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How to Class Up Your Jumpsuits and Rompers

Summer is here! It's finally time to break out of your winter clothes and roll out in the cute little outfits you had to forget in the past months. Thankfully, the past summers have had a lot of good trends that are still alive and kicking this year. Jumpsuits and rompers are two of the trends that we still see today. Be it in music festivals, on the beach, or just on the street, we see a lot of fashionable girls lounging around in styled-up jumpsuits or rompers.

It's pretty easy to look polished and stylish in something as low-maintenance as a jumpsuit or romper. Here are a few tips to help you give your clothes that little extra oomph.

Bold Patterns and Bold Colors

Looking through the outfits people wore in Coachella and other music festivals is a great way to find inspiration for how to style your jumpsuits or rompers. Bold patterns- including florals and bold, bright colors- give your clothes that hippie chic look. Of course, if loud patterns aren't really your thing, you can also rock a jumpsuit in a solid, bold color.


Gold bangles, large earrings, long chain necklaces, and large pendants can go great with your outfit. You can also wear a cap or a brimmed hat to dress down or up according to your preference. You also can't go wrong with a great belt, a pair of your best sunglasses, or a cute handbag to round your ensemble up.

High Boots and Strappy Shoes

Other looks you also commonly see in music festivals are high boots and strappy sandals and heels. These are reminiscent of what all those groovy hippie chicks wore back at Woodstock, the music festival to end all music festivals. Also, if you're going on a trip, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style by wearing stylish, strappy sandals or comfy lace-up boots.

Snazzy Jackets and Vests

A jacket can make or break an outfit. You can look more business-like and polished by wearing a blazer with your jumpsuit or romper. You can look more like an off-duty rock star by wearing a leather jacket. You can look more laid-back and casual by wearing a soft denim jacket or an open, slouchy sweater. If it's too hot for long sleeves, you can pick the best vest that can go with your outfit.

Beachy Waves and Simple Topknots

Top off your look with great hair. Long, beachy, Serena van der Woodsen-like waves with great highlights can give you that laid-back surfer chick vibe. Make sure to condition and moisturize your tresses in case you'll be spending long hours under the sun. Of course, you can also pull up your hair into a simple topknot that can make you look like a model on a go-see.

Jumpsuits or rompers are so easy to wear and style. They can be a fashion statement on their own, or they can be a great foundation for a whole outfit.

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