Friday, 13 July 2018

Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré Review

Hello beauties!

In this post I'd like to present you my current favourite face cream for everyday, and tell you a little bit more about it!

I'm sure you've probably already heard me mentioning the Embryolisse brand and one of their cult beauty products, the multi-purpose nourishing moisturizer.

I was wondering, is it really that good or is it just hyped up like so many other beauty products?

It's been over a year now that I keep repurchasing it.
It really is a product I always go back to! It's a cream with high tolerance, simplicity and effectiveness for the whole family. It's a great favourite among dermatologists and much loved by all beauty professionals.

This cream can be found in basically every makeup artist's kit and it's also one of the beauty secrets of models and actresses whose skin is overstressed by makeup and makeup removal.

This cream absorbs really quickly and it's very gentle on skin. It instantly provides a soothing feeling of comfort and satin smooth skin, so it can be used even on dry and sensitive skin.

Ingredients Are From Natural Origin:

- shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F
- protective and softening beeswax
- aloe vera, contains vitamin A, E and B, minerals that combat free radicals such as selenium, amino acids, and essential fatty acids

- soy proteins which have a firming, hydrating action by stimulating collagen fibres.

This Cream Is Truly Multi Purpose:

It can be used as a makeup base to plump up the skin as it increases the staying power of foundation; it can also be diluted with spring water or mixed with foundation to achieve the desired finish.
It can also be used at night as a beauty mask (applied in a thick layer) to wake up with a smooth, radiant complexion.
It can also be used as cleansing milk as it gently removes all impurities and heavy makeup.
Men can use it for post shave care and it's also a restorative after sun care product.

So as you can see there is more than one reason for loving this product!

Health and Beauty Advice by Embryolisse:

- To keep skin healthy and beautiful, properly moisturized and nourished, drink plenty of water every day.
- Cleanse your skin every day, morning and evening, using gentle lotions or milks.
- Don't let water dry on your skin, as this will dehydrate it
- Don't rub your skin dry, but pat it gently with a towel
- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and excessive quantities of tobacco and alcohol.
- Eat a balanced diet, keeping fats, sugar and salt to a minimum and including lots of fruit and vegetables.

Let me know have you ever tried this product or any other Embryolisse products?
Do you have any recommendations to share?

xo from Italy, 

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

My 5 Favorite Summer Jumpsuits

Hello beauties!

Summertime is definitely my favorite time of the year because of the warm and sunny weather, colorful summer clothes and summer vacations!
In this post I'll share with you my top 5 favorite summer jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits are my favourite clothing item for summertime, as they're so easy to wear and you don't have to think twice about styling them, all you need is some nice accessories and you're good to go!


H&M Beige Twill Jumpsuit
SheIn Yellow Deep V Neck Vintage Floral Jumpsuit
Choies Cream Floral Print Long Sleeve Romper Playsuit
H&M Divided Womens Jumpsuit Multicolor Sleeveless Floral
Choies Multicolor Floral Print Lace Hem Tie Waist Romper Playsuit

These jumpsuits aren't my recent purchases, I've had them in my closet for a few years already but I keep wearing them every summer!
H&M and some online web stores are my favorite places to shop for cute & trendy jumpsuits.

These here aren't recent arrivals but are IN every summer, they don't go out of style, and I hope these outfit photos can serve you as an inspiration in case you're looking to buy summer jumpsuits, I think you can find similar models in stores!

This H&M jumpsuit is lovely because of the neutral color, it's awesome paired with heels, and you can pull the sleeves up to a three quarter length. It's great for breezy summer nights or chillier, rainy days.

This She In jumpsuit is one of my favorites. I used to collaborate with this web store so I was able to pick out some really cool pieces from their offer! (Get on sale here for only $12!)

This jumpsuit is made of great quality material and it's truly such a flattering model. I also love the colorful print!

I like to wear this Choies floral jumpsuit to the beach! (Get it here on sale for only $6.99!)
Choies is another brand that I've worked with, so I have more than a few items from their web store, but I noticed that similar style can be found in the offer of many other Asian web stores, at very affordable prices.

It's very lightweight material and super comfy for those hot summer days at the beach!

This floral H&M jumpsuit is from their Divided section.
I wore it a lot in summer 2016. when I was pregnant, as it was super comfy and pretty!

I still like to wear it, it truly gives me those vacation vibes :-)

Last on my list is this Choies floral romper playsuit. I like to wear it everyday, it's very light and flowy! (Get it here on sale for $12.99!)
I usually accessorize it with straw fedora hat, little crossbody bag and some cute sandals.
I hope you like my choices!

Let me know which one is your favorite?
How are you spending your summer thus far?

xo from sunny Italy,

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Friday, 29 June 2018

Extremely Pigmented Matte Liquid Lipsticks Under $4!

Hello beauties!

Recently I got a chance to test out a few products from

Actually a funny story: was my first ever collaboration, back in 2009. when I opened my youtube channel! I'm glad to say that our collaboration has lasted through all these years, this just goes to show that I'm very happy with their products!

This time, I decided to try out some of the newest items that they've added to their stock.

Bonnie Choice Matte Liquid Lipsticks seemed appealing, so I actually picked 3 shades of pretty nudes (apparently, I love my nudes, lol! And, I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best!)

These lipsticks are waterproof and long lasting (super long lasting, may I add! They're perfect for those occasions when you don't have a chance to touch up your makeup, as they'll last through a long day at work, lunch breaks, dinners out or all night party!)
At first, they can feel a bit drying on the lips (which is something I dislike, but majority of matte lipsticks feels like that), so make sure to apply a nourishing lip balm beforehand.
The good news is that, even though they feel a bit drying, by the end of the day they won't dry out your lips! Some matte lipsticks can make your lips super dry, cracked even...these won't!
They're extremely pigmented and have this pretty velvety finish on the lips!

Here are the three shades of nudes that I picked out:

From top to bottom, lipstick swatches: #3 SHOWGIRL, #4 LEE, #5 POSH

The price of these lipsticks is only $ 3.59 each, which is an amazing price, considering the quality and the overall packaging. They can stand side by side to many high end, more popular (and very pricey) similar products!

Shades #3 and #4 are pretty similar, but one is more towards nude and the other has more pinkish notes to it.

There are other shades available (8 total, ranging from nudes, to reds, to dark ones)

Soon I'll be filming a video review where I'll show you how all these shades look like on my lips, so make sure to stop by (please subscribe if you haven't yet) my youtube channel!

There is also a little treat for all my readers, I have 10% off coupon that you can use for anything from the site, including free shipping!
At checkout use SONJAK31 also has in its offer everything you'll need for nail art, skincare, make up etc. so take a look!

Let me know, have you ever ordered anything from bornprettystore?

Which is your favorite brand for matte lipstick?

xo from Italy, 

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