Thursday, 9 August 2018

Outfit of the Day Challenge by Whitney Port

Hello guys!

In this post, I'd like to share with you some of my OOTD looks that I took over the past week or so. Inspired by Whitney Port and her instagram, where she's posting her (very real) OOTD pics and also hosting a little competition (under the hashtag #whitiwore). I decided to join it as soon as I found out about it because I love Whitney Port's style and she was my style inspiration way before she even started her blog!
She's a new mommy (her son just turned 1) so she's very realistically sharing her mommy- day to day outfits and everyday (style, and other) struggles!

I also don't always have time to dress up and I have even less time to take outfit photos but that's why I quickly embraced this "mirror selfie" idea, it doesn't always have to be all professionally made and perfect, sometimes that's just not possible, with all other things going on in our lives!
I can't forget that the reason I started my blog/ vlog, years ago, was because of a pure joy and honest passion and things were so much easier back then, more real, less edited, less professional and to be honest, I liked that better!

So let me share with you a couple of my recent looks and then, I'll also show you some of my favourite OOTDs that Whitney has shared so far!

During the week, I stay at home with my son so there isn’t much to show, but on weekends when I work, I try to make an effort to put together a nice outfit. I’m already getting inspired by Whitney’s looks and I’m excited to see what are other people wearing too! This was my Saturday outfit for work. As I work long hours and always in motion, sneakers are a must! Dress is from H&M and seashell jewelry is from Croatia and quite old! I love to wear it as it reminds me my summer vacations are coming soon!

This was for work this past Sunday. Wide leg cropped pants are a big must have this season and these are very light and perfect for hot summer days! I got them at Zaful  and the cropped top is from New Yorker and it’s perfect with high waisted pants. I had my hair braided in a fishtail because it was a bad hair day!

As I was going to film a video, but did not have much time to think about styling my outfit, I just threw on this lovely floral dress from H&M. I was alone at home with my little one so I didn’t have much time to film but I managed to make one video happen and now onto editing! Who likes this dress that I’m wearing?

Today I work long hours and this is my work outfit. I had to wear sneakers, otherwise my feet would hurt too much by the end of the day! Hubby kindly took these photos and our dog  wanted to show off too ;-)

This is what I wore yesterday for work. I returned home after 10 p.m. so tired I couldn’t even make this quick post! Today I didn’t even bother getting dressed as we didn’t leave the house. Back to this outfit, hubby asked me if I joined the Italian police force LOL. Apparently, the Italian “carrabinieri” wear the same pants! I said that it’s incredible how trendy, chic and stylish the Italian police is :-D

This is what I wore yesterday for my son’s playdate with his little friend. They still don’t actually play with eachother but we took them for a stroll and my little son took a nap! I wore this cute tee from Zaful and comfy cotton shorts by H&M I’m sorry about the crappy quality of the photos, the lighting was just bad (non existent) I thought I should post anyway as it might serve you as an outfit inspo if you like it! Oh and I’m finally out of my sneakers and wearing my fave Zara espadrilles that I bought when I was pregnant. So comfy!

So far these are my OOTDs but I'm hoping to post more soon! This upcoming weekend I'm working, so I have to put in some effort to be presentable! As I'm writing these lines, I'm still in my pajamas and my little one is behind me, pulling my hand as he wants my undivided attention and a playmate! haha

Here are some of my fave look by Whitney:

Whitney Port /

Let me know which looks are your faves?

You can still enter her OOTD competition if you like, so share your looks, let's inspire each other :-)

xo from Italy,

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo 2 Week Trial! Will This "Save" My Hair?

Hello beauties!
For today's post I'd like to say a few words about Joico violet shampoo that I ordered a few months ago at FeelUnique.

I decided to purchase it because it got many positive reviews and I was recommended to try it out as it was supposed to be one of the best violet shampoos for toning hair currently on the market.

