Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Home Decor Inspiration

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to touch the topic of home decor, and share with you some inspirational photos that I found at this on-line store, Curtains Market, that specializes in selling cool curtains at affordable prices!
The choice of curtains is very relevant when talking about the home decor, as curtains can really transform your living, or working space!
If you're looking to get inspired, take a look at these few photos of the curtains / pretty speaces, that stood out to me the most!

Country Chic curtains

Country chic curtains with pattern of beautiful floral are very fresh. The beige and green are soft and good for eyes and also the flower pattern is delicate. The material of cotton/linen blend has good quality and can give you a feeling that you are in beautiful country.

Bedroom curtains

High quality curtain may a good choice for you. The purple delicate botanical pattern can give you a feel that you have lived in that place. This curtain has good vertical sense and permeability. Linen is this curtian's material.

Polka dot curtains

Blue color and white perfectly matched together, it is sweet and dreamy. Good quality polyester and cotton blended materials are soft touching. Little polka dots combine with heart shapes can present the curtains in stylish way.

Nautical curtains

Designer curtains and drapes are fashion. This curtain is simple and presented in country style. The soft color tone and good vertical sense of curtain can decorate your room and highlight your taste.

Shabby Chic curtains

Modern and Special Butterfly Patterns Windows or Door Curtains. Butterfly gray curtains are fascinating. It is smooth touching and durable. Printing crafts is good quality with charming design. 

These are just a few examples, but Curtains Market offers so much more prints and designs, literally for any taste and budget!
You can choose by curtain patterns, curtain styles, features & occasions...and there are also separate categories for shower curtains and decorative sheer curtains!

It's worth checking them out!

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  1. Beautiful inspiratiation


  2. The butterfly curtains are lovely!

  3. I like the first curtains very much. :)

  4. They are all so lovely but the green color ones are my absolute favorite.

  5. What a coincidence! I just want to buy curtains for my living room and thanks for your sharing!


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