Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Beat the cold with Stylewe

Hello guys!

We're probably heading towards the coldest days of the winter... Even though, days are still pretty warm here in Italy, early mornings and late nights are icy cold!
Here it usually gets even more cold in January and February. Those are probably the coldest months of the year, after which we're slowly starting to move towards Spring.

If you want to budle up for the winter, and beat the cold, the best way is by putting on some warm layers of clothes. StyleWe has thought of that, and currently they're having the winter campaign with some of the prettiest winter sweaters and knitted cardigans.

Oversized cozy and warm turtleneck sweaters are always a must, and this one is almost like a basic piece in your wardrobe, as the colour is so perfect, you can wear it for many different occasions, from everyday casual, to dressing it up.

Cashmere and wool sweaters are the best for beating the cold weather! This lovely pink sweater is made of cashmere so it's super soft and warm. Not too chunky, but still warm enough, and also quite trendy, with these embeeded details! I love how the back is a bit longer than the front, and, also the colour is just perfect to brighten up those dull winter days!

If you had in mind another way to escape the cold, and will be spending your holidays at some hot destination, or even just your local spa, here is some sexy one piece swimwear that StyleWe currently has in their offer! Some are new arrivals and are going to be the hottest trends of the next season, so keep your eyes on those items!

This is one of my personal favourites! The back is actually quite open, so it's very sexy and in the contrast with the more covered fron part (but actually they make the perfect balance!).

And here is another super cool and sexy model! This one also comes is gorgeous blue colour!

Those are just a few of my personal favourites, but there are many more models available at StyleWe, even plus size.

StyleWe always follows the latest trends in fashion industry and it brings unique designs and great quality pieces at reasonable prices. I myself own a few StyleWe pieces and I'm very pleased with their quality.

I often like to check out their social medias in search for style inspirations, and my favourite platforms to check out when talking about StyleWe are their instagram page, where they share their new arrivals and also, how their clients wear and incorporate their designs into outfits of the day, and...of course, their youtube channel, where you can see many fashion hauls and reviews, from their clients and vloggers!

I hope you'll also get inspired!


  1. Fantastično :)

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  3. First look is cool. For our winter)


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