Before Joico, I was using Bapp violet shampoo,  just one of those unknown brand that I got at my local drugstore and it's made here in Italy.
I really thought there couldn't be much difference from one purple shampoo to another but some reviews suggested there are brands of purple shampoos that work better than the others, so that motivated me to test out another one and see the results.
I used it very frequently (3-4 times a week, every other day) in that period when my roots looked very brassy and more yellow than blonde.

I saw many youtube reviews that showed DIY miracles, in terms that after just one use, the hair went from brassy to platinum blonde. That was a tad bit unrealistic! How can I expect a purple shampoo to lighten and tone my hair as a pro?

image source: internet

With DIY blonde it is so hard to get to that perfect tone, without brassy or corn yellow tones.
If your hair is naturally on the dark side and you aren't a professional hairdresser, the task can be quite challenging and you can easily end up with horrible hair color and even worse, seriously damaged hair!

I did a little "purple shampoo trial" and I used it frequently over a couple of weeks and documented the results here in this video:

It certainly didn't transform my hair in only one go, but over the time, it definitely helped in toning it and making it look better and less brassy.

Now I use this shampoo once a week to maintain my hair color and keep it nice and shiny. I love how thick the formula of this shampoo is, a little goes a long way, it lathers up easily into a rich foam and it feels quite nourishing. It's very concentrated, a little goes a long way so it'll last me for months!

Overall, I'm satisfied. It won't work overnight miracles, but it's nice product that in the long run will have positive effects!

Let me know, have you ever tried anything from Joico hair care line?
Do you have any recommendations that you'd like to share?

xo from Italy,

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Mini Jewelry Haul / NEW IN: Mint Mongoose

Hello beauties!

I'm a big jewellery lover, I always need to accessorize in order to feel like my outfit is completed! Who else is with me?
I really believe that even the most simple outfit can be easily transformed into a super cool look, by just adding a few statement pieces- giving it your own personal style signature!

So today, I wanted to share a mini jewellery haul: I have 3 new pieces which I absolutely love because they all go perfectly together!

I got these pieces at Mint Mongoose which is an online subscription jewelry service. For just $12 you can have 3 jewelry pieces delivered right to your door every month!
They carefully curate and select the pieces based on the questionnaire you're asked to fill in at registration, about your personal style and preferences.
I think this is very fun concept, as we don't always have time to visit actual stores in a search for jewelry to build up our collection and this way you'll also have this cool surprise factor each month.

They ship worldwide, which is another cool bonus!

In my box, I got two beautiful necklaces that go perfectly layered together, and a pair of earrings that go as a set with one of the necklaces.

Earrings are simple studs and can be easily worn every day, at work or when you want to keep your look more simple and minimalistic.

I already got many compliments on these pieces!

From Mint Mongoose you can also purchase jewelry that you like without having to commit to a subscription service! Prices are very good, and jewelry is carefully selected by Mint Mongoose team and great quality!

If you're interested to try out this subscription, you can use code: SONIA to receive your first box for just $10 with FREE U.S. shipping ($10 shipping anywhere outside the U.S.)

• 3 jewelry pieces/mo. for just $12+s/h
• Subscribers can customize:
1. Their jewelry tone - silver or gold 2. Their earring preference - yes earrings or no earrings 3. Their watch preference - yes occasional watches or no watches
• A new subscriber's first box ships within 48 hours and from then on mint mongoose will ship their monthly box on the 15th of each month.
• Subscribers receive an AWESOME free gift every 3 months -- think a wallet, must-have makeup, or adorable pair of sunglasses!
• Subscribers can easily skip a month, or cancel their subscription right from mint mongoose website • Subscribers receive 25-50% off everything in mint mongoose online shop, plus free worldwide shipping

In my latest youtube video, I talk more about this concept and review the jewelry, so if you're interested to find out more, take a look:

These three pieces are definitely going to be my most worn jewelry pieces this summer!
I love the red amber necklace and I usually wear it a bit longer, than I add this square pendant greenish-gold necklace and complete the look with those pretty studs. This is also a perfect boho- festival type of jewelry and I personally really like this look.

Do you like to wear custom jewelry? Do you prefer gold or silver?

Let me know in the comments.

xo from Italy,

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