Monday, 12 December 2016

Pregnancy outfit ideas: Flare jeans

Hi guys! I'm back with a new outfit post! This is one of the pregnancy outfit ideas, as I know it can be challenging dressing your baby bump in the cold winter days, especially as you stepped in your third trimester and your belly is expanding and getting bigger day by day!
I wore these flare jeans from H&M Mama, my suede wedge booties, warm burgundy sweater over my denim shirt (yeay, I can still fit in this shirt), and a wool cape on top to keep me warm.

How do you like this look?

I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately, I do have some outfit photos ready to upload, but I've been super busy filming and editing Vlogmas 2016. on my youtube channel! However, I promise I'll try to find more time for my blog too! I love posting :-)

How are you guys liking my Vlogmas so far? Your feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Pozdrav ljudi! Evo me natrag sa novim outfit postom! I ovo je jedan od outfit ideja za trudnice (ali naravno, ne iskljucivo za trudnice, jer od svih ovih odjevnih predmeta, samo su traperice kupljene na trudnickom odjelu!). Dakle, u trecem tromjesecju trudnoce, a kada vani bijesni zima, sve je veci izazov obuci trudnicki trbuscic! Koji svakim danom postaje sve veci! Sve vas nesto steze, koza zateze, imate osijecaj kao da cete eksplodirati...zadnja stvar koju zelite jest slojevito se oblaciti (mogu li dobiti natrag ljeto, molim? I ostatak trudnoce provesti u kupacem kostimu?), ali opet, prioritet jest utopliti se, ne zelite zaraditi neku virozu, ili prehladu :-/
Dakle, nije lako!

Evo, ja sam se ovdje odlucila na traperice model "Flare" sa trudnickog odjela H&M-a (isti model mozete kupiti i u normalnoj, ne trudnickoj verziji!), traper kosulju (u koju jos uvijek stanem, jeeej!), toplu pletenu majicu bordo boje (bas volim ovu boju za jesen/ zimu!) i vunenu jaknicu/kaputic.

Kako vam se svidja ovaj outfit?

U zadnje vrijeme je bilo manje outfit postova, a razlog tome jest Vlogmas 2016. na mom youtube kanalu!  Kao sto vec vjerojatno znate, tijekom ovog mjeseca snimam i uploadam videe na kanal svakodnevno, a buduci da ne radim samo vlogove, vec nastojim osmisliti i kvalitetne tematske videe, posla je preko glave! Imam vec neke nove outfite koje bih trebala uploadati na blog, ali eto, jedva pronalazim vremena! No, obecajem da necu zapostaviti blog- ipak previse volim postati! :-)

Kako vam se svidja moj Vlogmas za sada? Ocekujem vase komentare, vasa misljenja su mi dragocijena!

JEANS: H&M Mama (mod. Flare)
WEDGE BOOTIES: Stradivarius
BAG: Zara


  1. Great post loving the cape

  2. wau you look stunning love the burgundy sweather my go to color this time
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  3. Great styling :)

  4. This is most amazing post that I have ever read. Thanks for sharing it with us :)


  5. Nice cape;)

  6. Fajnie jednak ja nie gustuje w takich spodniach :)



  7. you look gorgeous;)

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  9. You look stunning dear! :)

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