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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Led Zeppelin OOTD

Hi guys!

I have a few shots of the OOTD I wore when I was at my home in Croatia...
Unfortunately, we were very busy that day, running errands, so when we finally caught a moment to shoot my OOTD, the sun was setting and the lighting wasn't very good, so all we managed to do was take a few quick shots (no video for this one, sorry!)

I wore my favourite Led Zeppelin sweater (that I got this summer at Pull & Bear), and teamed it with my floral print leggings from Bershka.

I bought my red sandals some time ago in Croatia and I really like their simplicity!
I accessorized with some H&M jewellery & this spacious, Bershka clutch :)
Crazy sunnies are from Zara :)

I took a walk in my garden and spotted this gorgeous sunflower plant, that was actually taller than me!
I love sunflowers, they inspire me with positive energy and good feelings. I just love how they rotate their flowers towards the sun :)

Admiring the sunflowers ;)

The complete styling:

Led Zeppelin sweater: Pull & Bear
Long black cami: Baby Angel Elio Fiorucci for Oviesse
Leggings: Bershka
Sandals: No name (bought in Croatia years ago!)
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: H&M
Sunglasses: Zara
Clutch: Bershka
Watch: Vintage Doxa

Lijep pozdrav!

Slicice ovog outfita nastale su jos dok sam boravila u svojem domu u Hrvatskoj :)
Taj dan imali smo puno toga za obaviti, tako da nam je dan proletio i kada smo konacno nasli pet minuta za snimanje OOTD-a, sunce je vec bilo na zalasku i rasvjeta nam nije odgovarala...(zao mi je, zbog toga nema videa koji bi popratio ovaj outfit post).
Uspijeli smo samo snimiti ovih par fotki...

Ja sam nosila svoju omiljenu Led Zeppelin majicu koju sam kupila ljetos u Pull & Bear ducanu u Italiji.
Odlicna je i zaista ju cesto nosim u razlicitim odjevnim kombinacijama, tako da je vrlo brzo dospjela na listu mojih najdrazih odjevnih predmeta :)
Ove tajice veselog printa su iz Bershke, a upotpunila sam styling asesoarom iz H&M-a i stosnim naocalama iz Zare.
Crvene sandale kupljene su prije puno godina u Rijeci, a svidja mi  se njihov jednostavni model, tako da ih i dan danas cesto nosim! :)

Prosetala sam se u svom vrtu i otkrila ovu prekrasnu stabljiku suncokreta, koja je bila i visa od mene same!
Ja obozavam suncokret, mislim da je to jedna prekrasna biljka koja me inspirira pozitivnom energijom i radoscu...posebno mi je lijepo gledati ju i diviti joj se...i kako se cvijetovi okrecu ka suncu...

Nadam se da vam se svidio ovaj outfit!
Do iduceg posta, druzimo se na mom facebook-u i instagramu!

Pusa iz Italije,

Monday, 27 October 2014

My Wishlist ♥

Hi guys!, a web store specialized in selling footwear, invited me to go through their website and create my own wishlist!
As I'm on a lookout for some new boots & shoes for the autumn/winter season, I've decided to take a look at what they currently hold in store!

Their footwear selection is cathegorized under:

- Heels
- Casuals
- Kids shoes

They also offer a nice selection of beauty products (I spotted some really appealing make up palettes & make up brush kits!)
 Then, there are two more sections: "Hot Daily Deals", and a newer section "Promotion", that is always worth checking it out as you might find some amazing deals :)

After some thoughtful thinking, here is how my wishlist looks like :)

You too can create your wishlist, click here to see what do they have in store!

First on my wishlist are these combat, camo print, lace-up booties, that I think are a total must, very trendy & totally my style :)
Second choice, I went for these cool creepers, that is a style I'd like to experiment with, as I don't own a pair of creepers yet!
Third on my list, are these super cute, cotton socks! I think they would look really nice, paired with my cut-out boots that I wear all the time, or as a contrast to masculine type of shoes that are in style right now!
A pair of elegant nude heels is a must in every girl's closet! I always struggle to find a nice, classic nude heels that are timeless and never will go out of style. Usually, the models I find are either not simple enough, or not comfy at all!
So this pair from seemed just ideal!
Fifth on my wishlist of items that I'd absolutely want to have, are these gorgeous leather & lace booties! I love everything about them, the colour, the style, the combo of leather & lace...everything about them screams perfection!

If you decide to check out this web-store, make sure to take a look at their black friday promotion deals click here that starts Nov.26th and lasts until Nov. 28th.
You'll get 10% off coupons and free gifts, plus they're announcing a true shopping party (up to 99% off everything!).

Another cool section on their web store is a section of high- heeled boots, where they currently have 78 different pairs of boots for any style & occasion click here

I hope you found this post informative, in case you too are on a lookout for the next great pair of shoes to add to your collection! :)

* this post has been sponsored by

Friday, 24 October 2014

Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion Review

Hi guys!

You asked me what is my secret when self tanning, which products do I use and what are my favourites, so today I'm going to do a review about my favourite self tanning product!

