Thursday, 18 June 2015

Coco Melody for your special homecoming

Hey guys!

Today I'd like to talk to you about homecoming. It's a tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school that is celebrated in many universities, colledges and high school in the US. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town.

For the special party of a homecoming, every student wants to shine! It's a special day and it should be fun and filled with great memories.

Today I'd like to share with you some of the prettiest homecoming dresses 2015...

I love the embedded top part of this dress! The model is also so pretty and simple, and I like the fact that this dress comes in a variety of many different colours!
Another gorgeous dress, I'm in love with the model, and the beautiful top part of the dress, filled with sparkly beeds.

My third favourite is definitely this girly and fun, mini dress! Again, the top part is super sparkly and I love how the back of it looks like!

Here are some of the inexpensive homecoming dresses that really caught my attention:

This dress retails at € 25.80, plus they offer a free shipping!
This next one costs € 34.70 and again, the shipping is free!
Cocomelody  has got a great selection of beautiful dresses for all sorts of special occasions, including wedding dresses and top designers dresses. They offer free shipping, quick delivery and personalized design.
If you're looking for your perfect dress for the upcoming special event, or to start off the summer party season, this web store might just be the right place for you! Also, it's a great source of inspiration, as it offers numerous cool and beautiful designs in a variety of pretty colours!

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  1. Amazing selection kiss

  2. That 3rd one is very pretty


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