Monday, 2 March 2015

Lovely curtains from CTWOTOP

Hello lovelies!
If you're in a mood for re-decorating your house, or just looking to get inspired, I know just the right place for you :-)
Changing your curtains is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to switch up things a little bit in your home! Whenever you feel like bringing a different mood, or the atmosphere in your living space, and you don't have the actual time, or a budget for a serious re-building, bring some innovation to your place with a new, lovely curtains!
Now that the spring is just around the corner, I feel like bringing some of that atmosphere to my home too :-) I fell in love with floral curtains and I'd like to share here with you some of my favourite prints. I'm still trying to decide which one I like best, so your opinions will be very helpful! Don't hesitate to leave me your comments!

Even when it comes to fashion, I'm a big fan of the floral print! I think it's a lovely print, very bright and happy, and this is definitely something that I wish to be present in the atmosphere of my home :-)

Floral print can give to your home that "shabby chic", almost vintage feel, but, depending on the floral print design, and colours, it can also be very sophisticated and elegant.

Here are some of the designs I like:

White & grey flowers floral curtains

Beige & red vivid rose pattern beautiful chic floral curtains

Eco-friendly living room curtains

Country pattern cotton unique yellow curtains

Teal And Pink Luxury Elegant Retro Vintage French Floral Curtains

Which one of these sets do you like best?
I love the colours and I always try to surround myself with colours in my everyday life, I really feel they cheer me up and bring joy and creativity to my life.

At CTWOTOP you can get floral curtains, and many other patterns, prints, colours and designs, now discounted at even 70% off! They ship internationally, and for any questions you can connect with them through e-mail, or their social medias (everything is listed on their web-store).

Check out their complete offer of floral curtains here:

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