Tuesday, 17 May 2016

That perfect dress? Cocomelody has it!

At the end of June, my hubby's cousin is getting married! That means we're invited :-)
It's going to be a huge event as they're coming to celebrate their wedding day here to Italy, all the way from London, UK!

Of course, the occasion requires me to pick a nice dress for myself, so I'm browsing the internet web stores, searching for that perfect one! So far, I managed to get inspired by more than one beautiful design (choosing one dress is going to be pretty hard, I know that already!)...

Also, I've been really curious about how is the bride's dress going to look like...
In my head, I already see her in one of many gorgeous designs from Cocomelody! I personally love that web store, because they have a big selection of beautiful dresses for any special occasion you can possibly think of!

I imagine the bride is going to look splendid in one of the gorgeous designer wedding dresses . Those designs are unique and really special. Wearing one of those dresses is certainly going to make you feel like a real star. These are very creative designs, and the selection is vast so I'm pretty sure they have that special dress for everybody! They tend to keep up to date with the latest trends, whilst also keeping the elegance and giving that sophisticated touch to the designs.

Here are some of my favourite designs:

by LB Studio

by Lily White

by Grace Luxury

by Ida Torez

by Adorare by ANIIA

by Faith by ANIIA

I'm personally a big fan of lace bridesmaid dresses as they're so romantic and feminine!
They come in a variety of gorgeous pastel colours and I might be picking a very similar style of dress for myself too! I'm thinking something lace, and shorter! Also, I'd like to stay within that pastel colour scheme, as I just love pastels and they suit my skin tone!

Lastly, it's wort mentioning that Cocomelody has got a great sale campaign, so if you're on a lookout for that perfect dress for your special event, it's worth checking their sale section with weekly deals, free shipping and even clearance!

I hope this post was helpful & inspiring!

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