Thursday, 29 October 2015

It's shopping o'clock!

ENG: Another outfit post taken in the Croatian mountain region of Gorski Kotar, in a little town Delnice. I wore my H&M jumpsuit, but because it was quite chilly over there, I put my floral print sweater from Bershka on top. I'm looking forward to visiting Delnice again very soon, but my outfit is going to have to be much warmer now that we're almost in November! I'm already thinking about what to pack for my trip!

You can see this outfit post in my Glam Express' article!

HR: Jos jedan outfit post iz Delnica! Nosila sam H&M-ov kombinezon, a buduci da je gore u planinama bilo prohladno, povrh sam stavila ovu slatku majicu iz Bershke. Mislim da se dobro uklopila sa kombinezonom! Veselim se skorom posjetu Delnicama, ali buduci da smo skoro vec u Studenom, morati cu se puno toplije obuci, tako da vec sada razmisljam o tome!

Ovaj outfit mozete vidjeti i u mom clanku za Glam Express!

SWEATER: Bershka // JUMPSUIT: H&M // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban // BAG: Nico fashion store, Italy // FLATS: Zara // SOCKS: Golden Point // NECKLACE: Pull & Bear // EARRINGS: Zara // WATCH: Jord, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dress For Wedding #Getthestyle

Hi guys!

I came across this super cool on-line web store specialized in weddings and I wanted to share it with you! What is so special about this web site, you might be asking yourselves!
Well, this web store has the biggest selection of  wedding dresses in many different syles, depending on traditional wedding cultures from many different parts of this world!

On this web site, you will find out more about traditional wedding ceremonies in different cultures: From UK wedding, traditional Chinese wedding, traditional Korean wedding, traditional Japanese wedding, US wedding, Modern Chinese wedding, modern Korean wedding, modern Japanese wedding and so on ...
You can get inspired by seeing how different cultures celebrate this very special day, and also you'll learn a lot of interesting facts about it! will also guide you through a history of a wedding dress, and give you some useful tips for choosing perfect wedding dress for you! 

Lastly, you'll get familiar with upcoming wedding dress trends for 2016.!

The first dress on the left is a deep plunging neckline model wedding dress, covered in white lace, absolutely stunning! The second dress is a feather flaunted model, very chic and different. The third dress is very princessy, it's a model with 3D floral appliques.

Wedding is considered among the most important days in one's life, so everything should be perfect on that special day, and most importantly stress- free! It's important to have fun and celebrate the love with your beloved one and dear friends and family. Those memories will stay with you for the rest of your life and that's why creating the perfect atmosphere and the perfect mood is crucial for a happy, stress free, wedding experience :-)

I recommend you to check out this web site if you're planning a wedding, because it's a source of great inspiration and lots of interesting informations about wedding ceremonies!

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The taste of freedom at Bakar

ENG: I found this cool spot to take outfit photos at the industrial zone of the town Bakar in Croatia.
I loved this location so much, I said to my hubby that we have to return here again!
Bakar is a little town situated on the coast of the Adriatic sea, in the big bay of Bakar, close to my hometown Rijeka. In the 80.-ies the infamous coke plant was destroying the environment and completely stopped any possibility of tourism in Bakar.
The plant was closed for good in 1994. and since then you can taste the freedom of this little town again.

HR: Ovu odlicnu lokaciju pronasli smo u gradicu Bakru, u industrijskoj zoni, prema strani na kojoj je nekad bila smjestena zloglasna tvornica koksa, Koksara.
Lokacija mi se toliko svidjela za snimanje outfit posta, da sam napomenula muzicu kako se moramo ovdje vratiti!
Bakar je mali gradic smjesten u bakarskom zaljevu, koji je 80.-tih godina patio zbog nezdrave tvornice Koksare koja je unistavala okolis, a s time i svu mogucnost razvoja turizma. Sjecam se, dok sam bila dijete, kada smo magistralom prolazili iznad Bakra, nastojala sam zadrzati dah sve dok nismo prosli Bakar, buduci da je zrak bio toliko oneciscen i toliko smrdljiv da je bilo nepodnosljivo udisati ga. Na srecu, promijenom vlasti, donesene su i nove odluke, te je 1994. god Koksara zauvijek zatvorena i sloboda se konacno vratila u ovaj mali primorski gradic.

Top, skirt, bag & bracelets: H&M // Sandals: ZARA // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Necklace: PULL & BEAR // Watch: JORD, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green

Monday, 26 October 2015

Tbdress 2015 Halloween Sales online shopping

Halloween is just around the corner!
Are you guys excited for the Halloween party? :-)

It's one fun night to dress up and be a bit crazy and creative with your costume!
Have you already given some thought on how would you like to dress up this Halloween?

Me & my colleagues are already making all sorts of plans, so it looks like it's going to be quite a party!

Tbdress 2015 Halloween Sales are now active on their site and that makes it the perfect occasion to shop for a thing or two and make your Halloween even more special.

Tbdress Plus Size Halloween Costumes are also available!

I particularly liked these costumes:

If you aren't going to wear a costume for Halloween, you can still take advantage of Halloween sales, and opt for a Tbdress Halloween Women Clothing, for exaple, they have got a great choice of outerwear to keep you warm in the upcoming winter season!

This parka looks very warm & cozy, but also stylish. Military green is my fave colour for this parka, but you can also choose it in many other different colours.

On these halloween deals you can also check out the offer of Tbdress Halloween Women Dresses
They have got some really pretty models in their offer, and this one is among my personal favourites!

I hope that you liked my recommendations! :-)

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How to pick out the right shade of hair extensions?

Hi guys!

I often get questions on how to pick out the right shade of the hair extensions, since I have two sets of hair extensions and they blend perfectly with my hair colour.

