Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Prom Dresses Inspirations

Prom is such a big event in every girl's life!
I remember deciding not to go to my own prom, being convinced how I'd never regret that decision. Well, I regret it now, years after!
Now I think prom is the experience every young girl should make, I think it's a fun event that you can share with your school friends and later on treasure in your memory forever.
My reason for not wanting to go to a prom, looking back at it, was quite silly!
In our class, we couldn't agree on the way we wanted to spend our prom...some of us wanted to take another school trip in a foreign country instead of having a prom night, whereas the others opted for a real prom night! 
The majority won and I was stubborn enough, not wanting to let them have it their way, so instead of being excited about my prom, I opted not to go!
Years later, at my ex classmate's house, we were watching the video tape & looking at the photo album from what was supposed to be my prom too, and I remember wishing I had been there, smiling on those photos together with my class mates!
But one thing is still sure...I didn't like the dresses my class mates had chosen...they were all dark colours, dull & quite boring :( 
It's true that growing up in Rijeka, Croatia in the post-war period (late 90.-ies), we didn't have much options to choose from, when it came to clothes & fashion in general...
Luckily, the situation is different now and there are plenty of shops to choose from!
I especially like browsing at web stores who offer dreamy dresses and picutre the one I would have chosen back then for my prom! :)

One great web store that sells inexpensive prom dresses is uk.millybridal.org!
Not only do they sell prom dresses, but they also specialize in wedding dresses & accssories and other special occasion dresses!

The offer is so big, it is really hard to choose only one perfect dress!

Here are some of my top picks, I believe all these dresses are absolutely dreamy and I would have wanted to wear all of them to my prom! 

I hope this was inspiring if you're on a lookout for your dreamy dress!
Let me know which one is your favourite out of these 5!

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  1. wow!!!
    happy new year!!

  2. Great choices. :D <3
    I've been to two proms. <3

    From Ellen in Ireland

  3. The first one is my fav!

  4. sjećam se i ja toga perioda kada nije bilo izbora po trgovinama, pa smo vječno nešto sami smišljali i prepravljali:) Mislim da većina žažali što nije otišla na maturalnu čak i ako večer bude malo dosadna ipak je to ono jednom:)


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