As you guys know, I'm extremely pale skin, and as much as I try to embrace my natural skin colour, occasionally I like to have a nice tan!
I have to be careful when sunbathing (read: I don't), and I avoid tanning beds (they cause skin's premature ageing! I prefer to look pale, rather than old!), so self tanning products are the right choice for me!
I usually self tan in spring & summer (when we wear more revealing clothes), and then give my skin a break in autumn and winter time...
Over the years, I've tried a lot of different self tanning products, but one stood out to me the most!
It's the Tanceuticals CC (color + correct) self tanning body lotion (I have it in dark and it works just great!), made in the USA.
This luxurious CC self tanning lotion will give you a beautiful, natural and long lasting tan (without the sun exposure, or tanning beds!).
It won't streak, or leave you with a weird, orange colour.
It's infused with good ingredients such as Acai Berry, Mango butter and Vitamin E, so it'll moisturize, repair and firm your skin.

The best part is the scent!
It has got a fresh, coconut scent that completely eliminates that funky self tanner smell everyone dislikes! I never before came accross a self tanner that doesn't smell like a self tanner!
Another great thing is that the colour developes in a matter of minutes, you don't have to wait hours to see the results!

With the product, you'll get a tanning mit to help with application.

4.2 fl.oz / 125 ml bottle
+ tanning mit for easier application
This self tanning lotion is really easy to apply- blends easily and dries quickly (non-sticky).
For best results, be sure to exfoliate your skin in the shower before use!
Once completely dry, lightly apply product to skin using a circular motion to the areas you want to tan, starting with your feet and working your way up.
For drier areas like your elbows, knees, hands and feet, use very sparingly, and you can add your regular body lotion afterwards to keep those areas moisturized and to prevent colour build up!
If you don't use a mitt when applying this product, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each use.
Once done, let dry a few minutes before putting on clothes or getting into bed.
Ideally, you should wait at least 7-8 hours before sweating or showering (overnight is best).
To maintain your gorgeous tan, use once or twice a week, and make sure to moisturize every day to extend it.

And now, what a lot of you have asked me was to show you the actual it works on my here it is! Are you ready...??

I love this self tanner also because it's packed full with good ingredients, such as :
acacia decurrens/jojoba/sunflower seed wax/aloe vera leaf juice/vitamin E/rose hip seed extract/pomegranate extract/acai berry fruit extract/grape seed oil/sweet almond oil/macadamia seed oil/shea butter/cocoa seed butter/mango seed butter...

plus, when you take into consideration this aaaamazing coconut scent, who could resist to a product like that?? :)

Hear what else do I have to say about my experience with this product, in my video review, here:

(click "play" to watch the video review)

I hope this was helpful!
Any questions?
Don't hesitate to ask me! :)
You can also contact me on facebook!

Lijep pozdrav!

Danas vam predstavljam jedan od svojih omiljenih, ako ne i najomiljeniji proizvod za samotamnjenje, a radi se o Tanceuticals CC losionu, koji je proizveden u SAD-u.

Ja sam jako blijede puti, to vec znate...iako se vecinu vremena osijecam dobro u vlastitoj kozi, ponekad se volim vidjeti sa lijepim "preplanulim" tenom.
Pogotovo kada se radi o nekim posebnim prilikama, ili proljetno-ljetnim mjesecima, kada nosimo odjecu koja vise otkriva :)
Buduci da mi suncanje slabo ide od ruke, a solarije izbjegavam od 26 godine (draze mi je da mi koza izgleda bijela kao jogurt, nego stara, hmmm), losioni za samotamnjenje moji su prijatelji!

Tijekom godina, dosta sam ih vec isprobala, od high-end, skupljih, do jeftinijih koji se mogu pronaci u svakoj drogeriji pa i u supermarketu.
Jedini koji me zaista odusevio jest Tanceuticals!

Evo, u par tocki i zbog cega:

  • Daje vam instantnu prekrasnu boju, koja djeluje vrlo prirodno (ne ostavlja cudne tragove na kozi, niti cete izgledati narancasto!)
  • Vrlo je jednostavan za nanosenje (lijepo se upija u kozu, brzo se susi, nije ljepljiv, niti mastan!)
  • Odlicno mirisi- na kokos! To je jedna kvaliteta koju jos nisam srela kod niti jednog proizvoda za samotamnjenje...svi oni, vise manje, ostavljaju na kozi neki cudan miris karakteristican proizvodima za samotamnjenje...ali ne i Tanceuticals! Mogla bih ga pojesti koliko dobro mirisi, hihi!
  • Dugotrajna boja (trajati ce vam 5 do 7 dana, a dovoljno je jedanput-dvaput tjedno nanijeti ga i izmedju aplikacija normalno hranite kozu vasim omiljenim losionom za tijelo.)
  • Prepun je prirodnih sastojaka koji se brinu o vasoj kozi (u engleskom tekstu gore sam ispisala vecinu sastojaka, ali neki od njih koje bih rado izdvojila su vitamin E, maslac manga, ekstrakt voca Acai Berry itd.)
Iz slicica koje sam vam prilozila mozete i sami zakljuciti da je rezultat odlican (ja ga imam u nijansi "dark" ).
Video recenziju pogledajte klikom ovdje, a za dodatna pitanja sam vam na raspolaganju!
Ostavite mi vase komentare, a druzimo se i na facebooku!

Do iduceg posta, saljem vam pusu iz Italije,

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