Thursday, 20 September 2018

TB dress App Experience

Hello guys!

One of my favourite on-line stores to shop for cheap dresses, wedding dresses & special occasion dresses, now offers to all its clients a unique app shopping experience.

We spend more and more time on our phones, and it's definitely more practical to have your favourite  on-line shopping destination easily available to browse, anytime you feel like checking out what's new & current offers.
Tb dress is great place for fashion shopping, as they follow latest trends at very affordable prices!

Tb dress app is available for android as well as for all the apple users, that can go to app store to download it quickly and start using it immediately for the best deals.

Indeed,  I noticed that many on line stores offer great deals if you purchase through their apps, and such is the situation with Tb dress; they currently have app special offer for free shipping and 15% off!

I definitely enjoyed my shopping experience and could heartly recommend it to you! 
During the lunch break, I took a peak at the app, and I spotted some nice bits that I quickly added to my basket; it's as simple as that!

As we're heading towards the colder months (even though it still feels like summer here in Italy!), I was searching for warmer clothes and bits that are ideal for layering.

Here are some of the items I particularly liked:

This camouflage zipper up army green women's jacket is their new arrival, and super trendy, cool and casual at the same time!

These days I'm very much into casual and comfy, but trendy clothing items. They just work best for me and my lifestyle (speaking from a busy mum's point of view!).
Here is this grey ruched solid color scoop neck women's sweatshirt that I really liked!

To complete my haul, in my shopping cart I added a pair of super cool jeans!

I'm in love with these pearl patchwork ripped women's jeans and can't wait to wear and style them this fall! :-)

If you're looking for discount shopping, this is the right place to be :-)

Let me know, which are your picks from Tb dress? And, don't forget to shop through their app, for an easy access and numerous great deals and special offers!

* in collaboration with Tb dress

Friday, 14 September 2018

Mommy OOTD for the beach

Hey guys!

Since summer is still here, I decided to share with you this quick outfit post that I wore past month at the island of Rab, when I was vacationing there with my little family :-)

These days I don't get time to prepare myself to go out shooting for outfit posts, so I have to make the most out of the situations such as this one (we were going to the beach).

Gosh, please ignore how white I am! I'm just naturally very pale skin, and this summer I didn't even have time to put on a bit of self tanner...anyway, I already made a post in the past, about accepting your natural features and embracing what nature has given you, and the same applies for the colour of your skin!

This pretty floral dress I got this summer at summer sales at H&M, I really like the model, the print, and the fabric it's made of (it's really nice quality).
I also wanted to get this model in white, but they ran out of my size. As this fits quite large, I got it in XS.
My hat and sandals are also new and I got them for less than €5 at summer sales (sunglasses were € 3.99 at Zara, and hat is from H&M).
The sandals are very old (not kidding, I've had them for probably 12 years!) The reason why they are still in a perfect condition is because: 1. I haven't worn them every summer, and, 2. They're made of leather and made in Italy so the quality is unquestionable!

Life with a toddler is super dynamic and sometimes we're exhausted, but we all truly enjoyed our holiday! Our son had so much fun at the beach, exploring, sleeping, bathing in the sea! I already miss those sunny days at the island!

Here it is, my quick OOTD post for today! I finally managed to squeeze it in! My little boy just went to sleep, and my hubby is out for work, so before hitting the bed myself, I said I was going to finish this post! I'm quite tired though, and tomorrow I work, so I can't wait to get some rest (dear son, please sleep tight all through the night! lol!) #mommyblogger

I'll talk to you soon!

Fashion trends for babies and kids

Hello guys!

Today I'm back with a mommy related post; I would like to talk about kids' fashion and recommend you where to get the best deals.
As we all know, kids grow so fast, especially when they're babies! There is really no need in spending loads on kids' clothes, as it's basically waste of money!

When I gave birth to my son, I got many clothes as a gift, but even before he was born, my friends and colleagues who were already mums, gave tons of used clothes to me.
I didn't mind, actually I was grateful, because all these items were in a perfect condition, as brand new, because babies grow out of their clothes so quickly!
I even went to outlets where you can find clothes from past seasons at 70% off (or even more!)
So I was definitely wise when talking about shopping for my baby.

You can also find great deals on-line!

If you're going to give birth in colder months of the year (as I did, in January), you might be interested in newborn baby outerwear 

Here are some super cute jackets for little boys:

Why spending heaps on money on following the trends, when your little one can be just as fashionable even on a budget? Those are all things they're going to be wearing for one season, and then pass it on to another kid!

I have a little boy, but my dear friend has got a baby girl! Popreal has got the cutest newborn baby girl clothes sets
Whether you're buying for your little one, or wanting to make a gift, here are some cute ideas:

It indeed is such a pleasure to dress up your little ones, and create cute outfits for them! Once they grow they'll have their own word in it and you aren't going to be able to push your opinions on them! Which is absolutely normal thing, but that means that now is your moment to be creative and dress them up to your liking! :-)

Do you have a little boy or a girl?
Where do you like to shop for kids' clothes?

Leave me your comments!

* in collaboration with Popreal
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