pogledajte i mali summer lookbook kojega sam upravo uploadala na youtube kanal!

DRESS: Miss Selfridge
WOODEN WATCH: Jord, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green

Affordable women fashion & styles for any special occasion ♥♥

Hello guys!

In this post I'd like to present you one web store that sells very affordable clothing items for any special occasion you can possibly think of.
I'm talking about Modabridal web store, that specializes in selling wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, even shoes and accessories to go perfectly with the outfit for your special event.

They ship worldwide and ordering is very easy, as you can shop by style, shop by category, shop by fabric, or shop by colour. That way your search is made so much easier, especially if you already know pretty well what are you looking for!

We all know, when it comes to special occasions, we want to shine and feel very special. That's why, choosing the right outfit is essential. Not only when it comes to design, but also quality is very important, as an item well made will make you feel more comfortable in whaat you're wearing and more self confident. Also, you'll have it for years to come, so why not reuse it again sometime in the future?
Many special events dresses can actually be easily dressed down, so you can wear your dress even on a regular day! I usually add a pair of flats and a jeans jacket to dress down my outfits! And, when I want to dress up, obviously, heels are a must, paired with some cute clutch bag and statement jewellery!

Let's take a look at some cheap sexy wedding dresses uk Modabridal of my choice:

These are my favourite ones! Even though, the selection is so big, it's almost impossible to pick just a few faves! However, these 3 stood out to me! The first two are beautiful bohemian styles, and the third one is very princess like, romantic design.

For your special event, you can easily find everything at one place! This web stores also offers cheap mother of the bride dresses uk Modabridal, and my favourite ones, for sophisticated ladies, are the following:

I'm sure that my Mum would feel very beautiful and elegant, wearing one of these gorgeous designs!

Let me know which one is your favourite, for you, and for your Mum? :-)

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


ENG: Hello loves! In this post I'm going to show you my TOP 5 summer fashion must haves!
I also filmed a video on this topic, in collaboration with my lovely youtube friend, Sophie Louise.
I also wrote about it in my article for Glam Express this month, so check it out here!

HR: Pozdrav ljudi! U danasnjem postu pokazati cu vam mojih TOP 5 modnih must have-a za ljeto!
Vec sam na tu temu i snimila video, u suradnji sa mojom dragom youtube prijateljicom, Sophie Louise. Ova tema obradjena je i u mom clanku na Glam Expressu ovaj mjesec, a moje postove koje ste propustili mozete pogledati ovdje!

Summer fashion must haves video:

Trendy tops from Fashionmia: My summer picks!

Summer is here and if you're going to the beach, or just want to keep cool and casual in these hot days, what a better way to dress than into jeans shorts and casual tops!  has got a really nice selection of tops for women, so when I heard that, I immediately wanted to browse through their store's offer and pick a few of my favourite pieces to add to my closet!

Here are some of my favourite models:

I love wearing white colour in summertime, and this model of tops, with cut out shoulders, is definitely a must this season. I'm also loving the lace detailing on the front.

Next is this floral print, red top, which is a bit longer, so you can actually also wear it as a bikini cover up at the beach!
It's loose fitting and flowy and ideal for hot weather and beach vacation!

This next top is very similar to the first one I showed you, but it just goes to show that I really like this particular model this season :-)
This one is a little bit more casual, and as you can see, it goes perfectly paired with jeans shorts!

Next, I'm loving this striped top with tassles :-) Very casual model, but it looks really cute!

Other top that I'd add to my closet is this fun one, with colorful tribal details, and again, off shoulder model :-)

These are my favourite fashion tops! And what about your picks?
I'm sure you'll also find plenty of nice models to put on your shopping wish list :-)

You can take a look at more tops online here:

All these tops are very affordable and that's why I recommend adding to your shopper bag more than just a few :-) I always go a bit crazy when it comes to shopping, lol, but planning outfits for your summer vacations is always so much fun, especially when you run a fashion blog and are intended of taking tons of outfit photos :-)

That's why cheap tops, but still very pretty and good quality ones, such as these ones here that I showed you, are a true salvation for us bloggers ;-)

Often my friends and family ask me about recommendations where to buy nice clothes, that is also affordable, but good quality and somewhat unique designs...Lots of fashion stores sell womens tops, but there are only a few that offer great quality and service!

