Monday, 26 October 2015

How to choose a right dress to your body type?

We wear fashionable unique prom dresses for the most solemn cases, when we wish to look especially attractive, stylish and feminine. That’s why such dress is to be chosen very carefully, for it should not only be beautiful but also emphasize the advantages of its owner and hide her flaws. We will try to find out the rules necessary for choosing a perfect evening dress and to make it look stunning on your body. 

Girls and women with a sandglass body type can freely experiment with different styles, for they own the most proportionate body. To look stunning, it’s enough just to choose tight sitting fashions, with an accent on the waistline. The form-fitting dresses to the floor, open shoulder dresses, fluffy skirt gowns will be a perfect match here. 

If you have a square body type, when your waist, hips and shoulders are nearly at the same level, it’s essential to visually diminish the waist. You can either simulate a sandglass silhouette and accentuate the waist or, on the contrary, choose the straight fashions that will look especially attractive on you. 

In the first case, you’ll look well in a dress with a clearly visible waistline, or a dress with a strict division of upper and lower parts: this effect will also draw attention to your waist. Narrow upper part and fluffy skirt, as well as basque on it, will also help create such effect. Pay your attention to the affordable classy prom gowns. In the second case, choose the straight fashions of an A-silhouette, or 1920s style dresses. 

A pear body shape looks this way: small breast, narrow, not too wide shoulders and wide hips. Here, two options are possible. In order to hide wide lower part of the body, you can use loose upper part dress with a V-shape cut, light shortened cardigans, tops and boleros. You should not swift your shoulders and make the lower part voluminous, for example, by using a fluffy skirt with a lowered waistline.  On the contrary, lowered waistline combined with a loose upper part will hide this flaw.  There is another situation when such body type owner wants to emphasize her sexy hips. In such case, dresses with clearly outlined waistline, tight or fluffy skirt will be appropriate. 

Women with an apple body type, when a big breast prevails over the narrow hips, should pay attention to the dresses with wide straps and not too deep décolleté cut. A wraparound dress or a light V-shape cut, as well as high waistline will be perfect option here.  Avoid deep décolleté, or you risk looking vulgar, not attractive. 

The owners of the inverted triangle body type, where the shoulders are a bit wider than the hips, are recommended to choose the dresses with a lowered waistline, a slight V-shape cut or neckline opening one shoulder. A deep V-shape cut, a crew neckline, puffed sleeves and shoulder pads are unacceptable. 

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  1. Great tips for people here. I have an hour glass shape so I can experiment lots.


  2. ottimi consigli;)

  3. Nice dress!


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