Monday, 2 March 2015 Fashion Collab: Trendy Sweater OOTD ♥

ENG: Remind me not to take outfit photos on Sundays when I work... I was tired. And this clearly shows in my photos! I can't even bring myself to post the ones where I'm not wearing sunglasses.
I had a long weekend at work, and Saturday after work we went to celebrate our friend's birthday...we stayed up celebrating until late!
Sunday I was working again, and before work I had to squeeze in this quick photoshoot...
I'm not 23 anymore (actually I'm a whole decade older!), and I can't hide the signs of tiredness and fatigue on my face. When I don't get enough sleep, this clearly shows on my face and no amount of make up can cover it up (actually, on those days it's better to go for a light make up, as I find caking on too much make up actually makes it worse!).
Now why was so urgent to bring you this outfit post today?
I don't know. I'm wondering that myself. I received this sweater from past week and they insisted I put the post up ASAP!
So here it is, not quite as good as it could have been, but I find from my personal experience, rushing things in life in general, never brings great results. Oh well...
I hope will be pleased!
I do love the sweater, it's very cozy, soft, fluffy and warm! And it's also very trendy :-)
I paired it with my white Levi's, my new pink coat from Bershka and my "good, old" Dr.Marten's (well, not so "old", but you know...comfy for a day at work that was ahead of me!). Also, I think wearing my dr.Martens boots created a cool contrast against my pretty, pink coat. What do you guys say?

COAT: Bershka
JEANS: Levi's

BOOTS: Dr. Martens
NECKLACE: bornprettystore
SWEATER: buy it here (€ 9.47)

HR: Podsjetite me da se ne fotografiram za outfit postove u nedjelju kada moram na posao...Bila sam umorna. I to se jasno odrazava u fotografijama! A da ne govorimo o onima koje necete vidjeti, gdje nisam nosila naocale!
Radni vikend na poslu uvijek me izmori, a u subotu navecer nakon posla bili smo pozvani i na rodjendansku proslavu naseg prijatelja...ostali smo u drustvu i slavili do kasno!
U nedjelju sam ponovno radila, a prije posla trebalo je "ugurati" ovaj mali photo session kako bih vam mogla prezentirati outfit u danasnjem postu. Ja nemam vise 23 (cekajte malo, ja sam cijelo jedno desetljece starija od 23!), znakovi umora jednostavno se ne daju sakriti na mom licu. Ukoliko se nisam dobro odmorila i fino naspavala, to ce se primjetiti na mojem licu i nema te sminke koja to moze sakriti (cak sam primjetila da je u tim trenucima bolje ici sa laganim make-upom, nego naslagati na lice cijelu silu sminke, to ce samo pogorsati stvari!)
No zbog cega je bilo tako bitno predstaviti vam ovaj outfit post danas? Ne znam. To se i sama pitam. Majica koju vam predstavljam u ovom outfitu stigla mi je prosli tjedan sa web ducana. Oni su inzistirali da vam ju predstavim sto prije!
Moje iskustvo je pokazalo da pozurivanje stvari, generalno, u zivotu nikada ne donosi zadovoljavajuce rezultate, pa tako ni ove fotke nisu spektakularne...a mogle su biti puno bolje da mi je bila dopustena kreativna sloboda i mogucnost odabira pravog trenutka.
Ja uvijek dajem prednost kvalitetnom sadrzaju, ali ocigledno mnogima to nije od presudne vaznosti. Nadam se da ce biti zadovoljan.
Outfit sam osmislila i da mi bude funkcionalan za posao. majica mi se zaista jako svidja, topla je, mekana i bas trendy! Nosim ju uz svoj bijeli Levi's jeans podvijenih nogavica (zato jer je to sada cool, ha!), i novi roza kaputic iz Bershke. Na nogama nezaobilazne marte, buduci da me je cekao dug dan na poslu, a mislim i da su napravile dobar kontrast djevojackom roza kaputicu :-)
Sto vi mislite?
Realno pogledajte outfit, zaboravite moje znakove umora i ignorirajte izrast- uskoro ce biti sredjen jer planiram put u Hrvatsku i posjet mojoj dragoj frizerki! ;-)

Outfit video- check it out & please subscribe to my channel

Give your hair a makeover with hair extensions!

One of the most common questions that I get concerns my hair...Do I wear hair extensions?
I do own two sets of hair extensions that were sent to me from hair extension web stores to review on my blog and youtube channel.
I do like to play with them and create different hairstyles that require A LOT of hair, such as super thick braids etc.
However, I don't wear hair extensions on a daily basis, as my hair is already pretty long as it is! I think it's fun to put them in occasionally, even for just a quick photo session (like on the above photo, thanks to the hair extensions, my hair appears to be extra, extra long, and I love that!). I think every woman should own a pair of hair extensions, as they're also very handy for special occasions or evenings out, when you really want to look (and feel) your best!
It is important that your hair extensions blend perfectly in your hair! That's why the most important step is choosing the right shade of hair extensions for you.
Web stores will usually have a pretty accurate colour chart and also a good customer's service that should always be at your reach and answer any questions or doubts that you might have!
Today I'm writing about CC Hairextensions, one of the top web stores and the best hair extensions to buy. What I like about this site is that it will give you all the detailed instructions on how to accurately apply your set of hair extensions, offer customer's reviews and also suggest similar products that you may like!
You can also check out their youtube channel.

Wearing my hair extensions....
The first time I put my full set of hair extensions, I thought: "Wow, that's a lot of hair!..."
And I pretty much instantly felt like some celebrity, probably a singer, ready to take the spotlight on the stage! lol...

Anyway, at CC Hairextensions web store, you'll also find a big choice of hair weave, which is something I personally never tried, but I know it's also very popular, especially if you like wearing hair extensions on a daily basis, and you want to avoid the hassle of having to put them in and take them out every single day!

Whether you're looking for a set of hair extensions just for occasional fun and creativity with your hairstyles, or as a more permanent solution, I think CC Hairextensions will certainly meet your requests!

* sponsored post

Lovely curtains from CTWOTOP

Hello lovelies!
If you're in a mood for re-decorating your house, or just looking to get inspired, I know just the right place for you :-)
Changing your curtains is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to switch up things a little bit in your home! Whenever you feel like bringing a different mood, or the atmosphere in your living space, and you don't have the actual time, or a budget for a serious re-building, bring some innovation to your place with a new, lovely curtains!
Now that the spring is just around the corner, I feel like bringing some of that atmosphere to my home too :-) I fell in love with floral curtains and I'd like to share here with you some of my favourite prints. I'm still trying to decide which one I like best, so your opinions will be very helpful! Don't hesitate to leave me your comments!

Even when it comes to fashion, I'm a big fan of the floral print! I think it's a lovely print, very bright and happy, and this is definitely something that I wish to be present in the atmosphere of my home :-)

Floral print can give to your home that "shabby chic", almost vintage feel, but, depending on the floral print design, and colours, it can also be very sophisticated and elegant.

Here are some of the designs I like:

White & grey flowers floral curtains

Beige & red vivid rose pattern beautiful chic floral curtains

Eco-friendly living room curtains

Country pattern cotton unique yellow curtains

Teal And Pink Luxury Elegant Retro Vintage French Floral Curtains

Which one of these sets do you like best?
I love the colours and I always try to surround myself with colours in my everyday life, I really feel they cheer me up and bring joy and creativity to my life.

At CTWOTOP you can get floral curtains, and many other patterns, prints, colours and designs, now discounted at even 70% off! They ship internationally, and for any questions you can connect with them through e-mail, or their social medias (everything is listed on their web-store).

Check out their complete offer of floral curtains here:

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