Saturday, 16 November 2019

How to choose the right shapewear for yourself?

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with a new post :-) In this one, I'd like to share with you some tips on how to find the right undergarments (shapewear) for your body.
Because the holiday season is just around the corner, there are more occasions for parties and special events, that require some sort of a dress code. Picking out the right type of undergarment is very important because it can really help in shaping our silhouette and make the clothes fit nicer and just be more flattering on us.

Since I became a Mum, my tummy isn't so flat as it used to be, and if I want to wear a very tight fitting clothes, skirts, or dresses, then  I'm happier when I wear, for example, shaping tights underneath.
My waist has pretty much stayed the same, but many Mums need a bit of a help with that too (after pregnancy your body, especially hips, just becomes a bit wider, and that's it, so it's a good thing there is a clever way to visually help us in accepting our new shape!)

Often I get asked what is the best shapewear for tummy and waist and my answer is to always stick to your size and choose medium constriction to smooth lines, or if you want a "total body transformation", go for stronger constriction.

Among some of the best websites I like to visit for shapewear inspo is Loverbeauty , as they have the biggest possible selection of undergarments and shapewear for all sizes and purposes. I also like the variety of different colors and models they offer, the selection is just amazing!

Their motto is what stood out to me the most: They believe that regardless of size and age, every woman can be beautiful and stylish. Beauty should be a source of confidence, and they're here to help you out in making all the anxiety disappear! That's such a cool message :-)

So, as my work dinner with colleagues is coming up, I wanted to check out their selection of tummy control bodysuit , something that will make me feel confident enough in my new, bodycon dress.

Fun fact! Did you know? Many researchers have found that wearing shapewear can help someone to shed some extra weight. Shapewear is a type of garment that gives off compression to many areas of the body, helping to create a slimmer looking appearance. This means it can help to compress stomach fat, hip fat, thigh fat, arm fat etc.

This undergarment item is actually ideal for post partum recovery, it's tummy control body shaper that will help new Mums get back in shape quicker!

This shaper panty tummy control shaperwear and butt lifter is a must have in your wardrobe; if you're wearing a very formfitting dress, this will help in making your figure more flattering.

Another very useful and handy item to have is this deep V neck backless shapewear, it's seamless and has the slimming effect.

Here are some of it's features: 

1.) Hand made from performance fabrics that breathe and slim without flattening your body.
2.) A true fashion solution - It is perfect for low-back and plunging necklines and is virtually seamless.
3.) Built in bra for maximum cleavage without an underwire.
4.) Adjustable straps for versatile wear.
5.) Double layer powermesh gives all over firming, smoothing and slimming for a curvy silhouette.
6.) Contoured hemline prevents bunching and riding.

At Loverbeauty they always have a very cool "sale" section, worth checking out, and also, "what's hot", to stay in touch with the newest arrivals or best sellers!
If you want to get some classic and basic body shaping undergarments to your wardrobe, take a look at their web store!

*in collaboration with Loverbeauty

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Fall 2019. Jewellery Trends

Hello guys!

After a longer pause, I'm back with a new post!
I'm here to talk about this season's jewellery trends, and some of my favourite pieces.

I'm a big fan of accessories and jewellery, because I think with just a few right pieces, you can definitely transform your style, or update your wardrobe, without breaking a bank.
I love custom jewellery, unique and handmade pieces, trendy bits, but also more expensive, classic and timeless pieces, it all depends on my mood and the occasion.

In this post I teamed up with getnamenecklace, to bring you some of their most popular and requested pieces!

We all like personalized pieces, as those have a special meaning and are timeless, and are also a great gift ideas. We're getting closer and closer to holiday season, so why not choose to give something meaningful to your someone special, cheap personalized Jewelry is great option and is available for any budget.

Let's see a few of my favourite pieces:

This Engraved Heart Sterling Silver Monogram CZ Ring is very popular, and a cute statement piece, but you can also layer it with some more dainty rings from your collection.

Another simple, but cute ring is this Engraved Sweetheart Ring with Double Initials Sterling Silver, I like the fact that you can engrave your initials, or yours and your loved one!

Bracelets are also a very nice gift idea! I love to wear meaningful, dainty bracelets all year round, not only in summertime.
There is a big selection of bracelets available here:

This is by far my favourite one, and I hope my hubby is reading this post! haha ;-)

I like to wear both silver, and gold, and this time I opt for Engraved Heart Bangle with Birthstone in Gold. How do you like it?

You might be surprised, but there is also a necklace for ashes available at getnamenecklace. 
I must confess, it's the first time I hear about this idea! I don't think it's for everyone's taste, but some people might find the confort in wearing it.

However, I only want to think about the positive things, because Fall itself with those rainy and foggy days, can be a bit depressing, so only happy thoughts are welcome here!
On a different note, there is also a Halloween special going on, with promo codes, and cute jewellery for the occasion, so take a look!
Have you already made some plans?
I can't believe how time flies so quickly, soon it'll be festive season again!

I'm sending you lots of love from Italy and hoping to talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Hello lovelies!

Recently I picked some new items from H&M, to add to my summer wardrobe so I thought I'd share it with you :-)
I bought everything on sales, so it was pretty affordable and budget friendly!
I'm very much into florals, so you'll see a lot of pretty floral prints, and also some cool tees for everyday (Stranger Things collaboration with H&M is my fave one!)

I bought this super comfy cotton bodysuit to wear it with jeans or high waisted skirts. I think it's lovely!

This floral print dress won me over! Unfortunately it's quite see through so you can either wear it as a swimsuit cover up, or put a nude slip dress underneath (which is exactly what I did!)

This high waisted floral print skirt is so lovely! This is probably one of my most worn items this summer! I wear it with denim shirts or fun print cotton tees.

This is a nude slip dress that I got from H&M underwear section. 
Now that I have it, I think why I haven't gotten something like this sooner? It's truly a must in everyone's closet!

This next cotton tee is in collaboration with Stranger Things and Netflix. Needless to say, I love it! I also got some other pieces from the collection but I'll be showing you that in another haul!
The S size runs a bit smaller than usual, but it's still OK on me and I love to wear it with high waisted jeans.

Nirvana is one of my favourite bands of all times! I bought this tee even though it was from men's section, and a size L. It's so big on me it almost looks like a dress, but still a bit too short, so I wear it for sleeping or just lounging around the house paired with simple shorts.

A velvet scrunchie! Just like the ones I wore back in the days when I was in middle school! This is so great for your hair as it won't pull it, it's super soft and great even for up doos and messy buns!

How do you guys like this haul?

I also filmed a fashion haul video where I try these items on and I'm also showing you a few more bits that I got from H&M, and also Zalando and Lidl, so take a look:

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