Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Trendy tops from Fashionmia: My summer picks!

Summer is here and if you're going to the beach, or just want to keep cool and casual in these hot days, what a better way to dress than into jeans shorts and casual tops!

http://www.fashionmia.com/  has got a really nice selection of tops for women, so when I heard that, I immediately wanted to browse through their store's offer and pick a few of my favourite pieces to add to my closet!

Here are some of my favourite models:

I love wearing white colour in summertime, and this model of tops, with cut out shoulders, is definitely a must this season. I'm also loving the lace detailing on the front.

Next is this floral print, red top, which is a bit longer, so you can actually also wear it as a bikini cover up at the beach!
It's loose fitting and flowy and ideal for hot weather and beach vacation!

This next top is very similar to the first one I showed you, but it just goes to show that I really like this particular model this season :-)
This one is a little bit more casual, and as you can see, it goes perfectly paired with jeans shorts!

Next, I'm loving this striped top with tassles :-) Very casual model, but it looks really cute!

Other top that I'd add to my closet is this fun one, with colorful tribal details, and again, off shoulder model :-)

These are my favourite fashion tops! And what about your picks?
I'm sure you'll also find plenty of nice models to put on your shopping wish list :-)

You can take a look at more tops online here: http://www.fashionmia.com/tops-60/

All these tops are very affordable and that's why I recommend adding to your shopper bag more than just a few :-) I always go a bit crazy when it comes to shopping, lol, but planning outfits for your summer vacations is always so much fun, especially when you run a fashion blog and are intended of taking tons of outfit photos :-)

That's why cheap tops, but still very pretty and good quality ones, such as these ones here that I showed you, are a true salvation for us bloggers ;-)

Often my friends and family ask me about recommendations where to buy nice clothes, that is also affordable, but good quality and somewhat unique designs...Lots of fashion stores sell womens tops, but there are only a few that offer great quality and service!

I hope you liked this post and that it inspired you :-)

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  1. What beautiful things :)


  2. Cute clothes


  3. Charming!
    I like how it looks both romantic and cool)

  4. Good selection, have a good day


  5. love them all, especially the flowery one! x


  6. Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! NEW POST http://blondelafemme.blogspot.ru/2016/07/blog-post_27.html

  7. Great selection dear :)



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