Monday, 14 November 2016

Trendy & warm suede jackets for the fall/ winter season 2016.

It's getting colder here in Italy...the days are shorter, and you can definitely feel that drop in temperature! There comes a point, in this period of the year, when layering clothes isn't enough to keep you warm. You need warm winter outerwear!

To avoid looking like a penguin under many layers of clothes, it's better to opt for good quality and warm materials, such as wool or faux fur items.
This season I'm particularly loving the suede aviator jackets with faux fur lining, or longer suede jackets. I was browsing through the on-line offer of many different web stores, and then I found some great fall & winter jackets at Zaful.

We all know that winter coats and jackets can be quite expensive, especially if you're looking to buy these items at the beginning of the season, and not at the end of season, on sales! But, here you can get some of the most fashionable new arrivals without spending too much $$ and breaking the bank!

In this post I wanted to show you some of the items that caught my attention and that I'd certainly like to have in my wardrobe for the colder days.

Let's start from some cool & trendy suede jackets for women, here are some of my favourite models:

As I already mentioned, aviator jackets are very much on style for this season! And how gorgeous is this one? The faux shearling and soft faux fur lining will definitely keep you warm, and you'll look very fashionable! 

This is a very similar model to the above jacket, but this one is perfect for anyone who likes to wear lighter colours to brighten up their mood in the cold and dull winter days! I personally bought a very similar jacket just recently!

Sometimes cropped jackets aren't enough to keep you warm in the very low temperatures, and for those days, the best thing is to have long and warm jackets like this one! This hooded faux shearling coat is definitely going to keep you warm, and this cognac colour is always nice and a good alternative to your usual blacks and greys...

At Zaful you can also find jackets for mid season, or if you live somewhere where winter season isn't so cold (lucky you!). Here is one beautiful cropped faux suede biker jacket that caught my attention:

Here where I live, cold (winter) days usually already start in November, so now it's the right period for me to get some new, warm items that will keep me cozy & warm, yet fashionable, throughout the whole winter season! I hope this post gave you some good inspiration, and let me know which items did you like best!

Greetings from Italy, stay warm & fashionable! :-)

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  1. Great jacket :)

  2. Oooh these are beautiful! Definitely great ways to stay stylish *and* warm. It is getting colder here too. I guess winter really is on the way!

  3. Love these :D


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