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Romantic bridal accessory – a wedding veil

A veil is one of the most important components of the bridal image. It emphasizes the bride’s tenderness and grace. To make the style even more attractive and beautiful, one should stick to some certain rules when choosing a veil.

Before buying a veil, imagine how it will combine with your wedding dress style. The best option is to choose the veil altogether with a dress itself. 

A short veil fits well to the low-necked and skinny wedding dress. 

A shoulder-length veil is perfect for a dress with a corset fancied with various ornaments and decorated with many rhinestones and ornamental elements. It looks especially well with the dresses of a “princess” style (a corset combined with a very bouffant skirt).

An elbow-length veil harmonizes perfectly with a wedding dress of a ballroom style (the veil ends at the point where the skirt begins). Unfortunately, such veil will not fit any bride but only someone very slim - it makes the bride look more corpulent, emphasizes not only her figure but also the flaws, if any.

 A veil till the tips of the fingers. This is one of the most common veil lengths. Such veil combines well with a dress of any fashion and style, and namely because of this it is so popular among brides. Moreover, that veil fits any body type and visually stretches the silhouette. One of the best examples of dresses for it is the strapless lace mermaid wedding dress.

A cathedral long veil. Such veil is to be worn mostly with dress having a plume, and the veil should be at least 15 cm longer than the plume. Such veil is perfect for wedding in the church; it is made of two parts: long one and a short one. After the church wedding, you can take off the long plume but the short one will let you keep the bridal style holistic, and at the same time it won’t melt you during the celebration regale. It also emphasizes the solemnity of the moment and the bride’s grace, also stretches the silhouette. 

 Design of the wedding accessories should imitate the trim of the wedding dress. As an exception, some choose the styles of the dress and the veil by contrast, for example, a modest smooth dress will look very stylish with a fully laced veil. Similarly, long homogeneous tissue veils look nice with best lace wedding dresses 2015.

Tone of the dress, veil and accessories should match: you are not recommended to choose a snow-white veil for the ivory dress. One more nuance is worth noting: only one thing in bridal attire, either a veil or a dress, should be fluffy.  

When choosing a wedding dress and accessories, never forget about comfort.  Wedding is one of the most significant days in your life, so nothing should darken your happiness and sincere smile during that high day. 

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  1. Beautiful! This is really important to complete a wedding dress for the most important day. :)

    Brina xoxo,
    My blog → • SweetStyle •

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your proposals. keep in touch

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    1. This dress is so pretty and as if it was made for you to wear it!


  4. The veil should never miss in a bridal dress!
    I love long veil! ^-^

  5. Oh, this looks so sweet and special!

  6. It is so hard to pick the right veil...but it can really pull your wedding day look together. I opted for a mid-length veil so that it wouldn't distract from the rest of the dress.


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