Thursday, 7 January 2016

Black is timeless!

Hello guys!

How are you all doing? I took a few days off, just to relax and unwind, as I was super busy during the whole holiday season. I have put a lot of pressure on myself during the last couple of weeks of 2015., so now I felt like I needed to recharge my batteries.

I wasn't blogging much, but I was still present in the internet world! I was catching up on other blogger's posts and latest fashion trends and new arrivals, checking out some of my favourite on-line web stores...

Whenever I feel a bit tired, or a bit down, I like to browse through the web stores that sell wonderful dresses for special occasions...haha, I don't know, I guess they have this particularly positive effect on me! 
Seeing those gorgeous gowns, and beautiful styles and models, makes me daydream a bit, and it also makes me feel inspired and makes me want to blog about fashion even more frequently!

One of those web sites that I often like to visit is pickedresses because it always offers beautiful selection of dresses for any kind of special occasion.
They have got really awesome selection of prom dresses, any styles, any colours, you name it, they'll have it! :-)

I already wrote about them, the last time I checked their web site I was drawn to their colorful, rhinestone embellished dresses, that would make anyone look like a real princess!
I was also curious to find out what's new for 2016.!

This time, I thought about checking the black prom dresses section and see what are they offering! I'm usually not a big fan of black, but a lot of people actually prefer that colour. I perceive black as too serious, but I know black is also classic, elegant and timeless. We all know about a little black dress that is a must have in everybody's closet! I admit I own a few LDB myself! But now, let's see my picks from pickedresses :-)

Here are my top 3 black dresses that I could easily wear and actually feel great about wearing black!

What to say rather than this dress is a true red-carpet dress? It's so glamourous and gorgeous, you'll definitely be a centre of attention wearing such a stunning number!

Next dress that makes me daydream is this sweetheart neckline one!
I love it because the top part isn't completely black, but it's embellished with black rhinestones, and against the fairly simple, black bottom part, it creates a nice contrast.

My third favourite is another red carpet stunner! I love the model of this dress, and all the embellishments that make it look really special :-)

After this, I convinced myself that black dresses can actually be so gorgeous, and I'll try to incorporate more black in my wardrobe from now on, for that timeless, classic elegancy!

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  1. Great post! :)
    i'll follow you,i hope you too!

  2. Gorgeous dresses and i love the first and the 3rd one.
    I agree that black is timeless.Happy New Year from Bangkok.
    Cheers & kisses,xox Kintan

  3. Stunning black dresses, great post :)

    Brina xoxo,

  4. Wow, good post :) Love it!

  5. Great post dear! :) xx

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