Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring Fashion Story in Italy

ENG: It looks like Spring is finally here! After all the chilly days and the rain, sun is finally shining upon the fields of Italy :-)
My friend and I took advantage of our days off work, to go for a long walk in the nearby fields (which made my allergy to pollen even worse, but, who can resist staying locked in the house with all the windows closed when the sun is just calling you out?!)
For this walk I wore something cute & girly, and of course, my super comfy leather boots by Zara, on my feet they feel as sneakers!

HR: Cini se da nam je proljece konacno stiglo ovdje u talijanska polja regije Veneto! Nakon duzeg kisnog i tmurnog razdoblja, sunce nam se konacno osmjehnulo!
Prijateljica i ja iskoristile smo slobodne dane za duzu setnju po nasoj okolici tj. poljima i livadama (haha, fali nam lungo mare!)...sto je jos dodatno razbuktalo moju alergiju na pelud...ali, tko moze odoljeti i ostati u kuci zatvorenih prozora, dok vas vani mami sunce?!
Za setnju odlucila sam obuci nesto slatko i djevojacki...mogla sam, naravno, setati i u treneci, ali htjela sam sloziti neki "cute" outfit kako bih vam ga prikazala na blogu! :-)
Udobnost su mi pruzile moje kozne cizmice iz Zare, koje su mi zamjena za tenisice koliko su udobne!

COAT: Bershka
SKIRT: Hollister
SUNGLASSES: Takko Fashion

Check out my "Spring Fashion Story" video here/ Video pogledajte ovdje:

Novi vlogic na hrvatskom jeziku:

For a future bride to be...

Hi guys!
How are you all doing? Happy Monday, I wish you all a great week ahead!
In my today's post I'd like to present you one on-line store that sells beautiful wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, dresses for special occasions...
On this site you'll also find all the accessories that you'll need to complete the look, and the perfect shoes to go with your perfect dress :-)

As you guys already know, two of my friends are getting married this year!
I'm actually going to a bachelorette party this Friday, and I'm already thinking about what to wear. I do work Friday until late, so it's going to have to be a very versatile outfit, something I can easily transform from casual/ work appropriate, to dressy and perfect for partying with my girlfriends! 
My friend is also very excited about this party, even more so when she thinks she's getting married in a month! She's also very happy and that makes me happy too!

One of the most important things in planning her wedding, was choosing the dress, obviously! I think she made the right choice and that she'll be looking absolutely stunning in the dress she picked out!
She's very happy with her choice too, and says she feels as if this dress was her second skin!

On web store, you can get inspired by numerous different models and designs of wedding dresses. They're also budget friendly, so I suggest checking them out.

Here are some of the beautiful cheap champagne wedding dresses of weddingshe:

How do you like these dresses? Which one is your favourite?
I think they're all really gorgeous, but if I'd have to pick out one, I'd probably go for the fourth or the last one!

The good thing about this on-line store is that one can find dresses for any body shapes and sizes!
They also have a selected choice of dresses they put on a special promotion, and you can check them out here!

I hope you liked my quick Monday fashion post and that you got inspired by these gorgeous dresses! If you're planning your perfect wedding, or you know a friend that's getting married, you can recommend her this site as a source of great inspiration!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Muwae Jewellery Review!

ENG: Hi guys! I just started one exciting collaboration with a brand Muwae jewellery, from the US! I'll be promoting their brand and featuring their jewellery in my outfits of the day and styling videos :-)
Yesterday I received the package with my jewellery picks and I was impressed with the quality and unique designs. The shipping from the USA was surprisingly quick and fuss free, so my overall impressions are very positive!
In my today's post I'm going to show you two of my picks, but soon you'll get to see the rest of the jewellery that was in my Muwae package!

The philosophy behing Muwae's jewellery is: "Always believe love is about to happen. It will and it can't be stopped!"
I love the positive message they're trying to spread far and wide with their cool jewellery pieces. It's nice to know there is a message behind the jewellery I'm wearing :-)

HR: U danasnjem postu predstavljam vam Muwae nakit. Nedavno sam sa njima zapocela suradnju i drago mi je da sam postala njihova predstavnica, buduci da je nakit kvalitetan i jedinstvenog dizajna!
Muwae je noviji brand, "rodjen" u SAD-u, a njihov nakit dolazi uz pozitivnu poruku: "Uvijek vjeruj u ljubav. Ona ce se desiti i nitko ju ne moze zaustaviti."
Meni je drago moci nositi i promovirati nakit koji iza sebe ima jednu tako pozitivnu poruku i znacenje :-)
Jucer mi je stigao paket sa nakitom kojeg sam odabrala, u ovom postu prezentiram vam samo dva komada, ali ostatak cete moci vidjeti ubrzo u mojim outfit postovima i styling videima!

Paketic je iz Amerike stigao vrlo brzo i bez poteskoca! Cjelokupan dojam je odlican :-)

Check out my Muwae presentation video here/ Video prezentacija Muwae nakita:

My Muwae picks!
You'll be able to see them better in upcoming posts/ styling videos!

Today I'd like to present you my first two picks:
Gorgeous turquoise earrings and a lovely, dainty bracelet!

"Fabulous French Cerne Sensations" earrings
Shop here ($ 24)

"Le Femme Fatale Fancy" bracelet
Shop here ($ 22)

"Fabulous French Cerne Sensations" earrings

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