Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sweet 16 party dresses: My picks from Dresswe!

Hi guys!

In today's post I'm going to share with you some of my fave picks from Dresswe web shop. has got great selection of beautiful dresses for any occasion.
From Sweet 16 dresses to wedding dresses, the selection is really big!

Because my friend's wedding is coming up in October, I'm very much into checking out beautiful dresses, in a search for the one I could wear for that occasion. October in Italy can still be quite warm, but it can also be rainy and cold! Basically you never know, but it can be quite tricky finding the perfect dress for a special occasion in October in Italy. It all depends on the weather conditions!

Here are some of the prettiest dresses that I found here:
Because we're heading into the Autumn season, I'm thinking gold is such a perfect colour! It matches and compliments the hues of the nature, that in this season will become very colorful & beautiful.
I love this dress because of the lace and tulle combined, and I particularly like how it's more narrow in the waistline, I think it's very flattering. Also, I'm particularly loving the lace choker- neck detail!
Another gorgeous dress that caught my attention is this white little number. I'm loving it because it's short and combined with lace. It's definitely my cup of tea! I wouldn't wear it to my friend's wedding because it's in white colour, but I'd consider purchasing this model in a different colour (there are actually many different colours this dress comes in!)

At Dresswe you can also find a great selection of cheap bridesmaid dresses.
Although I'm not going to be a bridesmaid, I took a look at this section and spotted some beautiful designs:
This dress is simply stunning because it's quite simple, but very lady-like and elegant. I'm also loving the colour! I usually prefer shorter dresses, but this one definitely made to my top list!

Also, I'm loving lace bridesmaid dresses, and this is the one I particularly loved because it looks very classy & romantic, perfect for the wedding occasion!
Those were my fave dresses from Dresswe, but it's just a tiny little fragment of what they have in stock! Let me know which are your favourite dresses?

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  1. Beautiful picks, great dresses. My fave is dress number 3 :)

    Brina xoxo,
    My blog → • SweetStyle •

  2. that first dress is very elegant

  3. all beautiful
    Hard to choose one

    new post

  4. ova zadnja zlatna mi je favorit.

  5. Such stunning dresses! Love them!



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