Thursday, 8 December 2016


Today I'd like to present you one of my current favourite brow products, and definitely a must have when it comes to my eyebrow routine! I'm talking about the Benefit Ka-Brow cream-gel brow color with brush. I used to use eyebrow pencils, my favourite ones were by Artdeco, Catrice, Essence and even H&M! I was so used on defining my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, that at first I thought it was going to be a bit challenging to get that eyebrows on fleek, with this Benefit product...
But I heard great reviews about it, and saw tutorials on youtube and on Benefit's web site, so I decided to give it a go! I have to admit, Benefit does have some of the best eyebrow grooming products in their offer! I'm now hooked on this cream- gel and I'm loving the look of my eyebrows.

My eyebrows are naturally very fair, and I used to overpluck them for many years (let's face it, overplucking our brows was one of the beauty crimes of the '90.-ies!), so I do have some sparse areas that I need to fill in and define (although I was actually quite lucky that I managed to grow them back quite nicely!...after all these years of plucking, it wasn't an easy task, that's for sure, and my eyebrows have gone through some weird stages during the process of growing them back, lol!)

Even though my hair is blonde and I'm very pale skin, I do like to darken my eyebrows a shade or two (obviously, I don't want to do anything crazy with them, but I do like them to stand out and define my face.) I picked the Ka-Brow! in shade # 03 and I find it suits me perfectly.
This cream- gel easily fills, sculpts & defines brows. You can create from natural- looking to dramatic results, as the colour is rich and buildable, easy to work with.

It's great even for summer time, or working out, as it has a long lasting power and it's waterproof.

Now, can I just say a couple of words about the Benefit's packagings? They really do know how to wrap up their products! The lovely appearance may attract you, yes, but their quality will win you over!

You can see a step-by-step tutorial and a detailed review of Ka-Brow! that I filmed for my youtube channel, here:

In this video you'll see how easy the application is, and the results that it gives: From very fair and not so defined brows, to brows on fleek! :-)
I hope you find this video helpful!

What is your holly grail eyebrow product?

Also, I wanted to quickly mention that the reason why I've been MIA from posting for a couple of past days is because I started vlogmas on my youtube channel!
I'm filming and editing every single day, so that takes quite a bit of my time! But I do enjoy it!
Yes, I've been super busy with creating content for vlogmas, but I also hope you enjoy watching these videos!
My vlogmas series this year is a little bit different: Instead of doing daily vlogs and repeating myself every single day (lol, my life isn't soo exciting!), I thought I'd offer you a variety of fashion and beauty content instead, on a daily basis, throughout the whole of December! There'll be a few vlogs too, but for the majority of my videos, I want to offer you a good quality content, tutorials, reviews, DIY's, hauls etc.! I appreciate your feedback on vlogmas!

Enjoy your day loves ♥

Thursday, 1 December 2016

White winter knitted sweater dress OOTD

I rediscovered this white knitted sweater dress, from a couple of seasons ago, in my closet, and I thought it's the perfect item to wear now during my pregnancy, as it's so comfy, yet warm!
When the real cold winter weather arrives, it's going to be super challenging dressing my baby bump! I wish I was in my third trimester in summer time! I hate having to put all these layers of clothes on my belly, I feel it's growing and stretching out every day, and I'd love to wear just flowy, light weight summer dresses! I also hate having to wake up early in the mornings when outside is still dark and icy cold, to go and have doctor's visits and exams! That's super stressful! I'd 1000% prefer to go through all these and deliver my baby in the summer's heat! That's just me! But, hey, we have to embrace what we're given, so icy cold weather it is!

How do you like this way of styling a sweater dress? I'll soon have a sweater dress lookbook on my youtube channel, so make sure to check it out when it's ready! 

Ovu bijelu pletenu haljinicu pronasla sam nedavno u svom ormaru, a znam da sam ju kupila prije par godina u H&M-u. Pokazala se idealnim odjevnim predmetom bas sada, kada sam u trecem tromjesecju i kada moj trbuscic raste i rasteze se svakim danom sve vise, pa mi je neophodna udobna odjeca. Buduci da nam stize i zimsko vrijeme, bitno mi je i moci se utopliti, a to nije lako, jer jedino sto bih voljela nositi jesu lagane i prozracne ljetne haljine koje daju "slobodu" mom trudnickom trbuhu! Svi ovi slojevi odjece ponekad me uzasno iritiraju i voljela bih da sam u trecem tromjesecju u ljetnim mjesecima! Takva sam vam ja, radije bih radjala po pasjim vrucinama, nego usred velike zime! Samo ustajanje rano ujutro, dok je vani jos mracno i ledeno, kako bih napravila neki pregled, cini mi stres, dok mi se ljeti sve, bas sve cini lakse! No, sto je tu je! Moramo iskoristiti na najbolji moguci nacin ono sto nam je dano, tako da prihvacam izazov i smisljam tople trudnicke outfite!

Kako se vama svidja ovaj styling? Uskoro ce na mom youtube kanalu ici video lookbook sa pletenim zimskim haljinama, tako da nemojte ga propustiti! Outfiti naravno nisu namijenjeni iskljucivo za trudnice, nosila bih takav stil i da nisam trudna!

BLACK TIGHTS: Kiabi (premaman)
NECKLACES: H&M, Mikey London

Follow my pregnancy bump updates on my instagram! Pratite updatee mog trudnickog trbuscica na mom instagramu!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Fashionmia wish list * updated wish list for winter season *

Hello loves!

You already know the drill: In these types of posts I present you one on-line web store of my choice and five items that I spotted there, that I'd like to include in my wardrobe for the season!

Now it's Fashionmia's turn, and I like their selection of fall & winter clothing items and accessories.

I was particularly interested in some warm winter sweaters, chunky knit cardigans and outerwear, such as fluffy faux fur coats and jackets.
Also, because festive season is just around the corner, I decided to browse through their offer of bags & accessories, hoping to find that perfect party clutch that could complete my festive outfits.

I have to say, my visit to Fashionmia's web store was quite successful as I managed to find all these things that interest me, so here is my wish list completed:

These round neck lace- up sweaters are very popular this season, so I thought of ordering one too! I love grey colour, and this one looks very cozy and warm :-)

This star print cardigan is another trendy item of this season! I had to include it on my shopping list :-)
More trendy women's tops are available here:

I love fluffy and oversized winter outerwear! This black coat seems very comfy and warm, ideal for those cold winter days.

Another cool & cozy winter jacket is this fluffy beige one!

Again, I'm loving the oversized look, and this particular model must be so soft and easy to wear!

Lastly, I managed to find my perfect, super sparkly item for those festive days :-)

Look at this little gem :-)

Those were my 5 must have items from Fashionmia for this season! I'm eager to present some of these items to you in my next outfit posts and show you how I style them!

Let me know what is on your wish list for the colder winter days?

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