Friday, 18 December 2015

Landybridal's wedding dresses: Oh so dreamy!

Hi guys! 
On my blog, I already talked about weddings and organising wedding ceremonies, as this is one topic I find that really interest you! My two friends got married this year, so that's how I started browsing through different on-line stores specialized in selling everything for weddings.
I wanted to help out my friends in making their special day unique and memorable, perfect...the way a wedding day should be!

One of the on-line web stores that I'd like to present today is landybridal
They're specialized in wedding dresses and accessories, and on this site you'll find a great source of inspiration, as you'll see really beautiful wedding gowns in their offer. One prettier than the other, which makes it very difficult to pick out only one favourite!

I particularly liked their selection of vintage lace wedding dresses as they're so romantic and beautiful.
Any woman would feel like a true princess, wearing one of these dresses. I'll let a few photos of my favourites do the talking!

These dresses are all so absolutely dreamy, and just amazing! I love the third dress with the bow detail on the back :-) Isn't it so cute and sweet?

At Landybridal they're always following the latest trends in fashion, so they've already prepared a really nice selection of wedding dresses 2016 
If you're curious to see what's in style for the new season, make sure to stop by their web store!

Here, I'm showing you some of my favourite new arrivals for the 2016...

Again, it'svery hard to pick just one favourite!
If you had to choose one of these dresses, what would you choose?

Landybridal site also offers promotions and sales, so it's always a good thing to check their sales section, for hot deals, coupon codes etc.

If you're looking for your perfect wedding dress, or if you're just looking to get inspired while daydreaming, landybridal is the on-line place to visit!

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