Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pretty dresses inspo, for your beautiful every day, or a special occasion to remeber!

Hey guys!

In this post I'm going to show you some of the most gorgeous dresses that I've recently came across. This may serve you as an inspiration, if you have any special occasion coming up, or if you're just looking to get inspired.

I always like to look at pretty dresses and I recently found this web store,, that has in its offer the biggest selection of gorgeous dresses for any occasion.
They're specialized in everything from wedding apparel, prom, homecoming, to even swimwear and accessories!

I often like to take a look at their clearance section, because one can find really great deals there!

Here are some pretty prom dresses that inspired me:

This dress looks fabulous! I love how it's flowy and just perfect! I also like the model of it, and the colours that range from black to different shades of purple and then softly transfer into pink and white.

Next on my wish list of top beautiful dresses, is this black and white number! I love how the top part is white & super sparkly, and the long, black, clean line of the bottom part makes a good contrast to it.

Another dress that I'd like to wear for my special event, is this gorgeous, long dress. I absolutely love the colour of it, and the top lace part.

Other than these 3, there are a few more fab mermaid prom dresses that I'm sure you'll love too!
I'm usually not the biggest fan of this model, and prefer a more simple lines, but...who could resist to these dresses? They'll make you look red carpet ready :-)

This dress is one of my very favourite ones! Look how beautiful these two colours look together! And the embroidery is what makes this dress so fab, in my opinion!

These next 2 dresses will immediately bring you into the spot light!

There is only one word that comes into my mind when trying to describe these dresses: OMG!
These dresses are to die for! ;-)

Check out for more beautiful dresses at affordable prices!

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  1. Beautiful dresses! Especially the second one.
    I visited the site.

  2. the dresses are amazing. Very beautiful:)

  3. Amazing post dear! xx

  4. Nice dresses! They are all incredible! I do really love them! :)

    African american wigs


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