Monday, 10 October 2016

Mascot Super: Ideas for Halloween & other fun occasions

Hey guys!

We're in the month of Halloween, so I wanted to share with you something appropriate and on this topic! Are you excited for the Halloween and are you already looking for costume ideas and make up tutorials?

Months like October, when it's Halloween, or February when it's carneval, are the months were most of us try to at least briefly escape our daily lives and become something else for the day: Our favourite superhero, or a negative character from comic books, or whatever crosses our minds and makes us spend some fun moments, forgetting about the reality!

Looking to get inspired for the upcoming Halloween, I came across this fun web store, Mascot Super, that sells all kinds of mascot costume for any type of special occasion and party, starting from animal, cartoon series, Halloween & Christmas, Kigurumi Pajamas, Ocean series, people, plant series, school mascots, zentai, to sports mascots...Basically everything that you can possibly immagine!
If you're talking about kids parties, or school/ sports events, they'll have your ideal mascot!

Here are some Halloween mascot ideas:

Jack-O- Lantern Mascot Costume

New Witch Costume mascot

New skull mascot grim reaper costume

What are you going to be this Halloween?

Other than Halloween costumes, Pikachu mascot costume is a very popular one and on Mascot Super you can select yours by price, by colour and by size.

You can also check out their hot selling items to make sure what's popular right now and to get the best deal!

My personal favourite is panda mascot costume! Pandas are so cute, and Mascot Super has a really good selection of pandas, from children costumes to adult costumes.

Mascot Super is a trusted online retailer of mascot costumes, founded in 1997. They're offering good deals all year round such as clearance prices, percentage-off discounts, shipping offers and other great promotions. It's recommended to check back often for new exclusive deals and promotions!
They offer a scare-free guarantee, they measure every costume in their warehouse to ensure that the sizing information on the site is accurate, so your new costume will fit you properly.
You can shop with confidence as every order is backed by no-hassle return and exchange possibilty.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Halovin je baš praznik po mom ukusu, s obzirom da sam u tom nekom dark fazonu. Medjutim kod ans u Srbiji i nije bas zastupljen i prihvacen tako da mi je zao zbog toga, ali moja kreativnost ne manjka zbot tog razloga, tako da mi je ovaj post zaista dobrodosao. Jako fine ideje, bas su mi zanimljive.Doduse ja sam vise ljubitelj diskretnijih kostima, sa dosta printa i mejkapa na licu.


  2. Great ideas, love these costumes :D


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