Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My summer wardrobe wishlist from SheIn

Hi guys!

Summer has just officially started a few days ago...but is it really summer? I'm wondering that as I'm sitting at home, behind the closed doors because outside is pouring rain!
The weather has been acting up, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be sunny and warm again soon!

Summer is my favourite season and I just love wearing summer clothes! Summer is supposed to be fun and carefree! Do you know that saying that goes..."Summertime, and living is easy..."?

Well, while waiting for the sun to shine again and make us all happy, in the meanwhile I've been browsing through the web pages of one of my favourite on-line boutiques, SheIn, putting together a little wish- list of cool items that I'd like to add to my summer wardrobe...


Colorful and mini bags are absolute must-have for the season! Here is the bag that I spotted and immediately included on my wish- list:

US$ 26.67

I love it!

Summer sandals

Chunky heels & platforms? Yes, please! How cool are these shoes?

US$ 34.33

Very '90.-ies inspired!

Another must have for this season are these boots sandals!

Summer dresses

This summer season you need to have a beautiful, mini summer dress, that you can wear out in the evenings, or during the daytime at the beach.
I like white colour and floral print for summer, so this is my ideal dress:

US$ 15.39


I'm loving the low cut back, and a little zipper detail
This dress is very sexy as it leaves your back exposed.


In summertime I adore wearing jumpsuits! They're probably my favourite summer garment!
SheIn has got some amazingly beautiful jumpsuits, at very affordable prices. Here are some of my favourites that I added on my wish-list:

US$ 22.99


US$ 29.00

US$ 32.33


When I'm on my summer vacations, I practically live in my shorts and T-shirts! That's why I like to have more than just one pair!
Here is a super cute pair of shorts from SheIn that I'm adding on my summer wardrobe wish-list:

US$ 15.00

I love high waisted denim shorts! They're a must have this season, plus I like how flattering they are on my body. These ones with Mickey print are something else! I love them!

So guys, that's what I'd pack in my suitcase for my summer vacations! Browsing through the SheIn web store really inspired me and now I'd like to buy all these products asap!

What did you guys like best? Is there anything here that you'd like to include on your summer wish-list? Leave me your comments!


  1. Love the gladiator sandals!


  2. I love this site^_^ I want to visit it


  3. Great items, really love the floral printed dress!


  4. lovely looks!



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