I don't wear hair extensions on daily basis, as my hair is naturally quite long, but I do like to play with hair extensions when I'm filming youtube videos, or hair tutorials. I often like to braid my hair into a voluminous side fishtail, and for that, I need a lot of hair!
With hair extensions my hair gains on volume, and this is exactly what I need when creating cute hairstyles!

I'm pretty lucky that, since I have highlighted hair, it's not that difficult for me to pick out the matching shade of hair extensions, as my hair colour is in different shades of blonde and brown (highlights and lowlights).

Before making your purchase, make sure to consult well the colour chart, and, if you need to ask for an advice, send an e-mail to a customer's service.
Even if the colour of your extensions  slightly differs from your hair colour, you can always colour your extensions to perfectly match your natural hair.

I was looking at 16 inch clip in hair extensions and I particularly love this ombre effect!

Clip in hair extensions are easy to clip in your hair and easy to take off at the end of the day. They're the perfect solution if you already have long hair, but occasionally you like to play with different hairstyles, and you need more volume to work with (that's exactly what I like to use my hair extensions for.)

Then, there are 16 inch remy hair extensions and I think those are perfect for anyone who likes to wear hair extensions on a daily basis, because this way you don't have the hassle of having to put them in every day and take them off, so you'll basically save up some time in your hair care routine.

Again, I'm loving this ombre effect:

Make sure to buy good quality hair, as it'll last you longer, look more natural and blend better with your own hair!

I hope you liked these few tips on hair extensions! If you have any more questions regarding this topic, you can leave them to me in the comments!

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How to choose a right dress to your body type?

We wear fashionable unique prom dresses for the most solemn cases, when we wish to look especially attractive, stylish and feminine. That’s why such dress is to be chosen very carefully, for it should not only be beautiful but also emphasize the advantages of its owner and hide her flaws. We will try to find out the rules necessary for choosing a perfect evening dress and to make it look stunning on your body. 

Girls and women with a sandglass body type can freely experiment with different styles, for they own the most proportionate body. To look stunning, it’s enough just to choose tight sitting fashions, with an accent on the waistline. The form-fitting dresses to the floor, open shoulder dresses, fluffy skirt gowns will be a perfect match here. 

If you have a square body type, when your waist, hips and shoulders are nearly at the same level, it’s essential to visually diminish the waist. You can either simulate a sandglass silhouette and accentuate the waist or, on the contrary, choose the straight fashions that will look especially attractive on you. 

In the first case, you’ll look well in a dress with a clearly visible waistline, or a dress with a strict division of upper and lower parts: this effect will also draw attention to your waist. Narrow upper part and fluffy skirt, as well as basque on it, will also help create such effect. Pay your attention to the affordable classy prom gowns. In the second case, choose the straight fashions of an A-silhouette, or 1920s style dresses. 

A pear body shape looks this way: small breast, narrow, not too wide shoulders and wide hips. Here, two options are possible. In order to hide wide lower part of the body, you can use loose upper part dress with a V-shape cut, light shortened cardigans, tops and boleros. You should not swift your shoulders and make the lower part voluminous, for example, by using a fluffy skirt with a lowered waistline.  On the contrary, lowered waistline combined with a loose upper part will hide this flaw.  There is another situation when such body type owner wants to emphasize her sexy hips. In such case, dresses with clearly outlined waistline, tight or fluffy skirt will be appropriate. 

Women with an apple body type, when a big breast prevails over the narrow hips, should pay attention to the dresses with wide straps and not too deep décolleté cut. A wraparound dress or a light V-shape cut, as well as high waistline will be perfect option here.  Avoid deep décolleté, or you risk looking vulgar, not attractive. 

The owners of the inverted triangle body type, where the shoulders are a bit wider than the hips, are recommended to choose the dresses with a lowered waistline, a slight V-shape cut or neckline opening one shoulder. A deep V-shape cut, a crew neckline, puffed sleeves and shoulder pads are unacceptable. 

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

In the park of Delnice...

ENG: When I was in Croatia, one day I went to the town in the mountain region of Gorski kotar, called Delnice... Of course I went to Delnice! Basically all my family comes from that little town, and my uncle still lives there with his family. I have only the nicest childhood memories when I think of Delnice. I decided to shoot an outfit post in the park of Delnice, which is a really beautiful location and certainly a refreshment on my blog!
These heels I'm wearing on the photos tied in perfectly with the rest of the outfit, but needless to say, as soon as the photo shoot was over, I switched into my cozy flats :-) I was in the middle of the wood, after all...who can be spotted wearing heels? Only a fashion blogger, lol ;-)

HR: Dok sam boravila u Hrvatskoj, jedan dan "skoknula" sam do Delnica...naravno da sam otisla do Delnica! Gotovo cijela moja obitelj dolazi bas iz tog malog grada u srcu Gorskog kotra, a moje najljepse uspomene iz djetinjstva vezane su i uz Delnice. Moj stric jos uvijek tamo zivi sa obitelji, tako da uvijek imam razloga za posjet!
Odlucila sam snimiti outfit post u Delnickom parku, to je zaista predivna lokacija i pravo osvjezenje na mom blogu!
Sandale na visoku petu posluzile su samo kao "rekvizit" za potrebe slikanja, nakon sto je "session" bio gotov, vratila sam se svojim udobnim cipelicama na ravnu petu! Ipak smo bili usred sume! Tko ce biti vidjen da na takvom mjestu nosi visoke pete? To moze biti samo modna blogerica! ;-)

JUMPSUIT: H&M // BELT: H&M // SANDALS: Zara // BAG: H&M // CARDIGAN: Francomina
NECKLACE: Pull & Bear // EARRINGS: Zara // WATCH: Jord, mod. "Sully" in Natural Green

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