Thursday, 27 January 2011

WINTER FASHION: What To Wear When Travelling In Cold Weather (OOTD)

Hello girls!

Recently I took a very short trip to Croatia.
I had to go there to pick up my new ID so basically I just stayed there one night.
It was a long trip for such a short stay, but I was happy because I got to see my family!

Before we actually left for Croatia, I filmed a short video about my outfit.
It was pretty cold that day, so this might be helpful for you guys, if you need an inspiration on what to wear in a cold weather :)

All wraped up, feeling warm& ready to travel!
Here is where I got the clothes from:
  • Blue scarf: H&M
  • Cropped braided wool cardigan: H&M
  • Brown turtleneck: H&M
  • Belt: Topshop
  • Skinny jeans: Bershka
  • Boots: Lea Foscatti
  • Pom pom hat: Imaty's fashion factory
That's it girls!
Have fun on your next upcomming travellings, be warm& stay trendy ;)
&... Don't forget to check out my video feat. this outfit (on my MissFashionKitty channel):

xoxo, Sonja


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