Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Black Friday Sales at www.ericdress.com

Everybody's talking about the big "Black Friday" sales at ericdress.com!
As they're having up to 85% OFF deals, I've decided to check them out too, and make my own wish- list!

The items that I found on their "Black Friday" sales that appealed to me the most were the following:

This elegant fur collar hooded cape style overcoat is now 60% off!

This amazing jacket/ cardigan is now 65%off and costs only USD $ 14.19

I fell in love with this contrast colour long sleeve round neck cotton dress that now retails at only USD $ 13.99
(70% off!)

Another beautiful item that I spotted at ericdress.com sales is this black flower crochet pencil skirt!
This item is also 70% off and now retails at USD $ 13.99

This is such a fun dress!
Sexy Red Lips Design Bodycon Dress 75% off, now retails at USD $ 22.89

These "Black Friday" sales at ericdress.com will last for a month,  they started Nov. 1st and will end Nov.30th.
It's definitely worth checking them out: http://www.ericdress.com/Topic/blackFriday.html?

While I was browsing through ericdress.com website, I've decided to take a look at their selection of down jackets, as the colder winter months are just around the corner!
I wanted to see what's new & get inspired on how to look stylish even when the weather outside is super cold!

Here are some super chic down jackets that I spotted:

I'm loving the colour & the model of this one!
In winter time, we tend to wear dark colours, but I think bright colours are ideal to contrast the gloomy weather!

This down jacket is so chic! I love the colour & the model of it!

Another very chic piece, great even for special occasions and (cold) evenings out!

This very cute polka dot print down jacket is ideal for everyday :)

You can check out their selection of inexpensive down coats & jackets here:
At last, I stopped by their section of cool, inexpensive hoodies!
Hoodies are another clothing item I wear a lot in colder months, as they're easy to wear & to layer :)
I especially like the ones with the faux fur lining, because they keep me extra warm!

Here are some cool hoodies from ericdress.com that caught my attention:

This one is super warm & cozy, great for the trip to the mountains as it'll keep you extra warm!
I'm loving the colour too :)

This one is very nice, casual/ oversized model, great for everyday, running errands, or when you want to feel extra comfy!

Another grey hoodie, but this one is more stylish and it's a great layering piece, when you want to feel warm, but keep it chic ;)

They have tons of more cool hoodies here: 
so make sure to take a look at their selection!

I hope this post was inspiring and that I managed to bring you some helpful info about the coolest promotions & latest trends at ericdress.com web store!

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  1. Great selection, the first cape is to die for! Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I know, I think it's fab too! Perfect for this season! x

  2. What a great and super helpful post. Thanks for sharing! Xoxo


  3. Kako su divne jaknice! Predivno! :)

  4. odlicne jakne :) http://petrishapozz.blogspot.com/2014/11/marc-jacobs.html

  5. so lovely

  6. So gorgeous collections.So in love with overcoat No.1,cardigan No.2 and lace skirt No.4
    Pls follow me back,i already followed your blog.
    Keep in touch & kisses xox,


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