Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Home decor inspiration: Savelights

Hi guys!

In this post I'd like to share with you some inspiration for your home decor. I think that decorating your home in a way you'll love it, is very important thing, as it'll make your living more pleasant and productive. The ambient where we live has to reflect us and has to be the place where we feel good; it's a place where we can recharge our batteries and lead a productive, positive life.

In order to make this happen, it's very important to dedicate some time into decorating our living spaces, and find the right places where to search for our home's decor.

I'd like to mention SaveLights as one of the best on-line shopping destinations when it comes to lamps and lighting.
I personally think that illumination makes a huge difference in our's life. I love airy places with a lot of natural light. When outside is gloomy and dark, it's important to have a good lighting in your place, that will make you feel as if you were enjoying a natural daylight :-) This can really boost your mood! Also, it's a big plus if the lamps that we use are nicely designed.

The design that we choose for our home's lamps, can really determine the mood and the atmosphere of the whole place, and it reppresents a huge part of your home's decor.

I like to pick my lamps carefully, to brighten up my home :-)

Candle Wall Sconces are one of my favourite lights! I think they're very retro and shabby chic, and it's the style I personally love :-)

There are many models and beautiful designs that you can choose from, but this one in particular has caught my attention!

This one is my favourite, and would go really well with the whole "theme" of my appartment's decor!

You can choose from a vast offer of different designs, and models, including lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights, Tiffany lighting, led lights and industrial lighting.

If you think you found a piece that would be perfect for your place, make sure to take advantage of $3 coupon code: Savelights

I hope this was inspiring! Let me know what is the style that you prefer, when decorating your home?

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