Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Vampire Diaries: Elena Gilbert Inspired Make Up

Hello beauties!

I'm a big, big fan of "The Vampire Diaries" tv show!

"The Vampire Diaries" logo
image source: internet

The love triangle between Elena- Stefan- Damon
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I just ♥♥♥ this show, and I'm waiting impatiently on the new episodes in January!
This is how I came to an idea to recreate the make up of the beautiful Elena Gilbert, the look she wears in most of the episodes...

Elena Gilbert
image source: internet
You can watch my step-by-step video tutorial here:

& this is how the make up looks like!

In the episodes, Elena usually wears a very pretty, but still quite natural make up.
Lots of brown eyeshadows, very defined eyes & BIG, LONG eyelashes!

These are the eyeshadows that I used to recreate Elena's eye make up!

I needed these eyeshadows & palettes to recreate this look!
Brands used: Bottega Verde, Dior, Kiko Make up Milano.

Bottega Verde "Trousse 12 ombretti per occhi"

Dior 5 Couleurs
5- colour eyeshadow 553 Elegante

I adore this colour!
It looks wonderful on the eyelids :)
Kiko Make Up Milano Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow
# 85

Big eyelashes & defined eyes.
Use a brown eye pencil & lots & lots of mascara coats!
You can also use a fake eyelashes.

& here are some pics of me wearing this look:

Hope you like it, and, if you try it out, send me your pics wearing this make up & I'll post them to my blog! :)
You can send me your pics at:

You obviously don't have to use these exact brands to create this look, but just make sure to use the similar colours ( the ones you already have in your collection!)

Stefan, Elena & Damon
image source: internet

Kiss between Elena & Damon!
There is a certain chemistry going on between these two characters!
Is this only on screen, or Nina (Elena) and Ian (Damon) are a couple in a real life as well!?
image source: internet

Elena & Damon
image source: internet
Are these scenes yet to be seen?
I don't remember watching this episode!

image source: internet

I hope you enjoyed this make up tutorial/ blog post!
If you are a big fan of a certain show & think I'd love it too, definitely leave me your recommendations, as in this period I'm on a lookout for new interesting tv shows to watch (while waiting for the new episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" !!!)

♥ from Italy,
Ciao, Ciao!


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