Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Stylewe fashion news

Hello beauties!

You know that periodically I bring you fashion news and updates from one of my favourite on-line shopping destinations, Stylewe.
I noticed that they have some cool new arrivals, so I thought it's time to share another one of these Stylewe fashion updates post with you!

In case you haven't heard about Stylewe yet, it's an on-line web store that keeps up to date with the latest trends, and offers high quality creations of established and up and coming fashion designers, at very reasonable prices. They put a lot of attention to offer you only high quality items, made with selected materials, that will last you in time.

This fashion shopping store offers very unique and fashionable items, and today I'm going to show you some of my recent finds!

Not only do they offer clothes for all styles and occasions, but also, you can find a great selection of bags & accessories!

This unique wallet is Coin Quian's design, and I like the retro vibe of it. 

Another cool wallet is by OMTO brand, and I like its simplicity, but also the stars details (trend of the season!)

Shop unique wallets at Stylewe, as they have many more unique designs in their offer.

Also, I wanted to point out on another cathegory of items Stylewe has in its offer...
Even though winter is knocking at our doors, we shouldn't forget to be active and practice some sports...Many women will decide to replace swimming in the sea by going to the pool, or some are planning a nice holiday trip to some warm tourist destination (lucky you!).

Stylewe offers a big selection of swimsuits for women over 40 as it's usually more challenging for that age group to find flattering swimsuits that are also modern, but not too childlish looking.

Here is one gorgeous piece that caught my attention, as it's modern, sexy, but not over the top exaggerated!

Those are some of the fashion news from Stylewe I wanted to share with you in this post!
I'll make sure to give you more updates as soon as I spot something new & exciting in their offer :-)

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