I hope you liked this post and that it inspired you :-)

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Zara peasant dress & my white legs!

ENG: This Zara peasant dress I actually bought last summer, but it's one of my favourite dresses so I wear it quite often! This time I paired it with my new Mango sandals and some bolder accessories.
If you want to comment on the colour of my skin: 1. First read my thoughts about it, as I already addressed it in this blog post :-) 
2. Yes, I forgot to put the self tanner, but I'm also trying to feel more confident in my own skin. Let's celebrate eachother's differences, instead of picking up on them as if they were something negative!

HR: Ovu Zarinu haljinicu kupila sam jos proslog ljeta, a buduci da je jedna od mojih omiljenih, cesto ju nosim! Kako bismo mogli prevesti "peasant dress"? "Seljacka haljina"? haha!
Ovaj put, iskombinirala sam ju uz nove Mango sandalice koje sam si kupila kao rodjendanski poklon i dodala jos neke zanimljive komade nakita.
Ukoliko imate komentare na boju moje puti: 1. Prvo procitajte sto o tome imam za reci, jer vec sam na tu temu iznijela svoja razmisljanja u ovom blog postu!
2. Da, zaboravila sam staviti losion za samotamnjenje, pa sta? Isto tako, nastojim se bolje osijecati i imati vise samopouzdanja u vlastitoj kozi :-) Umjesto da si trazimo male nedostaatke, zasto ne slaviti cinjenicu da smo svi mi razliciti i shvatiti to kao prednost?

EARRINGS: Bought in Croatia many years ago
BAG: Zara
WOODEN WATCH: Jord, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green

Stylewe summer wish list ♥

Hey loves, today I browsed (again, lol, it seems I can't stay away from this web shop) through the Stylewe's web store summer offer, and I put together a small wish list of the items that I really fell in love with!

Stylewe is, if you don't know it yet, a web store that sells designer clothing items and very unique creations. Everything is made of a great quality materials, such as silk, cashmere, cotton, leather etc. and the prices are fairly affordable for such items.
Their service is very professional and trusted.

At you can explore designer's collections, and they have a big selection of dresses, tops, outerwear, great quality handbags, skirts, pants, jumpsuits and swimwear even!

Today, I put together a wish list of the items I'd absolutely love to add to my closet!

This beautiful leather backpack is created by Line Artisanal, a brand which founded in 2012. They use traditional hand made way to deal with leathers, and their products are great quality.
I absolutely adore this backpack!

My summer wish list wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous, one piece tankini! This one is by a brand Alla Oner and it uses comfortable skin- breathe fabric to make sure the quality of the wearing.
I love white swimwear, so this tankini was naturally my first choice! One- piece swimsuits are also super hot this season!

Next on my list is a summer dress! You guys know that this summer, I'm all about summer dresses, I ordered quite a few already and since the summer weather has started, I haven't been wearing anything else! This white dress would look beautifully in my closet :-) I love lace, and I love white summer dresses! This dress is definitely my cup of tea :-)
The designer is Kan F, and the signature style of the brand is romantic, gentle and ladylike.

I have to add a romantic style top on my wish list! This one is with cut out shoulders details, exactly the model that I like! Also, it's plain and simple, but still quite dressy and it leaves you with numerous options of accessorizing it! (Which is always a fun thing to do, right?)
The designer is Other Crazy, a brand that celebrates women's uniqueness!

My wish list was getting too white & beige, so I decided to add a colorful item :-) This multicolour casual printed jacket by a brand Poscilla. This designer expresses elegant and modern style of women. Her aim is to make every women show confidence and high grade.
This jacket is ideal for the days of summer breeze and chillier nights!

This is my current Stylewe wish list! I really hope that I do manage to pick up some of these bits, as they're all very unique and not easy to find in other stores!

Stylewe also has a very appealing pinterest , where you can look to get inspired!

What is your favourite item on my wish list and what colour do you prefer to wear in summertime?

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