Friday, 22 July 2016

Stylewe summer wish list ♥

Hey loves, today I browsed (again, lol, it seems I can't stay away from this web shop) through the Stylewe's web store summer offer, and I put together a small wish list of the items that I really fell in love with!

Stylewe is, if you don't know it yet, a web store that sells designer clothing items and very unique creations. Everything is made of a great quality materials, such as silk, cashmere, cotton, leather etc. and the prices are fairly affordable for such items.
Their service is very professional and trusted.

At you can explore designer's collections, and they have a big selection of dresses, tops, outerwear, great quality handbags, skirts, pants, jumpsuits and swimwear even!

Today, I put together a wish list of the items I'd absolutely love to add to my closet!

This beautiful leather backpack is created by Line Artisanal, a brand which founded in 2012. They use traditional hand made way to deal with leathers, and their products are great quality.
I absolutely adore this backpack!

My summer wish list wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous, one piece tankini! This one is by a brand Alla Oner and it uses comfortable skin- breathe fabric to make sure the quality of the wearing.
I love white swimwear, so this tankini was naturally my first choice! One- piece swimsuits are also super hot this season!

Next on my list is a summer dress! You guys know that this summer, I'm all about summer dresses, I ordered quite a few already and since the summer weather has started, I haven't been wearing anything else! This white dress would look beautifully in my closet :-) I love lace, and I love white summer dresses! This dress is definitely my cup of tea :-)
The designer is Kan F, and the signature style of the brand is romantic, gentle and ladylike.

I have to add a romantic style top on my wish list! This one is with cut out shoulders details, exactly the model that I like! Also, it's plain and simple, but still quite dressy and it leaves you with numerous options of accessorizing it! (Which is always a fun thing to do, right?)
The designer is Other Crazy, a brand that celebrates women's uniqueness!

My wish list was getting too white & beige, so I decided to add a colorful item :-) This multicolour casual printed jacket by a brand Poscilla. This designer expresses elegant and modern style of women. Her aim is to make every women show confidence and high grade.
This jacket is ideal for the days of summer breeze and chillier nights!

This is my current Stylewe wish list! I really hope that I do manage to pick up some of these bits, as they're all very unique and not easy to find in other stores!

Stylewe also has a very appealing pinterest , where you can look to get inspired!

What is your favourite item on my wish list and what colour do you prefer to wear in summertime?

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  1. You picked some great things :)
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  2. Amazing things!

  3. Great post :)

  4. great post :)

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  6. Nice selection! I wish you happy day!

  7. great wishlist! Have a beautiful weekend! ksisses :*

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