Monday, 9 February 2015

Home Decor Ideas: Ogotobuy Pretty Curtains

Hi guys!
This is going to be another home decor inspired post!
As you might know, I've been out & about, gathering some cool pieces to decorate my home & make it very special :-)
I think a good selection of curtains can really make a big difference in the entire appearance of your home, and can instantly transform your living space!
So if you're looking for a quick solution and an inexpensive way to update and refresh your living areas, I think changing your curtains is always the best way to do so!

I came across this site, Ogotobuy, that sells lovely curtains!
You can narrow down your search by colour, features, materials, pattern, occasions, styles, crafts, fabric content and fabric type.
This option can really make your choice easier, and allow you to find just the right type of curtains for your home!
On the site, you'll also find some useful care instruction tips, that will help you to maintain your curtains beautiful in time.

I browsed through their web store and my attention got caught by some lovely purple curtains! I'm going to show you a couple of my favourite ones!

I also use curtains as a sort of a "door" for my walk in closet! I often film videos in front of my curtains and I think their lovely pattern really adds up to the visual quality of my videos and makes my background that I use for filming more pretty! :-)

Here are some of my picks:

Floral print lovely curtains

Polyester and cotton purple curtains

Lilac tree patterns curtains

Graceful little floral striped purple curtains

One of the reasons I like looking at these web-stores, is also because their photos often give me ideas for home decor, and how I want my living spaces to look like!
I like the shabby chic feel that I found in some of these pics, and also big spaces, a lot of light in the room, big windows...that's definitely my type of home and living in a place like that makes me feel really good!

At Ogotobuy you'll spot some really good deals and promotions, some of their curtains are discounted even extra 39% OFF, so I think it's worth taking a look at their offer, if you're thinking about buying new curtains for your home!

I hope these photos were inspiring to you too!
Let me know, which one is your favourite store for home decor shopping?

* sponsored post


  1. Desde luego en la decoración las cortinas, juegan un papel muy importante Magnífico post. Bss guapísima.

  2. Desde luego en la decoración las cortinas, juegan un papel muy importante Magnífico post. Bss guapísima.

  3. So wonderfull curtains! ^-^


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