Monday, 22 June 2015

Looking for that perfect homecoming dress...

Hi guys!

Homecoming is such an important event in every student's life, so today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite dress options for celebration of this special event!

What do you guys think about black homecoming dresses
I think black colour is always very elegant and appropriate for evening celebrations or special events. I personally don't wear black colour very often, but I do think everyone should have one simple black dress in their wardrobe. It's an absolute must- have!

I went to ihomecoming web site to get inspired in my search for beautiful dresses, and this brand really has a lot to offer!

Here are some of my favourite black elegant dresses, black homecoming of ihomecoming:
I love this dress because it's not a total black, but it has got a sparkly silver top, which makes it a bit more special and eye catching! I also love the model of it, and the sweetheart neckline. It's the dress I'd definitely love to have in my wardrobe :-)

Another affordable evening dress that caught my attention was this one:
This one is another super gorgeous, sparkly dress! As I've told you, I don't like a total black look, as I usually feel very sad and dull wearing such clothes, but these black dresses are something else! They're definitely my cup of tea :-) 
Ihomecoming black homecoming dresses are really beautiful, elegant, eye catching!

They're suitable for any shapes and sizes, as you'll also find a good selection of plus size dresses, and black homecoming of ihomecoming dresses will visually slim you down!
Another beautiful dress worn by a plus size model! She looks absolutely stunning!

Ihomecoming black homecoming dresses are very beautiful and affordable, this site can be your source of inspiration when looking for that perfect black dress, that will go for any special occasion and that will become a staple in your wardrobe!

Other cool site that I checked was asos where I spotted these lovely earrings that would be perfect to style with one of ihomecoming dresses:

link here
Do you guys like these black, sparkly dresses? Which one do you prefer? My absolute favourite is the first one! Leave me your comments!

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  1. Great post! My favourite is the first one, too. :)

  2. Nice dress! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. beautiful
    new post:

  4. It's a beautiful website! wonderful dresses! xoxo

  5. Gorgeous! Love the second dress, so stunning :)

    Brina xoxo,

  6. El Ășltimo es precioso!


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