Friday, 13 March 2015

My dreamy dress for a fairytale that awaits me...

Hello lovelies!
Wedding ceremony, we can all agree, is one of the most important life events! It's only natural that we want to make it perfect and memorable, for ourselves, and for our dear guests. Since little, most girls dream about having a fairytale wedding when they grow up and meet their "prince charming".
I have to be honest with you and say that personally, I never wanted a big wedding, nor a very pompous ceremony. I wanted something very simple and spontaneous (that doesn't include a year ahead of planning and stressing out about every single little detail!).

One of my dear friends is getting married this May, and the other one in the early weeks of October! :-) They're all organizing a pretty big ceremonies!
I came across this cool web store that sells everything you'll need for a wedding, or other special events. It's called and there, you'll find a great selection of unique evening dresses, wedding dresses, everything for bridesmaids, prom, cocktail dresses, even shoes and accessories!

My two friends who are getting married spent hours browsing through the selection of beautiful wedding gowns, whilst I concentrated on evening dresses under 200, as I don't want to splurge, but I do want to look great in the dress I choose :-)

Here are some of my top picks:

I think this dress is absolutely phenomenal! I love everything about it: The colour, the model, the embedded details...It's definitely dreamy and just fab!


The second dress I'm crazy about is this yellod dress, with strass details. Yellow may not be my colour (given the fact that I'm very pale skin, and I wonder how flattering this colour is agains my skin...), but it's the colour of the upcoming season, and I simply love it!

The third dress is gorgeous too! I love this electric blue colour and the lace material this dress is made of.
I can definitely see myself wearing this dress to somewhere special :-)

So guys, if you're on a lookout for cheap evening under 200, or to get inspired as far as wedding dresses goes, I suggest you to take a look at web store!

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  1. Great, the first dress is so beautiful *_*

    Brina xoxo,

  2. Beautiful dresses!


  3. Nice dresses :)

  4. Unos vestido divinos. Bss


  5. Unos vestido divinos. Bss


  6. I actually own the yellow dress but I got it in royal blue! It is stunning!


  7. stvarno su sve tri divne...mislim da bi ti sve dobro stale, pogotovo ta kraljevsko plava. Mislim da bi ti žuta pristajala, samo je pitanje svijetliju kožu moža bolje ide neka nježna i pastelna žuta.


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