Thursday, 26 May 2016

Plus size clothes for women by Fashionmia

Hello friends!

In this post I'd like to present you , a cool fashion web store for women that sells latest fashion trends at very affordable prices!
On there you can find a great selection of tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories, and they also have a whole section dedicated to plus size clothing!
This summer's popular items are retro and vintage dresses, and fashionmia has plenty to offer!
This on line web store is very colorful and appealing and also full of great deals as it sells cheap clothes for women.

In today's market, it's actually quite difficult to find cheap plus size clothes that are also made of a good quality, and of a design that is modern and up to date!
My friend who is plus size, always stuggles to find clothes that she likes...why shouldn't she be able to enjoy trendy clothes and nice designs? She says herself she's always very disappointed with what regular stores offer as a plus size clothing collection and she often feels her clothes are dull and boring! In fact, for that reason, she hates going shopping, as she often returns home in a bad mood, or empty handed :-(
That's why I decided to show her Fashionmia's plus size clothing selection: and I must say she was very excited when she browsed through their offer!

I'm going to show you a few of her picks for this upcoming summer season:

She chose this beautiful beige blouse that is so versatile and she'll definitely have plenty of usage out of it!

She also picked this lovely green blouse that also comes in apricot white, brown and dark blue colour. I personally love the bow belt detailing!

Last, but not least, she picked a summer dress! This one is perfect for plus size body figures, as the black sides are actually visibly very slimming, whilst the rest of the dress is light colour and playful print!

Fashion clothing from Fashionmia is following the latest trends, and they have new arrivals daily! It's definitely one very cool on-line shopping destination!

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  1. great post and beautiful clothes

  2. great post and beautiful clothes

  3. Perfect choices!! Happy nearly weekend! :D

  4. That green top is gorgeous! It is great that there is affordable plus size clothing available :)

  5. The last one is very cute, have a good day

  6. Beautiful post my dear! I will be very glad if you will come to me! Kisses )) NEW POST!!!

  7. They're so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful clothes!


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